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North America » United States » Vermont » Bennington May 27th 2014

Welcome to my 1st travel blog. For those who don't know me, my name is Lauren Prock. I decided to start a travel blog because I've been inspired by a friend who has a travel blog. On this Memorial Day, my family & I decided to take a trip to Bennington, Vermont. My mom has been inspired by this new chalk paint by Annie Sloan. So she found a dealer in Bennington, Vermont. We haven't been out in a long time, so we decided to take a trip. I was also thinking it would be a good time for me to look at other yarn shops. We spent over 2 1/2 hours in the antique shop, looking at the antique shop. I've never seen more antiques before in my life. After the antique shop, we stopped ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro March 9th 2014

Remember the sunny summer days of 2013? Here's a throwback to our tennis brunch at Rudyard Kipling's tennis court in August to keep everyone going through what feels like the eternal winter. It was a bright day filled with delicious food, great friends and family and winning….smiles. It's hard to say exactly who won, but Shannon and Arial were definitely the best players. We look forward to a rematch this summer!... read more
Arial, Shannon & Gretchen
Lucia & Henry
Matt & Joy

North America » United States » Vermont January 21st 2014

(One Slip on ice One sledging accident) I came back into NYC, from my little trip to a cabin in the woods. The cabin as you saw from my previous post was beautiful; the guy who planned the trip did really well. I had an awesome time simply taking photographs and wandering around. Being a proud city person, I can honestly say it was nice to be cut off from everything for a couple of days. The freezing cold shower when the pipes froze not such a fun time, take the good with the bad. Vermont is known for its skiing at this time of year, and on long bank holiday weekends families and friends tend to go on out of state excursions. As most of us had not skied before we decided to find other ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Waterbury January 19th 2014

Greetings from Vermont, I am currently sitting in a beautiful cabin in the woods of Waterbury, Vermont. It has been snowing and generally a scene from a winter wonderland. We arrived on Saturday afternoon after a six hour drive in the new ford galaxy, this car gets a shout out because it's really good and I totally want one now. Anyway, enough about that. The cabin is stunning and totally exceeded my expectations.... read more
Chilling on the balcony
Mamas cooking

North America » United States » Vermont » Waterbury October 25th 2013

Yes - good old John Denver - Suz is a great DJ - she has playlists with Abba and Queen and Babs and John Denver, Roy Orbisob and Glen Campbell, Ella Fitzgerald ( all my favourites) ... and we while away the hours singing along as we drive the country roads... knowing eventually they will take us "home" wherever that happens to be at the time. Those very picturesque country tourist maps with pics of mountains and rivers and shops and cafes etc are very cute to look at but sometimes can lead you astray but what the heck in the end we are discovering the highways and byways of New Hampshire White Mountains as we bool along and I think we have by now driven every roads there is in this region. But yesterday we ... read more
North Conway (10)
North Conway (8)
North Conway (5)


North America » United States » Vermont » Waterbury October 16th 2013

Left Quebec City before 7am this morning - with a destination of Vermont USA being where we were heading for a day trip. Vermont was a destination we wanted to visit for 2 reasons. The first was to see the fall foliage - Vermont is number 1 in the USA to see fall at its best. The second reason was to visit the famous "Ben & Jerry's" factory in Waterbury Vermont. The drive from Quebec City to the USA border was uneventful - a good easy drive but not much in the way of scenery. Crossing over the border was no drama just a 15 minute wait as only one custom officer working at the station. After crossing the Vermont border the colours along the highway were amazing so we thought we were going to be ... read more

North America » United States » Vermont » Stowe October 10th 2013

Summer is coming to an end and the leaves in New England are all turning to different shades of yellows, golds and reds. It's a beautiful time of the year, one that Sally and I both miss very much. The fall colors have already peaked in parts of Northern New England and are progressing slowly southward. Sally and I are getting ready to leave Connecticut and head back to Phoenix next Tuesday and we wanted to take a trip north to see the fall colors in Vermont. It's also the only state in New England that we haven't traveled to yet so we decided to head off for a two day trip to the Waterbury/Stowe area of north central Vermont. We left the campground Monday morning and headed up interstate 91 thru western Massachusetts into Vermont. ... read more
Kringle Candle Company
Kringle Country Store

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 5th 2013

Our dinner was so fantastic - produce from Kindle Farm and great cooking by Hardy Foard catering. It was really fun to go around and visit with everyone. The dancing that followed was amazing! Thanks everyone for such a great celebration.... read more
Bon Apetit
We are married!

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 4th 2013

As the first of our blog entries, we will back up to post some wedding photos. Enjoy some from the Rehearsal!... read more
"Will you be our ringbearer?"  "Maybe."
Mother, Father, Sister of the groom
Kendall, Rob & Justin

North America » United States » Vermont » Brattleboro October 4th 2013

Better late than never, right? Finally, we are sharing our wedding day photos. More to come.... read more
bri and justin
Sarah, Ellenka and Henry

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