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North America » United States » Texas » Denton April 11th 2014

We got an early start as we wanted to stop at Chinn’s Chapel Cemetery once more before heading to Oklahoma. This time we went into the chapel and opened the two doors and windows. We let in light and fresh air as they would have for my great grandparents wedding and my great grandmother’s funeral. I thought about my great grandmother; she was about 29 years old and had just given birth to her 4th child. The other 3 children were 4 and under with my grandmother being 1 year old. I have to wonder how horrible it was for her, to think that she might be dying with these 4 little kids around. There is a sign printed on a cardboard in the church. The average age of death in the 1800’s was about 25 ... read more

North America » United States April 11th 2014

Farewell Texas and hello Louisiana. We crossed the border in the last leg of our road trip a few hours after our Houston BBQ adventure and overnighted in Lake Charles. Once in Louisiana we immediately noticed the difference in terrain as we drove for miles along raised causeways over swampy wetlands and crossed frighteningly high arched bridges stretching over vast rivers and lakes. The cuisine was also different - no more barbecue and now we had grits as as a side dish. We sampled them in a Waffle House, where my attendance at the live Oprah show in Sydney got me instant cred from our waitresses. Grits, as we now know, is a kind of savoury porridge served with butter made from hominy grits - dried and ground hominy (large white corn) kernels. It is quite ... read more
Katy gets on down in Nawlins
Alligator corn dog
Mmmmmm beignets!!!

North America » United States » Oregon » Brookings April 11th 2014

We have been wined and dined all week long. Dinners with friends most every night and lunches each day. I guess our friends are just preparing us for life on the cruise ship. We are blessed to have many great friends in Brookings and appreciate all taking the time to have one last meal with us before we leave town. And thanks for all the comments wishing us safe travels and lots of fun. We plan to be safe and you can bet we will have fun. It has been a busy week but it looks like all things are crossed off the to-do list. The only thing left to do is lock the door on our way out tomorrow morning. Let the fun begin!!!... read more

This year our vacations will be all about exploring major cities around the world. We are starting with New York and Seattle. Day 1 - Getting the Band Back Together Michelle spent the last week with her class in Washington DC, so our first part of the journey was spent traveling out to meet her. Tony picked Anne up at school and after convincing several of Anne’s students they were too big to either fit in a carry-on we headed up to the Bay Area. After Checking out Brian and Cathy’s new digs and a great dinner on Historic Murphy’s street, we made our way to SFO and our red eye to DC. One plane trip and a taxi ride later we met up with Michelle at her hotel. She was staying with her teacher, a ... read more
Times Suare at Dusk
American Girl Overload

North America » United States » New Mexico » Santa Fe April 11th 2014

We set off from the blue swallow motel about 9am after grabbing some coffee from the office and cinnamon muffins that nancy had made. We hit the road and for the next 100 miles drove through some of the best scenery we've seen on the trip. It was classic Route 66 country or what I imagined when I first started planning the trip. There were desert plains on the left and right dotted with green bushes and cacti. The sky was cloudy when we left but again turned blue with hot sun after an hour or so. We drove through Santa Rosa and followed the signs to the blue hole. It's something I'd read about before we left. It's basically a deep hole in the ground filled with water. When we drew up the facts read ... read more


North America » United States » Mississippi » Horn Lake April 11th 2014

Today started at the USS Alabama in Mobile, AL. I've been here before, but it's been close to ten years. Not much has changed with the ships, but they have opened an aircraft hanger and filled it with quite a few planes. I spent most of my morning here wandering around and exploring the ships. After I left Mobile I took a nice long drive North along the Eastern edge of Mississippi. It was a nice slow drive, no interstates, no traffic. Just a nice drive in 80 degree weather. I tell ya, If you want real Memphis BBQ, you need to go to Mississippi. The Memphis BBQ Company is about ten miles outside of Memphis, but it's the real deal. They have won over 10 world championsh... read more

North America » United States » New York April 11th 2014

I’m happy to say that the weather has somewhat stabilized but, it’s still “April in the Bronx, a***hole”, (more on that later). I went to one of the America’s oldest cities; Philadelphia. I’m not sure what I expected but I definitely didn’t think much of it. At this point, I should remind you that I am very critical of cities that do not offer high level of convenience and have a strong middle aged community. Living in New York; you become so used to the fast pace and convenience, it can lead to a miniature culture shock when you go out of state, leading to cravings to return to the Big Apple for all its guts and glory. I imagine that missing my train to Philly, probably set the day trip on the wrong footing. Anyway; ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Kissimmee April 11th 2014

Our half century celebration culminated at Dick's Last Resort restaurant with our family. If you have never been to one of their restaurants (they are located across the country) you could be somewhat startled by their service. Having been to one in Memphis, Cory & I knew what to expect. It was here that as I took a photo of our bartender....she flipped me the bird. I had asked for a straw for my drink and she jammed 20 of them into my glass. They thrive on rudeness and crudeness. It is just how the place operates. But it is all in fun! Our waitress last night was crass but not overly so.....she could have done more. Our dinnerware and placemats were just thrown in a pile on our table. She made a few wisecracks to ... read more
Travis & Mike
Sara, Shannon & Haley
Lory, Jim & Jay

North America » United States » California » Clovis April 11th 2014

Just starting to pack up the Coach for our trip to the Carolina's. Planning on being gone 3-4 months. Time will fly by like it did when we took the last long trip to the East Coast. We are looking forward to breaking in "our new to us" Coach on this trip. Stay tuned!... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles April 10th 2014

Well here we are in the mighty US of A...... Left home on Tuesday afternoon to check in to the Holiday Inn at Melbourne Airport. After our arrival we decided to head in to the restaurant at HI but after deciding that we didn't wan't to remortgage the house to pay for Gman's steak it was off to Maccy D's or otherwise know as the mighty Golden Arches..recognised as a quality fast food venue. After choosing to eat off their fancy Menu (I use the term "Fancy" very loosely), we ate what consisted of a cardboard cutout of their chicken burger and then off to bed for a 4am start. After booking our early morning wake up call, we climb into bed and have a very limited amount of shut eye. Every hour I wake hoping ... read more
Our flight QF93
Our plane. Massive!
Very excited.

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