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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City March 24th 2014

I have been lucky to visit a number of countries as part of work. Until 2010, I had barely ever crossed the equator to the southern hemisphere. But between then and now, I have visited Australia (or more specifically Perth) nearly five times. Having lived on a cab for most part during these visits, I have a good understanding of the country, especially from a first timers' point of view. Here is a holistic overview of the city. In my next blog post, I will take you through the more finer aspects of the city, right from the tourist attractions, to the pubs and night life. Weather Perth has an amazing weather, especially for a Canadian tired with the cold conditions back home. Well, that’s for most parts of the year. January and February are summer ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City February 8th 2014

Can't hear myself think........not jet-lag, the noise of a huge firework display for the Perth Festival. Breakfasted at Yallingup, in the company of a couple of bright green parrots! Then we headed back to Perth, about a 3 hour journey, even with Rae driving a good part of it (I had a bad night - jet lag or sunstroke?). Had a good run back to the hotel before heading off to Kings Park which provided some amazing views over the city - see pics. Rae treated me to an ice cream. Don't know what I did to deserve that! Chatted toJames on the phone before going to mass in St. Mary's Cathedral just up the road - beautiful church, made all the more significant that Frank was being buried in St. Mary's Larkhall around the same ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City February 5th 2014

Hi. got picked up by Peter of Mikey's Taxis at 04.45 on Tuesday. Good run to Heathrow, took off on time and had a comfortable Tipton Dubai - big airport! Nearly an hour late leaving but still arrived at Perth Airport at 12.45 local time. Got shuttle bus into town - cheapskate! Arrived at the Good Earth hotel 2'sh - OK but not wonderful. Slept for before walking into town - wanted an Aussie SIM card. But Blackberry lock the Sim, and after some tooing and froing, ended up a new cheap phone and some pay as you credit. Had a wander round Perth but didn't do it justice as we were pretty shattered - some picks attached...........but I must admit that I find the iPad camera hard work: must be my age that causes the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City December 28th 2013

Hey guys, Hope everyone had a great xmas! So I think i am up to leaving Bangkok heading to Australia. We got to Brissy and stayed with our mates Amz and Mat (I used to work with amz at Aon years ago) for a week and the first thing they feed us was a BBQ it was amazing!, no more pad thai's!. It was fun until we found out they were doing this shake diet thing, so they never ate meals with us, totally the wrong time of year to be starting that crazy nonsense. Mats Uncle suddenly died on a tractor accident so we looked after the cat while they flew back to NZ. The 2nd week we were there we stayed with my mate Vanessa (paremata girl) and got to catch up with mouse ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 20th 2013

Went to visit King's Park right in the centre of the city. It was very busy but spectacular. Ate dinner at Sandrinos Italian restaurant in Fremantle. Hazel ordered Barramundi and chips.... read more
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DSCF0574 - Copy


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City October 7th 2013

Having not booked any airfares or finished discussions on possible itineries we have booked our Inca Trek to Machu Picchu. Everything else will have to be based around that. After many hours of research through other peoples blogs we have found a mid priced company, fingers crossed it all goes well. Now to get the flights sorted, and continue to play around with the features on so we know what we are doing come March next year.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City August 8th 2013

Also within the first week of being in Perth, on my travels another student who just recently finished their study abroad year told me about a place called the foreshore. This was located just south of the swan river, giving you an amazing view of the skyline of the city! It was a nice day but I would like to return at dusk to get a more variety of photos including a sunset image and experiment with slow shutter speeds. We then went across the swan river on the ferry which was nearby and went into the city. There are just so many photo opportunities hopefully will keep me going all year.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City May 6th 2013

Au retour des Philippines, le plan était de vendre le van et de continuer en stop vers le nord pour atteindre Darwin, d'où je devais prendre l'avion pour rentrer à Madrid. Je ne voulais pas continuer avec mon van jusqu'à Darwin pour plusieurs raisons: premièrement, j'avais peur qu'une fois passé Perth, il n'y ait pas assez de villes pour jouer de la musique et payer l'essence. Je voulais aussi vendre le van avec suffisamment de temps devant moi, je ne voulais pas être à Darwin, devoir partir le lendemain et ne pas encore avoir vendu le van. Puis je voulais aussi tenter l'expérience du stop, expérience qui doit faire partie de la vie du routard au mois une fois! Ça m'a pris presque deux semaines pour vendre le van, à devoir baisser le prix petit à ... read more
Un peu chargé
Fern Pool
Le planté de tente

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City April 5th 2013

Kaum Jetlag, gestern Abend ein paar sauteure Biere, nur der sch... Moskito hat die nächtliche Erholung von den Reise"strapazen" gestört. Unser B&B ist sehr nett: die Gastgeber, Steve, ein Engländer mit seiner wahrscheinlich chinesisch-stämmigen Frau Hoon ... und der andere Gast, ein älterer japanischer Herr ... alles sehr familiär. Sind in und durch die Stadt gelaufen und Bus gefahren, waren 3 Stunden im Kings Park, wirklich ein wunderschöner Ort in einer ebenfalls sehr schönen Stadt ... Boomtown Perth ... das Mining-Business macht´s wohl möglich: hier werden Gleise und Straßen unter die Erde verlegt, damit Stadtteile bzw. Stadt und Fluß wieder zusammenwachsen. Kennt man sonst nur aus der Schweiz und von umstrittenen deutschen Bahnhofs- und Feldkircher Tunnelprojekten ;-) Und gerade eben haben wir den asiatischen Teil der Reise "abgearbeitet" ... Essen beim Vietnamese... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City April 3rd 2013

Salut tout le monde ! Bon bah ça fait un bon mois environ que vous n'avez pas eu de nouvelles de ma part ! J'ai été méchamment faignant je dois l'avouer. Je suis donc toujours a Perth mais sur le départ. Et s'il ne s'est, en soit, pas passé grand chose d'extraordinaire, il y a eu pas mal de changement ! Le plus important étant que je ne suis plus vraiment SDF !! Enfin je ne suis plus SD en tout cas (svp pas de mauvais jeux de mots, c'est que je vous connais tout de même :) ). J'ai fais l'acquisition d'une magnifique automobile. Mais maintenant que vous êtes au courant de l'information du moment, je vais faire comme dans une bonne série et revenir sur tout ça un peu plus tard !! Afin de ... read more

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