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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 18th 2012

Cars stop for you on the street? Even when you cross the street where you´re not supposed to. People don´t push on metros, buses, walking and even let you pass? Smiling. There is a supermarket, farmacy and drugstore separate? Or together, whatever you prefer. Motorcycles can actually drive faster than 40km/h? Wearing a helmet. Musicians play on the metro? And the passengers clap. ... YOU MUST BE IN ARGENTINA!! Its difficult to describe how different this country is from all the others I have seen in Central and South America. Depending on the city, you might actually feel like in Europe, especially Buenos Aires, which is a mix of Berlin, London, Paris and Madrid: green, diverse, beautiful, warm and has palm trees :) After almost 6 months of travelling this is exactly what I needed. I ... read more
The pink house :)
First steak :)

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 14th 2012

Hola todos! Well, I’ve made it through my first week and some change. Last Sunday, after a few hours worth of work in the yard, we set out for a picnic at the lagoon. While the lagoon is located within the premises of the farm, I had never seen it. This, however, is not saying much given that the property is over 1600 hectares in distance (HUGE). I was eager to explore more of the land and was excited at the prospect of visiting a lagoon. I was told that the plan would be to first eat at the “old house” (at the time, I was unclear as to whether this description indicated its age, or whether Federico had formally lived there), collect some bricks for the construction of an oven (where we would find these ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 12th 2012

Since my previous travels in South America over 6 years ago, I've had a desire to perfect my Spanish, become fluent and hopefully be able to use the language in life/work in the future. Things in London were great, but they had reached a point in life and work (and age!!) where if I wasn't going to seize the opportunity now to take 12 months out from everything to learn the language, then I never would. Ultimately, I thought that if I didn't do this I'd look back and regret it – and that was the deciding factor which made the final decision a lot easier. That's why I'm now following my dream and have 12 months or so to live, travel and learn in Spanish speaking countries. My previous trip in South America was done ... read more
Tango show
La bomba el tiempo
La Boca

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 11th 2012

Hey there friends, family, and the like, Today was quite a big day here on the farm. My first task this morning was to weed the yard- if you remember from a previous post, I had mentioned that the grass in the yard here has grown to heights reaching my hips. If that is any indication of how big the weeds are in comparison, you can probably mentally envisage their gargantuan size. Now, take your mental estimate and multiply that by 50. It would not be unfair to say that these so-called weeds have more in common with miniature trees than any type of unruly plant I have ever seen- wild or garden- grown. Normally, the process of weed removal is achieved by following these simple steps: Put on gloves, grab the plant, and pull. Here’s ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 11th 2012

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires! OK enough of the travel stuff. I mentioned to a few of you I was hoping to attend as many football games as possible whilst I'm here and give the blog more of a football slant (which was well recieved). There are six primera division teams in Buenos Aires itself - Boca, River, Argentinos Juniors, Velez Sarsfield, San Lorenzo, All Boys and another six in the Greater Buenos Aires province - Quilmes, Tigre, Independiente, Racing Club, Lanus and Estudiantes - so should be able to get to a few games! In Argentina there are two seasons during the year, the Apertura (final) and the Clausura (inicial). The Apertura season is well underway now with 14 of the 19 rounds completed. Velez Sarsfield currently lead the way. On Sunday I attended my first ... read more
Arsenal de Serandi
45 years


South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires November 7th 2012

Hey there friends, So, my last post left off with my arrival to San Teresita (a town fairly close to the farm). Slowly but surely I am catching you up to my current affairs! When I arrived, it was then 6 in the morning and I had just spend 12 hours on a plane, 10 hours waiting for a bus, and then another 4 hours on said bus. I was EXHAUSTED. I had already told Federico via email that I would be coming equipped with a very large backpack and this is how he could recognize me- and recognize me he did. As I struggled to hoist the darn thing on to my back, Federico and his friend- whom was introduced to me as Juan, hurried over- probably to save me from falling over. I hope ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 5th 2012

Our hostel room is a 6 bed, mixed dorm which is currently home to 2 drunk Brazilians, a friendly German girl and your two favorite Americanas. Apparently when the Brazilians came in late last night they found me almost falling off the top bunk. One of them said he kept shaking me and yelling "wake up" but he got no reaction, so he said he just picked me up and moved me away from the edge. Not even once did I wake up. Equally as concerning is Abby didn't wake up either, so just to recap some strange man was picking me up and moving me around without either one of us putting up a fight, leaving us open to a Taken-like situation. We started our day off by heading down to Defensia street, which is ... read more
Breakfast of champions

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 5th 2012

Hola guys and gals, Today is my third day on the farm, and my 5th day away from home. Already, it has been quite the whirlwind of unfamiliar experiences and emotions. From the airport in Buenos Aires I took a taxi to the bus station in Retiro, which was about a 40 minute ride. The taxi driver was incredibly animated and talkative, and even though he didn't speak any english we managed to talk the whole way with lots of laughs. On the way to the station, he kept pointing at giant pools of water that lined the sides of the roads and waved his hands around dramtically. At first i thought he was just REALLY proud of all the water they have in Argentina. Eventually I figured out that he was trying to show me ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 5th 2012

So we started our day with a 3 mile hike to center city to meet up with a tour group for our final BA adventure. We ended up with a relatively small group with a guy from Holland, a woman from Swizterland, a guy from Mexico and yours truely. We decided on the "south city" tour since that was the only part of the city we weren't able to explore by foot. This took us to the Puerto Madero which an up and coming portion of the city right on the water. Filled with lots of modern high rises, it looks like you've entered an entirely new city. Past this we rode by the Ecological Reserve, which is the portion of BA which use to be underwater, but is now overrun by vegitation and made for ... read more
La Boca
Plaza de Mayo

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires November 5th 2012

Na een fantastische tijd in Peru en Bolivia, wat de armere landen van Zuid-Amerika zijn, zijn we begin november de Argentijnse grens overgestoken. Het land dat zichzelf superieur voelt boven de andere Z-A landen. Vanuit de geschiedenis gekeken is dat niet zo gek, het land kent veel welvaart. Maar onze kennismaking met Argentinië stond in het teken van 8 november: een landelijke demonstratie tegen de overheid. Als het gaat om president Cristina Kirchner zijn de Argentijnen verdeeld. De één roemt haar om haar bereikte successen, met name het terugdringen van de macht van het leger, de ander hekelt de corruptie en de voortdurende mega-inflatie. Dit laatste hebben wij ook gemerkt: de prijzen uit onze Lonely Planet uit 2010 zijn verdrievoudigd! Niet echt handig voor ons budget, maar voor de gemiddelde Argentijn wordt het leven zo langzamerhand ... read more
Salta 2
Buenos Aires 1

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