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March 11th 2007
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downpour at "auberge" area (still in Bafoussam)downpour at "auberge" area (still in Bafoussam)downpour at "auberge" area (still in Bafoussam)

Here is the point were we will board one of the many small buses linking Bafoussam and Bamenda.
Today I am going to Bamenda with my younger brother guy. We will be visiting the city and also pay a visit to my brother-in-law who resides there..


We took a taxi to auberge roundabout. just as we are arriving at destination, the first downpour of this raining season is flowing over Bafoussam. This is an unfortunate event for our plans as we intend to take a Bus bound for Bamenda. When it rains it gets difficult to do anything as everybody scampers for a shelter. We have to wait for some 1 hour until the rain eases a little.

Eventually, we got picked up by a small bus that took another hour to fill up. The driver wouldn't move unless the car is full up to the door. Travelling can be very uncomfortable and challenging for those with weak constitution here. You are so squeezed that it is as though you were doing some work inside the car. The trip to Bamenda will take some hour and a half (I am not sure but probably around 50-60 kms). The sardine can (i.e our bus filled with its passengers) finally left the city around 5pm.
Arrival point in BamendaArrival point in BamendaArrival point in Bamenda

this is the terminal point of the trip to Bamenda. You can see the small friendly buses parked here.

Let me recall that Bamenda is in the North West province of Cameroon. Among the 10 provinces of Cameroon, only 2 are anglophone. The North West province(with Bamenda as Capital) and the South West province (with Buea as Capital). This is because originally these were ruled by Britain during the colonial area while the other 8 provinces were ruled by France. As a result the English and French languages remained in these respectives zones after the independence (1960). They merged to generate the federal republic of cameroon (1961) and later on the "republique unie du cameroun"(United republic of cameroon) the 20th may 1972 which is the national day of the country. The current president (Biya) changed the name (presumably deemed lenghty) to "Republic of Cameroon" (around 1984). However the average person on a Bamenda street would talk to you in pidgin (mix-up of distorted english and local dialects perhaps).

We arrived in Bamenda late in the evening around sunset. The arrival buses carpark is somewhere near a place they call "finance junction". My brother-in-law Francis come over to pick up us. Bamenda is a fairly large city. We had a ride past some major landmarks in the city
Finance junctionFinance junctionFinance junction

This junction is located near the carpark for Bafoussam inbound/outbound buses.
(refer to the pictures): Evidence Building, City chemis roundabout, commercial avenue... I think the climate here is similar to that of Bafoussam, it is cool in the evening. A visit was also paid to ayaba hotel very late that evening. In the night, we visited some relatives at "small mankon" where we were graciously offered delicious "Achu". It is a local dish made up of a yellow sauce (the color is given by palm nuts), taro (the white part) and beef (usually the skin part). I had not eaten that in centuries, so imagine my delight! And to get things grander, sweet red wine even got splashed up!

12th march

It is vacation time. So Guy and I took it easy this morning, watching tele and chatting. We only left the house around half past eleven to get downtown.

We had a meal at this restaurant near the handicraft shop at commercial avenue. The handicraft shop also received our visit before leaving the city around 3pm.

Additional photos below
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welcome to Bamendawelcome to Bamenda
welcome to Bamenda

Just entering the city...
Evidence BuildingEvidence Building
Evidence Building

A prominent landmark in Bamenda.
City chemis roundaboutCity chemis roundabout
City chemis roundabout

this major roundabout connects to commercial avenue.
Commercial AvenueCommercial Avenue
Commercial Avenue

The heart of businesses in Bamenda
the platform area at commercial avenue.the platform area at commercial avenue.
the platform area at commercial avenue.

These are the platforms where the local officials seat to view the parade on major celebrations. Particularly on every 20th of may I guess (The 20th of may is the national day of cameroon).
KV's tourKV's tour
KV's tour

I was told this newly constructed building is KV's tour.
Provincial hospital roundaboutProvincial hospital roundabout
Provincial hospital roundabout

This roundabout lies near the Provincial hospital. The name connexion is clear then.
Bamenda main market entranceBamenda main market entrance
Bamenda main market entrance

It seems it dates back from the mid-60s, over 40 years ago as you can read on the gates by yourself.
Bamenda cathedralBamenda cathedral
Bamenda cathedral

Sorry for the coming evening and the resulting darkness. The camera flash could not help.
Entrance to Ayaba HotelEntrance to Ayaba Hotel
Entrance to Ayaba Hotel

Ayaba Hotel is well known in Bamenda and its neighborhood. It is recommended to backpackers visiting the region.
swimming pool noticeswimming pool notice
swimming pool notice

Could not take any valid picture of Ayaba hotel (due to evening darkness). So I made do with this one.
Delicious  Achu!Delicious  Achu!
Delicious Achu!

It is very spicy (with much pepper inside). To turn off the fire on your tongue, it is recommended to take it along with (cold) sweet red wine.

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