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October 19th 2009
Published: October 19th 2009
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Monday Morning - Mochudi

The work began today with the drive up to Mochudi in our hired Combi. 8 CWBers plus Innocent and Ovbet, our Botswanan development coaches crammed in together with our kit and the BCA photographer. A couple of detours, in search of water for the day (we bought the stock of the Mochoudi Spar), saw us eventually arrive at the Lady Mitchison School. Expecting a short set on introductions prior to getting down to the business of coaching, we were treated to a fabulous welcome involving being introduced to all the staff and the boys and girls who had already played some cricket. Together they them treated us to a rendition of the Botswana National Anthem followed by prayers. However they left the best to last as we were led outside to be treated to traditional welcome dances performed by the children. What a show ! Some of the attached pics give an impression of the performances highlighted by the small lad who was in danger of losing his ‘kit’ but carried on regardless chasseeing out of the spotlight before returning without ever losing the smile off his face.

With the welcomes complete, Mikey Griggs lead the first proper session for the 23 prospective coaches from the schools in the Mochudi area. Firstly we had the handing over of the Coachs’ T-Shirts. First on the agenda was some catching practice. Some basic catching was followed by Mikey conducting a complete training drill with the CWB crew acting as students before the some of the ‘students’ took turns at leading a session. Finally the session completed with a mass catching circle.

After drinks the batting practice commenced with basics - grip & stance etc. before front foot driving. Basics from Mike before an adequate demo from me and then they were let loose smacking balls to the far end of the field. Some great form was shown particularly by Violet in her high heals who was a star all day with her effort and commitment.

Monday Afternoon

We took lunch in down town Mochudi before returning to the school to take the children for the afternoon. With groups coming from the other schools delayed we started with the 30+ Mitchison children with some continuous and pairs cricket which they all took to with enthusiasm, several lusty blows landing in the adjacent trees. The other kids arrived in due course with the first installment of 20+ arriving in the back of a pickup truck before a final batch of 25 arrived on foot. With temperatures climbing into a high 30s CWBers were flagging long before the children but there were many smiling faces from all group. Hopefully the attached pictures convey some of the fun had by all.

Monday Evening

As I write we’re watching Pakistan start their chase Sri Lanka’s 130 in the Mini World Cup in the evening cool under lights here in Garobone. This could be a close one - depending on Pakistan’s No 10 but the big match is on Thursday when Botswana take on local rivals Zimbabwe. More news later in the week………..

Cheers for now

Mark A

PS (Mikey’s post from yesterday will appear as soon as technical issues can be resolved…….)
PPS - Pakistan won with 3 overs to spare
PPPS - Wifi here in the Brakendene Lodge is a slightly flakey commodity. I've finished this piece sat in the hotel kitchen next to the microwave as the only place I can get both power and wifi combined. My only company is pictured below!

Additional photos below
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20th October 2009

hi evryone you are doing well i see lucky u got to see pakistan play hope you are having fun
20th October 2009

just great
Pictures and comments just great, you must be having a wonderful time keep up the comments and pictures. We loved Violets footwear, the only uniform you should wear. luv the morbs parents
22nd October 2009

Hi Mum and Dad, Having a great ime with loads of fun with the adults and kids. speak when I am back Tony

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