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Africa » Botswana March 3rd 2005

Botswana is regarded by many as the jewel in Africa’s crown, at least in terms of game viewing. It is a flat, wild and largely barren country, of salt pans, desert and swampland. In African terms it is, apparently, viewed as something of an economic and political success story, with a stable democracy, relatively good infrastructure and a functioning (in Western terms) economy. As many will know, it is also home to a shrewd, charming and fictional female private detective The Botswana-Zambian border is a singularity: that is a single point on the Zambezi river, crossed by ferry. This point is shared by the borders of Zimbabwe, and the bizarrely stretched section of Nambia called the Caprivi strip. To the North, Angola is also very near. After landing in Botswana we almost immediately came upon the ... read more
Our poler
Yet another sunset

Africa » Botswana June 21st 2004

This entry is rather late, seeing that I only got a blog today. It accounts my experience of a support call to Maun, Botswana (Africa). Apologies in advance for the length, it is a cut & paste I sent to family after arrival. The pics are available in the album section. Well. Coming to the end of my first day. Flight up was awesome. Driving through Cape Town at 05:30 in the morning is strange. Well, was earlier, I think, about 05:15. You know those guys that stand on the side of the road selling newspapers? Well, they are at that time, maybe earlier. It's alive! Never thought they were out at that time. Anyway... Airport check-in and stuff went smoothly. Just normal domestic stuff. 107 knot tail wind. Shaved 20 mins off the flight. Then ... read more

Africa » Botswana October 20th 2003

Here are a few more of our pre-blogging travel adventures. Botswana is another one of Africa's gems. There is so much wildlife here and a great climate for travelling in. The people are wonderful and it's a very hospitable country and is a lot more developed than one might think. D... read more
Kids being silly in Maun.

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta June 2nd 2003

From Victoria Falls we headed into Botswana and the Okavango Delta. We went on a three night Mokoro (canoe) trip into part of the delta. It wasnt quite how we imagined it would be. We were poled to a camp on an "island" and did morning and afternoon walks from there. The water was really low, the rains have only just begun in Angola and the water hasnt reached the delta yet. We saw the usual giraffe, impala, jackel, badgers and elephants, some up quite close, and remember that we were on foot. We also went to a hippo pool one evening and watched 13 or so hippo watching us. We are hoping that we finally got that big toothy grin hippo photo! Not sure why this email was so short, we had a good time ... read more
Sunset in the Okavango Delta
Colin being poled along in his mokoro
Messing about in the river

Africa » Botswana April 21st 2002

Botswana's Chobe Game Park is noted for a great place to see elephants. On our game drive, we saw leopard, lion, elephants, cape buffalo, hippos, giraffe, impala, kudu, warthogs, and even 2-week-old lions. Fabulous place.... read more
Kudu munching
Front seat in the touring van
Cape buffalo drinking

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park November 30th 1999

Only time for a quick entry. We are in Botswana - Kasane - a small village outside the Chobe national park. Botswana is a welcome relief after Zimbabwe where hyperinflation and political oppresion has seriously damaged the economy. Despite the problems, the Zimbabwe people remain friendly and try t6o support the tourists which help support them - there are tourist police everywhere protecting us from undue harrassment from touts. We saw Victoria Falls briefly - incredible - will re-visit later. We also walked with lions in the National Park. Today we visited Chobe for a morning safari ride where we saw impala, hippos, lions, jackal, warthog, numerous birds and a leopard!!! Saw elephants yesterday on the drive in. Stocking up now for our wilderness adventure tomorrow. Will write at length later. ... read more
Richard and his pussy
Money, money, money
Monkey business

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Chobe National Park May 23rd 1996

This blog has been long coming; it should be dated somewhere in 1996 or so when I was still at the University in my final year, but my dates fail me as I try to recollect my thoughts while going down memory lane. I do remember most of my time down in Botswana and my revisit years later in 2002. I shall tell you more as time goes by and the dates will come back to me. What you need to know is that the adventurer in me was being awoken at this time and I took advantage of a daring road trip from Uganda through Kenya to Tanzania. After a week of rest and touring Dar-es Salaam, my friends and I started off again on the road for South Africa; one of my friends was ... read more
Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta

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