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Hi, We are at home preparing for our cruise to Europe. We fly to Ft. Lauderdale on Thur. and get on the ship on Fri.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Calgary April 13th 2014

Hi All, Tyler and I are leaving this Friday for Morocco. We are really excited to be going away. We will post on our blog whenever we have time, so subscribe to our blog to be updated throughout our journey. We are really lucky to have such great family, friends and great jobs that allow us to be away from home for so long. Until next time. Jill... read more

Greetings from a grotty little town in the middle of nowhere. Apparently there's a nice canyon out there somewhere, but the wind has whipped up every bit of sand in the desert so the canyon has vanished. Perfect opportunity to relax in my posh hotel and finally update my blog. Day 1 Flying over Canada, giant icebergs as far as the eye can see. Awesome sight. Bit high up to see any polar bears though. Day 2 Elrod Rabbit Baylee, aka Meat Loaf, putting on a Vegas show. Complete with juggler, fire eater, tap dancers, chippendale and 2 clowns who got shouted at by Mr Loaf for being scary. Day 3, 4 Las Vegas. Take the tackiest bits of most major cities and stuff it all into 1 long street in the middle of nowhere in ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas April 13th 2014

Vegas Baby! - brought to you by Steph Today was a horrendously early start. We wanted to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon which after a little research we realised would be at 0558hrs. This meant us all setting alarms for 0430hrs in order to be out of the room by 0510hrs to check out and drive the short distance through the park to the spot we decided would be best to see it from. The temperatures drop significantly overnight so when we left the room it was -1c, boots and winter coats required. We arrived at Yavapai Lodge lookout at 0530hrs and it was just starting to get light. The lookout had benches for people to sit and watch the sunrise (Katie took up residence here and did not move until we left as ... read more

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan April 13th 2014

Day 3 – South and North The subway took us all the way to Battery Park this morning. A quick round of standing in line and we were on our way to liberty island. The ferry ride was short and scenic. We didn’t have tickets to go up to the pedestal or into the crown but we were able to walk around and see the statue from several angles. We had lunch on the island and boarded the ferry to Ellis Island. There we walked through an interesting exhibit on the patterns of immigration in to the united states up to the mid-20th century. We also went through the registration room. It was a great big hall that used to be filled with hundreds of wooden benches. Michelle and Tony took a moment to rest their ... read more
Lady Liberty
Old and new
SNAKE in the park


North America » United States » New Mexico » Albuquerque April 13th 2014

After the White Sands, I made my way north to Albuquerque. Upon entering the city, I went hiking at the Petroglyph National Monument, hit up a Spiritual Center, read at a community college library, went Jui Jitsu practice, and hung with old friends I met in Bolivia, just in one day! This is what happens when you enter a city filled with natural energy - you encounter many experiences! The Monument was a cool adventure. The quote on the sign is my favorite as I am interested in symbolism for its simplistic method of communication. The rocks were fun to climb, and the distant view of the city was quite beautiful. After the monument, I was attracted to signs for a Thrift Store. The store was not yet open, but other sites kept me in the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford April 13th 2014

Our chauffer, Pete, and the tour guide, Betty, delivered us to Medford with a few new stops for us. We travel the road to Medford often but have never made the stops that Betty had planned. We took a tour through the Taylors Sausage store and have decided that will be our favorite stop along Hiway 199. What a great place to get a delicious sandwich along with a favorite beverage. After a lunch stop in Grants Pass we arrived safely at our motel for the night. Thanks to Pete and Betty for a fun trip to Medford. After checking in to The Quality Inn we started out walking. After all the lunches and dinners of the last week we needed some exercise. What a great surprise to find a festival in downtown Medford--The Annual Pear ... read more
Quality Inn

North America » United States » Kentucky » Calvert City April 12th 2014

I didn't do anything. I didn't go to Graceland. I didn't go to any Museums. I didn't take any pictures. I didn't eat anywhere cool. I just took a nice slow drive through the Tennessee countryside. It was a nice day.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Holbrook April 12th 2014

Off to the petrified forest - todays blog post is written by steph Today is a busy day, we plan to see the petrified forest and painted desert and have a little hike through them. But before we do that we have a 5hr car journey to get through. An early start was needed so alarms were set for 0630hrs. Those that know me know I'm far from being a morning person, so this was a bit of a struggle. As soon as bags were packed I was led straight to the coffee in the breakfast room and have now managed to wake up fully. We've been told to make sure the car is topped up with "gas" as there will not be much opportunity on the route today driving through desert land, so hoping to ... read more

We left the wigwam motel early about 8.20 and stopped to fill up on fuel. We've worked out its about $45 to fill up a tank which is about £27 so it's probably about 40% of the price back home. We'd worked out using a ful calculator back home that the trip should cost us about £350 in fuel which is about $585. It's definitely going to be significantly cheaper than that. We were going to work it out but we've lost track of what we've spent but estimations based on the first day using a full tank and doing approx 300 miles are that it will cost us about $405/£240 based on doing 2700 miles as we're taking the longer detour up through Yosemite to Tahoe, ending San Francisco or Frisco as a taxi driver ... read more

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