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March 21st 2008
Published: March 21st 2008
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Young boys Young boys Young boys

Keep smiling
I frequently visit the Central African Republic (CAR) to foster the companion relationship between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the CAR (ELC-CAR). Despite the political turmoil, civil conflict and political instability, I cannot find a good excuse for not visiting my companions, friends, brothers, and sisters in the faith. CAR is rich in natural resources and a beautiful country but ravaged by repeated military coups and successive violent civil conflicts.

During my travel and encounters with the Central African peoples, I discovered another story which would probably not make the headline news. They are stories of those village girls and boys, who defy all logic to stay alive, educate themselves, protect themselves against HIV infection, and also find creative ways to spread their joy, love and hope where there is no hope.

These stories often cannot be told. They are resurrection stories. They are our stories. They are simply life giving stories of people living in poverty and despair but who still find reasons to hope and smile. They have to be learnt, discovered, and experienced. Through pictures, I attempt to share a glimpse of the wonders of these places and
young girl , Bouaryoung girl , Bouaryoung girl , Bouar

People of Bouar
the smiles of these peoples.

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Young mother in a Fulani village
Hopeful futureHopeful future
Hopeful future

Smile of a young boy of Baboua
Fulani womanFulani woman
Fulani woman

Young mother in a Fulani village
Bouar: perspectiveBouar: perspective
Bouar: perspective

Tom\'s contemplation
Small village in Bouar Small village in Bouar
Small village in Bouar

Another part of Bouar
ELC-CAR HeadquartersELC-CAR Headquarters
ELC-CAR Headquarters

ELC-CAR compound in Bouar
Lutheran Church in BouarLutheran Church in Bouar
Lutheran Church in Bouar

New Lutheran church dedicated on 2/20/2008
Bouar city centerBouar city center
Bouar city center

Vestige of a French colonial era
Bouar CityBouar City
Bouar City

Old theater
EEL/RCA Women CenterEEL/RCA Women Center
EEL/RCA Women Center

A nice place to stay in Bouar
Adm. of the colonial powerAdm. of the colonial power
Adm. of the colonial power

Building used by the French
South of Bouar CitySouth of Bouar City
South of Bouar City

Near the open market and business sector

27th March 2008

thanks louis
Louis, It is wonderful to see the photos, and to see your family, they are all beautiful!!!!! (oops, don't tell your sone he's beautiful, tell him he's handsome!) I concur, that the Church in CAR is dynamic, and hopeful. I was so blessed to worship in the midst of it all. I was and am so blessed to remember what true worship is. I felt the power of the prayers of the people that carried us to CAR and safely through and back home. I knew that God who has started a good work in us would carry us. I know that the prayers of our companions in CAR carry us daily. I pray that we can learn to believe the power of prayer as our BRothers and Sisters have learned and believed. God continue to bless you and your family. I look forward to more photos and updates on our West African family. I can't wait to show my Liberian and Sierra Leonian friends the blog photos. THanks Louis, your Sis, Nola Storm
23rd May 2012

Merci pour ces belles photos :)
11th May 2015

Thank you. You made my day...

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