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September 18th 2012
Published: September 18th 2012
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So it' been way too long since I have written here. Let's catch up quick: I am three weeks into being a volunteer at site. Right now is kind of difficult because most people are still in the fields for the end of rainy season and school doesn't start until October 1st. I have been spending the past few weeks getting to know my neighbors, other teachers, and boutique owners, as well as anyone else I can find that will listen to me and ask questions. Stage is over, and as crazy busy as it was sometimes, I really do miss being with all my friends all the time. Site is a little lonely when you're the only Nasara and people just stare at you. But I have been spending a lot of time with my counterpart and her family and the neighbor kids. I taught them Poulet, Poulet, Pintade-the African Duck, Duck, Goose. Now they won't seem to leave my courtyard. It's mostly fun, except when I just want a little alone time or am talking on the phone and they just keep banging on my gate door. But I guess they're just excited to have me here and always just want to play. I got a puppy, too! Named him Bruno. The other people in my courtyard think it's weird when I talk to him, but really anything I do seems weird to them. Being the firtst volunteer at site is very difficult because when people see a Westerner, all they see are dollar signs. Explaining to them that I am just a volunteer has been difficult at times, but more and more people are understanding it now and they are even explaining it to people in village who don't speak French. So really it's all getting easier. Being at site with very little to do until rainy season is over lends yourself a lot of spare time to think. Never really had that before, but now I spend a lot of time journaling, talking to other volunteers aboutt heir sites, and reading. A lot of reading. No running water and electricity for 50 kilometers north and south isn't as bad as I though it would be, but I sure am glad to use it when I go to the provincial capitals. Well, I guess that's all for now. I know there's more, but I'll save that for the next time I write.


18th September 2012

my little girl
Good morning Little Girl: Bruno! I love it - Think of this as being the new girl in school when we made the decision to move to Maine - a new state new kids new everything - You are a strong young lady with great qualities. You can make everyone understand what you want to say in any language - Being new is just something in our family we are good at - we always make everyone feel comfortable and help others - I love you for that - it is part of our legacy - Love you from here to the Moon and back again!

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