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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Fort Nelson July 20th 2014

Pour commencer, les caravanes, que je traitais hier d' antiquités, sont en fait des produits tres haut de gamme, tres chers, c' est le top du top. Elles sont toujours fabriquées. la marque Air Stream. C' est assez intéressant d aller, lire l' histoire de cette société. Pour ceux qui veulent "airstream-events,com". L' information me vient de Jérôme, et je l' en remercie, car hier je me suis couché moins bête. Je conseillerais a tous les météorologues d' allés garder les moutons, et encore risqueraient d' en perdre. Hier, pour aujourd'hui c' était du tres court terme. Hé bien presque tout faux. Ce matin, les cyclistes prenaient le pdj a 7H dehors, Ca augurait bien. Vers 7h30 apres avoir fait le plein au premier km, les essuie glaces. La route est belle, je roule pépere, une ... read more
la famille ours
beau panache
avec son reps

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 20th 2014

We are up at 5am to catch the Amtrak Cascades Train to Vancouver, BC, Canada at 7.40 am. We have to be there an hour in advance and we aren’t sure how the immigration issues will be handled. The King Street Station is only a mile away and the cab gets us there in 10mins for $7 (+ tip of course). The building is quite impressive – definitely a relic of the past with a great ceiling. Checking in is a breeze, and then unannounced a long queue forms which apparently we have to join for our seat allocation, but no one tells you till it’s about ‘a mile long’. We board by 7.15am. It’s quite a nice coach with the ‘Bistro’ car some 6 coaches away unfortunately. The seats are leather but as we are ... read more
Beatty Street
Vancouver skyline from across the bay
Burrard Bridge & Granville Island harbour

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Isla Mujeres July 20th 2014

Greetings all, and happy Domingo (Sunday) from sunny Playa del Carmen which is expected to be 32C today with a 46C humidex. Thankfully someone installed an ocean around here otherwise we'd be in big trouble :> Things I like... Hanging with my friends on the beach, sipping drinks & laughing about life. Things I don't like... My child throwing up all night, and being sick all day. Things for Rory started to turn around by noon on Saturday when I realized the medication the doctor would give her, I could get at a pharmacy. I researched it, and it did say it was a safe drug to take, but not for any great length of time as it could cause some side effects. I know Rory; when she gets ill, she's violently ill, then if she ... read more
Morning walk with Linda & Sue
Fried eggs with 2 Mexican salsas

North America » United States » California » Santa Cruz July 20th 2014

Start: Half Moon Bay, Ziel: Santa Cruz (New Brighton State Beach), Tageskilometer: 96.0, Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 61.2, Gesamtkilometer: Heute erst um ca. 07.30 h aufgestanden und etwas gefühstück (Yoghurt mit Früchten). Dann geht’s zurück auf den Hwy. No 1. Fahren entlang der kurvigen und hügeligen Küste. Der Sonntagsverkehr ist starkt und wir müssen uns auf die Fahrt konzentrieren. Am Anfang ist es noch bedeckt und kühl, doch bald zeigt sich die Sonne und wir können unser Tenue etwas erleichtern. Unterwegs essen wir noch etwas Kleines bevor es weitergeht. Haben eigentlich kein klares Ziel vor Augen, mal schauen wie weit wir kommen… In Santa Cruz wird es dann sehr lebendig. Die Stadt hat ca. 55‘000 Einwohner und viele Sommertouristen. Es herrscht hier Ramba Zamba und hat noch einen Vergnügungspark. Ein Typ gibt uns noch ein paar Tipps... read more

North America » United States » Arizona July 20th 2014

Wooooow!! Was für en Dag!!! D'Fahrt nach Tusayan isch laaaaang (über 6h und do sin d'Pause nid ygrächnet), aber guet gsi! D'Strosse teilwyys pfiffegrad und kilometer-wyt nüt vonere Zivilisation z'seh. Dr Christian het sich bsunders gfreuit, as en Teil vo dr Strecki über die bekannti Route 66 gange isch. Und so sin mir denn au in bereits 4. Staat cho, wo mir bsueche: Arizona. Am halb 5i sin mir do in Tusayan acho (ca. 5km vom Grand Canyon-Ygang entfärnt). Und uf eimol het's dr Christian doch wieder sehr wundergno, was so e Heli-Rundflug über dr G.C. würd koste und drum sin mir bim Flughafe und de div. Abieter go froge. Er überleggt jetzt mol bis morn, ob sich USD 270 lohne, für en 40' Flug über und durch dr G.C... Nach em Znacht hän mir spontan ... read more
Huge steam locomitive
On the road
Sunset at the Grand Canyon


North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 20th 2014

NASHVILLE! First order of business yesterday was moving from our hotel out of town to a hotel just a block or two away from Broadway and printers alley. Then on to breakfast at Puckets Grocery. I use the term breakfast pretty loosely, Brittney and I had pulled pork with sweet potato pancakes and Patty had brisket hash on a cornbread waffle. It was all amazing! They did actually out a fried egg on top so that we knew it was supposed to be breakfast! It's been such a perfect temperature whilst we've been here, just great walking weather so we walked a fair ways around the city and then got a taxi to East Nashville. It is such a cool place! Lovely streets of arty houses with perfect gardens. Some had wrap around porches with rocking ... read more
Opry selfie
Found a Stetson... Kinda
Found in East Nashville

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville July 20th 2014

Sunday started very slowly for Brittney and I, Patty on the other hand was bounding around, fresh as a daisy early on. As we started the day a little leisurely, it seemed apt to have a leisurely brunch in an almost French (ish) patisserie before heading to the country music hall of fame. I've got to be honest, aside from Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, etc I'm not too up to speed on my country music but with plenty of help from my resident country music lover Brittney I got caught up quickly. The museum is huge, and you start at the top and work your way forward in time (is there any other way?!) and end right up in the present AKA the gift shop! There was a sort of workshop/demonstration of a harmonica but two ... read more
Giant Guitar tourist pic!
Bluebird café

Saturday - our goodbyes to Blake and Suze, have had such a great week with them, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants, bars etc, lots of fun and laughs! Blake and Suze left by 7.00a.m. as they had a 11.00a.m. flight back home from John Wayne Airport, we left a little later around 8.15a.m. - John wanted to check out an RV to hire for our trip next year - so did that enroute to dropping car off at John Wayne. Our limousine driver was there to collect us and take us to our accom in Venice Beach. Everyone keeps telling me about all the weirdos that live in Venice, they are NOT wrong!!! We are literally 20-30 metres off the beach, fantastic position - coming up to the apartment block looks very, very dodgy but once inside great ... read more

Or how to best piss off a flight attendant. Once the friendly skies were gone, and after 9-11, the flight attendants original mission, that of patient safety and comfort, has long been forgotten, at least by American based airlines. The foreign airlines treat their passengers like gold. I was recently on both a Korean Airlines flight, and a Lufthansa flight. Both were better than anything I have flown domestically. So, does the cheap fare, and all the "nickel and diming" us give the right to complain about everything? I think not. Likewise, can't the flight attendant at least pretend to like having a job that pays him/her a salary and travel perks? So, who are the ones causing all of this animosity between passengers and flight attendants? I assure you it is not me. 1. Coffee, ... read more
Bring Cash, Lots of It!!!!
Avoid the thundering herd!

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 19th 2014

Now that there's decent internet speed at home I can upload some additional photos from our trip... read more
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

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