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September 17th 2012
Published: September 18th 2012
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We've been on some wonderful safari game drives during this trip. We've had great weather and have been lucky enough to see leopards, lions, giraffes, heaps of antelope etc etc in the wild ... and of course, hundreds of elephants!

But a highlight was going on game WALKS in Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. That's right ... we set off into the African bush on foot. It felt a little strange knowing there were carnivores about, as well as pretty big wild animals like elephants nearby. I began to think we were crazy when I found out that our guide didn't have a rifle ... all he was 'armed' with was a pocket detonator that would make a sound like a rifle shot!?!

Our instructions at the beginning of the first walk were to walk in single file behind the guide, keep talking to a minimum, and if charged by an animal "whatever you do, don't run!". Except if it was a buffalo which apparently gives no warning of a charge and (unlike lions and elephants) cannot be deflected by clapping, other loud noises or the detonator. In that case, "climb up the nearest tree"! Great ... the trees close by didn't look very climbable. Debbie and I decided our main hope lay in the fact that we were among the younger and fitter members of our group. What's that saying? ... "you don't have to run fastest, just faster than the next guy"!

We actually went on four game walks in total. We didn't see any really dangerous animals, except perhaps for an elephant and her baby but the guide kept us a long way away from it. We did however walk through an open field with zebras, impalas and were on foot less than 100 metres from three giraffes. Wow! We also saw a leopard kill - a half eaten antelope about 4 metres up a big tree. What strength those big cats must have.

All in all, the game walks were a very memorable experience. Just one more highlight of what has been a great trip. That's all for this blog update. Will hope to write a few more posts from Cape Town - about to go to the airport for flight to Cape Town shortly. Love Alison.

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