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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka July 13th 2014

Hi travel followers. Our latest travel update sees us at Mataranka and the Bitter Springs Thermal Pools. The van park we are staying at is just a short walk from the springs so we are heading down to take a dip (and soak) a couple of times a day. It helps wash away the red dust picked up from further south and thaw out the bones. What a spot. 14C over night and 28C during the day. Perfect for getting out the T-shirts and shorts and sitting back with a cold ale in the late afternoons. Gotta love the Northern Territory this time of year. So much so we are going to spend 6 weeks or so just slowly getting around to see as much as possible around Litchfield, Darwin and Kakadu etc. before we begin ... read more
Bitter Springs Thermal Pools
Bitter Springs Thermal Pools
Bitter Springs Thermal Pools

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka July 20th 2013

We left Alice Springs and drove to Wycliffe Well. This is the UFO capital of Australia, we didn’t see any aliens though! Then we stopped at the Devils Marbles, which we climbed all over, it was great fun. Then Dad drove us over 600 ks to a place called Mataranka. We swam in the thermal spring which is very warm pool I could have stayed in there all day. And I patted a kangaroo!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka July 20th 2013

Day 15 - We got to Wycliffe Wells the UFO scary place! It is scary because there were UFO things everywhere. We bought $3 worth of lollies at Wycliffe Wells and then we played ping pong! Day 16 - Then we went to the Devils Marbles and we climbed all over them. We were heading for Mataranka which is croc territory. Dad said there were Salt Water crocs here, but there are only fresh water crocs here, which don’t eat you!... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka June 12th 2013

After a great night catching up with Andi's cousin in Alice Springs we headed for Tennant Creek, stopping at the Devils Marbles for a quick game. After a night in Tennant Creek we make our way to Mataranka, of coarse via the Daly Waters Pub. Andi not keen to hang up her bra in the front bar as its new, so we settle for a beer instead. As soon as we hit Mataranka we head straight to the thermal springs for a swim. The spring is warm but its even warmer outside (32 C).... read more
Daly Waters Pub
Daly Waters
Mataranka thermal springs

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka May 16th 2013

Arrived in Mataranka and settled into a small C/P only minutes from Bitter Springs thermal waters about 3 ks from Mataranka and situated in the Elsey National Park,very welcoming staff who took time to advise us of the local attractions.The author Jeannie Gunn published an autobiographical novel , We of the Never Never which was about her life on Elsey Station,about which a film was made.Mataranka now claims to be the capitol of Never Never Land and a festival is held every year. Walked down to the thermal springs from the camp about a 5 minute stroll and joined a few other people there in the flowing spring with a temp of 32deg, very relaxing and purposed to be therapeutic.Noodles (floating devices ) can be hired from the camp office but most people seem to have ... read more
Exit point for Bitter springs
Mataranka springs
Mataranka springs


Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka May 15th 2013

Completed minor repairs whilst in Mt Isa,hadn't realized it was a lunar eclipse over the w/e so missed it, no mention at the camp site or the local shops, so that's why the camp sites were so busy. We had been to Mt Isa before so didn't feel the need to do any sight seeing, so we just stocked up and chilled out. Left on Sunday morning heading for Daly Waters and the famous pub, needing us to travel some distance and stay at 2 roadhouses fairly unattractive places but they serve a purpose.The journey was uneventful and monotonous at times, but we did see lots of birds of prey mainly feasting on road kill but many flying high and riding the thermals,also seen were a variety of other birds,kangaroos and emu's. Arrived Daly Waters pub ... read more
Daly pub

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka May 3rd 2013

We sat in a caravan park in Alice Springs for three days, something we are not prone to doing. We came in to be able to fill up our water tanks. If anyone comes this way we can highly recommend the G'Day Mate Caravan Park. Quiet, peaceful, grassed sites and the amenities are absolutely spotless. No flies, well minimal, 2 or 3. After the bush where you need to wear a fly net just to walk around it was magic. Water situation is now under control. We were so lucky that the stone only damaged the actual plug on the outlet. Putting on a new plug, reversing the washer and adding some plumbers tape has solved the problem. Mind you GMan has been out there checking whether it is leaking or not every couple of hours. ... read more
Tropic of Capricorn Marker
Tropic of Capricorn
Ti Tree Roadhouse

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka December 10th 2012

Today we set off with the intention of going about 500km to Barkley Homestead but we ended up going 1100 km to Mataranka in the NT. We had stayed in Mt Isa the night before and because we both felt fairly refreshed and it wasn't too hot outside and we had an early start we thought we may as well keep going. We went out for dinner in Mt Isa to The Buffs. Prior to that Peter had been having a bit of a whinge because he always buys a keno ticket whenever we go to a pub or club for dinner and he was saying that he wonders why he does because he never wins anything much. Whinge and win that's what I call him, yes you guessed it after his big whinge he had ... read more
Crossing the border into NT
No bull

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka November 10th 2012

10th November 2012, Enjoyed a well earned sleep in this morning since it was a lot cooler. After a leisurely breakfast, we met two fantastic ladies at the Daly Waters campsite. They too have been travelling around Australia and have been for the past 2 years. I thoroughly enjoyed swapping travel experiences with them. Departed Daly Waters and headed towards Mataranka, a town 420 km south east of Darwin. Stopped in Mataranka town centre for the famous Mataranka pies (They were Yum!!). Mataranka Homestead is built around the hot springs or thermal pools as they call it. We arrived at Mataranka Homestead and headed straight for the hot springs. There were hundreds of bats literally just hanging from the palm trees. The odour they expelled was definitely an "original" scent if you know what I mean. ... read more
The girls
Mataranka Homestead
The Girls

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Mataranka August 17th 2012

Mataranka 17th August 2012 It was a big wrench to leave Tumbling Waters C/Park at Berry Springs, but we had to leave sometime and after Barb’s birthday celebrations taken care of the day before, we felt it was appropriate to now continue on with our adventure. So we set off turning south down the Stuart Hwy towards Mataranka, our destination for the next two days. We stopped at Adelaide River Roadhouse for a well-deserved morning tea break, (it had been tough leaving Tumbling Waters!) before heading on to Katherine for lunch and some shopping at ‘Woolies’, It was also another excuse for us to stop and wander a town that we really enjoy being in. We did some banking, went to the camping shop, Mensland (just to see if they had any RMW or Ariat boots ... read more
best Business in town ...
Mataranka Hotel
Mataranka Museum

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