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January 7th 2010
Published: January 7th 2010
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aion online kinah earn is not only in fighting, but also in death. Now, let me tell in details.
1 dead, will be out of the experience, the experience is probably out for the current escalation of experience 3 per percent, which 1 per percent permanent loss, 2 per percent can be redeemed the loss of experience could be grayed out in terms of experience. 2 per percent can go to the NPC next to the resurrection point redemption aion gold flower, flower aion online gold is approximately 2 per percent experienced 20 per percent, I am now 42 death of a need to 5W buy 2 per percent experience, it takes several death aion kinah will be reduced.
2, death after the resurrection there will be weakness of the state at 70 per percent of HP and MP, moving very slowly, flower buy aion Gold redemption experience, this state also disappears.
The resurrection of the eternal way inside 10W is the number of large mobile resurrection points, the team used to bind up to 24 people. The death penalty so serious hang time aion kinah spent no more experience or buy, but there is a small tips. Upgrade of hanging is inevitable, strange do not immediately go out to spend aion online kinah buy it back, and so after a frail time to continue to the experience accumulated with gray. When I wanted to wash can use the following approach.
They die they are pull up and continue to hang, hang to death punishment do you think the maximum time we can, and go back to washing experience, this experience when you buy aion kinah only the original 1per10 had.
How do you find a friend to save to buy a 3W point multi tied revival of suicide, do not feel expensive, and post 3W nothing, they should know that province that is make a profit, so you can save a little RMB to buy aion Gold.


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