Photos from Burundi, Africa

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Why pedal when you can risk death for a tow?
Diving into Lake Tanganyika
Vendor at market in Bujumbura
The Burundi flag
Musée Vivant
Musée Vivant
Musée Vivant
Dead end.
Bujumbura Cathedral's stained glass window
having fired up the demonstration...
late afternoon light on Lake Tanganyika
well, he chose a scenic spot for it, anyway!
sunlight patterns
chaos in Kayanza
brick-making works
bed, anyone?
taking advantage of a lorry on those upward slopes
yet more things on the head
village on the way between the border and Bujumbura
Banana Bikes!
everything goes on the head...
Entering new village
Banana bike
Palm oil
Taxi Bicycle
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