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Africa » Benin » South » Porto-Novo November 7th 2006

So we left Ghana a while back now and after entering Togo on a river-bed type road where the delapidated border posts were filled with mountains of corn on the cobs (don't ask - I don't know) we have headed south through Togo and then crossed at a slightly more uptempo border into Benin where we now reisde in the eastern most town and capital of Porto Novo. Togo was very small but very beautiful, the town of Atakpamé our highlight which was a small town with a real French colonial feel to it, Peugeot 504s rolling down the cobbled streets to a backdrop of wide leaved vegetation that gave me a sense of an Indian Jungle. We took a trip higher into the mountains early in the morning, the mist still hangin in the valleys ... read more

Africa » Benin » South » Porto-Novo August 18th 2006

I am happily exhausted. Guillaume, Derique, and my mosquitoes have welcomed me back into my home. I spent the entire past week entertaining fifty girls, 10-14 years old, in Porto Novo, Benin. I have a t-shirt to prove it. I love that age group, and I had so much fun translating time-killing games and playing endlessly. Follow-the-leader, Simon Says, Heads-up, Seven-up, Charades, we even translated the B-I-N-G-O song. Aïchath, Elisabeth, Gisele, Imelda, and I left Sunday, July 2, for Camp GLOW. We had to wait for a taxi- the chauffeur I had found did not arrive, so I had to track down another automobile. The car ride was wonderful. Only one of the girls had been to Cotonou, and only barely at that, so I often heard, “Are we there yet? How much farther? Where are ... read more
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