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December 23rd 2012
Published: December 23rd 2012
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We had In-Service Training the first two weeks of December and now my stage is off and running with great momentum! In-Service Training (IST) is a training program for each stage three months after swear-in and going to site. During those three months, we assess our sites by interviewing community members about general culture norms and basic needs of the community. I spent a lot of time at the hospital (CSPS) and the high school (lycee) and primary school. During IST, my counterpart (homologue) and I made our Plan d'Action for establishing a library at the lycee! And, with the help of family and friends of a previous volunteer, we will be working very closely with Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL), an organization based in Ouaga that helps start libraries in rural villages. I could not be more excited to get this project started, so immediately after IST I made a few phone calls, met a few other volunteers and now we have meetings set up to see how we can approach our first steps. I am also eagerly awaiting the first meeting with the other regional coordinators for STOMP Out Malaria. We will be discussing what projects we can do in our villages and regions to reduce and one day eliminate malaria from Africa. I am very excited to get projects started with STOMP because I have seen first-hand just how dangerous malaria can be.

I wish you all Happy Holidays and may the New Year bring you good fortune and happiness. I will be celebrating with a few other volunteers, but it really will not be the same without snow. Build a few snowpeople for me and eat as much good food as you can. We are cooking up our own feast this week!


23rd December 2012

Wonderful News - We are SO PROUD of YOU!
Big Daddy and I are so so PROUD of You for all the good you are trying to accomplish. I can remember like it was yesterday the first day you wanted to go to the library - We went into Paul Pratt Library in Coho and you were in aw of the children's room. Mrs. Murphy was so happy to help you and you wanted to read every book. I think you did, every chance you got we were in the library. If you want snow I can send you some as we have to much - But you know the mail slow as molasses - we will build a few snowman out front - I will go around town and take some pics to send you for your village. You are an exciting journey in your life and we wish for you the best of everything. We are so PROUD of you Honey Bunny. Love you Big hugs and Kisses - xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Merry Christmas and Have a Wonderful New Year for our Little Girl, love Big Mama and Big Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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