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North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 27th 2014

Was picked up by the shuttle. All prepared to had the drive an nice tip to issue promo service, I squeezed the tip in my hand tightly as I loaded my own luggage into the van. We drove to another location to pick up one other passenger. A handsome 34 year old visiting from Vancouver. he laughed when I asked if he was in school there saying " oh gosh no, I am 30 30 30 30 30 30 4 " he appologigized for the stutterin and I replied " no problem, Im not busy and not going anywhere for an hour or so." I assume his place of birth, mat aar, Ontario was too much to get out as he pulled it up on his phone to show me. I spead the duration of the ... read more

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson Hole July 27th 2014

We kicked off our stay in Jackson Hole with grilled chicken for dinner and an amazing sunset over the Teton mountains. The next day we walked around down town, had lunch, and got suited up for white water rafting. We put in on the Snake River, and had a blast getting soaked! Some of the rapids we went over included Lunch Counter, Big Kahuna, Little Sister Goes Flying, and Box of Fuzzy Kittens. That night we went to the rodeo, which was very exciting to watch. We saw bull ringing, bucking broncos, barrel racing, and cattle herding among other things. Everyone had lots of fun at our first live rodeo. The next day we stopped at the local fire department's annual chicken fry and had a very tasty lunch. After we ate we drove down to ... read more

North America » United States » Washington July 27th 2014

The flights are booked, visas have arrived, cab ride to destination scheduled and guest housing procured. Self directed wishes for safe travels and an amazing adventure with the two loves of my life, my kids, Malek and Sephina. August 20th we'll be saying 'goodbye for now' and 'see you soon' with hopes to update this blog every few days as we share about our 70 day trip to Auroville, Bommayapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India (south of Chennai, just north of Pondicherry), on the South East coast. We will be 12.5 hours ahead PDT - so essentially half a day :) Detailed plan (for my mom ;) ) as it is at present: Fly out 5pm-ish 8/20 on Emerites direct to Dubai Arrive in Dubai 7pm 8/21 (sleep in airport) fly to Chennai 2:45am, land at 8:20am 8/22. ... read more

Our first day in the park was pretty relaxed. We got a campsite, and hung out trying to figure out the game plan for the next couple of days. We drove around for a bit, exploring part of the park, then had a campfire and made s'mores. That was the first night that actually felt like we were camping. The next morning we had a quick breakfast then got packed for our hike. We decided North Dome would be our destination. The hike was a little over 11 miles round trip and took about 8 hours, including our time at the top. When we finally reached the summit we were rewarded with breathtaking views of Half Dome and part of Yosemite Valley. We took our time eating lunch at the top, and I even took a ... read more
Lunch at the summit
Half Dome

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 27th 2014

"The mountain are calling and I must go." - John Muir A little over two weeks ago, I couldn't stop staring at my coffee mug with the above John Muir quote on it. It was true -- the mountains had been calling for a long time and about two weeks ago, I finally got to see them again. On Saturday July 12th, I hopped on a plane out of Chicago and flew to Seattle to meet up with my mom and two older sisters. I hadn't seen my family since Christmas and was so excited to start my July vacation by spending some time with them. Due to plane delays, I arrived shortly after my sister who was flying in from Sacramento and was greeted by my family at baggage claim. From there, we hit the ... read more


North America » Canada » Ontario » Peterborough July 27th 2014

. Well airport shuttle swill be here in 6 hours. I learned yesterday from a friend that works at Lufthansa that I have a weight restriction on my carry on! Yikes! This was not good news as I had loaded all my heavy stuff in the carry on. following the party, I went home and started emptying my luggage for yet another packing! 32 kg for checked and 8 kg for carry on. according to my "handy dandy scale, I am just under for both so my fingers are cross or I will be doing some fancy foot work at the adding to my existing wardrobe! I am officially checked in now at the airport via on line check on and my mind races to figure out what I have left behind. I changed my ... read more

I just came back from an 11 day Denali Park Tour and 7 cruise. I organized this trip for 20 people, consisting of family and friends. We saw so much beautiful scencery on this tour: glaciers, wildlife, waterfalls, the Tongress Rain Forest. We were also surprised at how much we learned about the rich Alaskan history and culture.... read more
Denali Park
Group Travel to Alaska
Whale Watching

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 27th 2014

On July 23, 2014, I walked out of the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago with a bag of money. The Federal Reserve doesn't make loans or take deposits from individuals, but they gave me money anyhow. I smiled at the guard as I walked out; stay with me and I’ll tell you how you can do the same thing. The Federal Reserve is responsible for the monetary system of the United States. They design and print our money, they set interest rates, they regulate financial institutions, and they function as a bank for the nation’s banks. The integrity of the country’s financial system depends on the Federal Reserve System. There are twelve branches of the Federal Reserve around the US. One of those branches is in Chicago, and just off the lobby is the Money Museum. ... read more
Federal Reserve Building
The Grand Watermelon
fed sign

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis July 27th 2014

The weeks are going faster and faster. I was in a sampler week which meant the kids left on Wednesday. Lauren, one of the girls I worked with this week, asked me if I wanted to go stay at her house on Wednesday and Thursday which was really nice. Her house was super fancy and it was nice to have a decent shower and sleep in a proper bed. It was nice to finally have some healthy fresh food and watch DVDs and relax. I also sent a few packages home because I was running out of space in my bags and I have a restriction on bag and weight limit for the contiki. Overall it was a pretty chilled out and relaxed week which was nice for a change. On Friday night hannah and I ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary July 27th 2014

Comme vous le constatez je suis en retard pour communiquer avec vous, mais je n' avais pas le courage hier au soir. Mon ami Pier m' avais mis en relation avec une de ces connaissances, Brenda, a Galgary. Il a vécu a Calgary il y a quelques années. Vendredi, nous avons une conversation téléphonique, en anglais bien sur, et Brenda s' est proposée de me servir de guide, pour la journée de samedi. RDV a donc été pris a midi a mon hôtel. Dans la matinée comme il faisait tres beau, petite marche dans le centre ville de Calgary. Quand je dis petite, les blocs d' immeubles font vites, 300 a 500m de côté, et quand je retrouve dans la voiture, la je m' aperçois que j' ai du pas mal marcher. Retour a j' hôtel ... read more
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