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North America » United States » Georgia » Brunswick April 22nd 2014

Today has arrived! It's a day of celebration and farewells. Today we celebrate two birthdays: our grandson, Ryan Knapp and our dear friend, Sandy Foreman. Happy Birthday to Yoooooo....that's Cory and me singing to both of them at the top of our lungs. Lulu is humming the Happy tune. The Knapp family flew home today. We had to say our farewells yesterday as they headed to the Sandford airport at 5:20 AM today. Their flight left at 8:00 & they landed in Elmira, NY just over two hours still seems so amazing to me to wake up in Florida and be home in New York in such a short time. Thank you, Orville and Wilbur! Yesterday, we had our good bye lunch at Flippers Pizza in Old Town with Lory, Jay, Sara, Sam & Sandy. ... read more
Lory & Jay
For the Good Times

North America » United States April 21st 2014

Started packing today! I am trying to refrain from overthinking this and end up with half my stuff in Israel. Tslil seems to have a lot of things planned for us. Hope I'm up to it! Donna has bragged about my fitness so No Whining! Lots of things up in the air right now with work. Planned this trip over a year ago so it will just have to work its self out. Wish David was coming. He is the best when it comes to travel. We will make plans to go back!... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Haines City April 21st 2014

Time is quickly running out. Yesterday, we gathered up our remaining family, Lory, Jay & Sara, and made the rounds of a few of our favorite haunts. Our sight-seeing tour is now over. We ended up on Rt. 27 and found Manny's Chophouse. We had taken them here last year and they enjoyed it a lot so there was no discussion when Manny's appeared on the horizon. It was as scrumptious as always. I won't tell you how many fluffy, air filled, melt-in-your mouth rolls we ate but I think they had to call out for more flour! The huge salad prepared at our table is to die for.....two monster size bowls finished us off before the delicious entrees were served. We may have to call this place "Trough #2"! So much but so good. We ... read more
Outside & Inside
The last roll out of 25? 40? 55?
Lory's Prime Rib

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando April 21st 2014

Easter Day was chilly here in Florida. I'm sure the Easter Bunny was glad he had a fur coat on today. Remember our chocolate Easter Rabbits that MJ & Mike gave us? ......the pathetic ones that met a sad, sorrowful, melted demise? A resurrection happened.....Buddy & Sweetie were found again ... just as we had received & remembered them: cute & whole....a miracle! Happy Easter! Braving the cool air, our family completed their marathon visit of 3 days at Universal Studios. We weren't sure if we would make it or not. A problem had occurred. Sara's ticket pass had gotten washed by mistake in her shorts. Just a few tiny gobs of paper remained. Not even enough to tape together ..... only enough to drop in a plastic baggie to show there had been "something" at ... read more
Universal Studios
Back for more...
Posing with Still Life

North America » United States » Massachusetts » Boston April 21st 2014

Okay so since our last update we have been very busy! We have flown to Washington DC, caught a train to Boston and then to New York City. Washington DC is a large, sprawling city with a centre that Canberra clearly modelled itself on. The National Mall is a massive public space that is dotted with imposing memorials to key presidential and public figures and wars on one end and the Capitol building on the other with the White House jutting out at an angle. Depending on your perspective we have been blessed or cursed by timing our trip to coincide with the annual cherry blossom festival. The large memorial parklands and ornamental lake are swarming with locals and tourists here to view the lovely blossoms on the thousands of cherry trees gifted by Japan over ... read more
National Mall
George Washington estate


North America » United States » Virginia » Fredericksburg April 21st 2014

Hey All- This summer I'll be keeping a blog of everything I get myself into. As of right now the trips I have planned are: - Munich, Germany - Tbilisi, Georgia - Cuernavaca, Mexico - San Fransisco, CA - Duck, NC I depart on my first trip May 14th for Munich and I'll be sure to keep y'all up to date! url=* img= read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff April 21st 2014

Running around the land, looking for my spirit - "Where am I?" I went to Mesa Verde on the way to the Four Corners. There were ruins from about 1200 A.D. People would climb the vertical cliffs to bring food up to their living quarters. They made sacred temples for the sun and for fire. They were created with brick and I can just imagine the people scaling up and down with pure strength and necessity. After I left Mesa Verde, I was not sure where to go. I knew I wanted to go to the Four Corners, so I did. The thing was, I felt like I was maybe supposed to have been there a day earlier. The land was beautiful though, and standing on top of the four corners plaque made me feel like ... read more

North America » United States » California » Mount Shasta April 20th 2014

As I’ve written plenty of times before, a great thing about my job is the ability to experience those things off the beaten path. For the past 2 weeks we’ve had claims northeast of Redding. 2 weeks ago we had claims in Redding then the following day in Mt Shasta and Eureka. Lots of driving! This also meant taking roads we’d never been on before. On the way to our claims in Fall River Mills we had a clear view of Mt Lassen from Redding. The Mt was so beautiful. We were reminded of our hike up to the top many years ago when our boys were young. When we took the grandkids the path was full of snow and we couldn’t make it to the top. Before arriving at Fall River Mills we saw a ... read more

North America » Mexico April 20th 2014

JOHNNY'S JOURNEYS: CANCUN, MEXICO 1984 I read in the Auburn student newspaper, the Plainsman, in January about an upcoming Spring Break trip to Mexico. After reading the details, I decided that I wanted to spend a week in March among Auburn college students. I called my good friend, Jimmy Crump to present him the details of our trip. My fellow Phi Delta Chi pharmacy fraternity brother decided it would be a blast. And we were both able to secure a "vacation week" from Eckerd Drugs. A history professor, Dr. Allen Jones would be leading our group of about 30 Auburn students on a trip to Chichen Itza. He was not the chaperone on this spring break trip for college students, but an adult we could turn to if needed. March 17, 1984 (Saturday) Jimmy and I ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Diego April 20th 2014

Hallo zusammen. Wow, ist schon einiges passiert seit dem letzen Blog Eintrag! Zuerst einmal, es geht uns allen sehr gut, wir geniessen die Zeit hier miteinander und nehmen einen Tag nach dem Anderen. Was ist passiert? Nach SFO sind wir weiter in den Süden gezogen, nach Santa Cruz / Monterey / Watsonville. Hier hatten wir einen wunderschönen Campingplatz mit riesiger Auswahl an Kinderspielplätzen (Klettertürme, Sprungkissen, Pool, etc.) Auch zu unserer Freude hatten unsere Nachbarn auf dem Campingplatz zwei Kinder im Alter von 3 und 5, perfekt für Justin. Mit Baggern, Schaufel und sonstigem Spielzeug ausgerüstet, kamen die Kids direkt auf Justin zu. Sie haben sich von Anfang an gut verstanden. Justin redet heute noch gerne von “seinen Freunden”. Auch wir haben mit Ihnen am Abend am Campingplatz Marshmellows "S'Mores"grilliert und Geschichten ausgetauscht. Nicht zu vergessen sind ... read more

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