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North America » United States » Oregon » Bend May 14th 2007

We arrived in Bend Friday night and visited with LeAnne’s friend Marja. We had a good time visiting with her & LeAnne enjoyed catching up. We decided that we'd spend the next day letterboxing around the area to be able to visit the local parks. Our first full day in Bend we spent down at the Lava Cast Forest and the Lava River Cave. Bend, Oregon is the site of massive volcanic activity that took place over 6,000 years ago. This created an entire ‘forest’ of volcanic rock that came from the Newberry Volcano. We walked around the area down a trail that cuts through the porous rock and takes you to a viewpoint overlooking the valley on to Mount Bachelor. The area has a few seedlings here and there, but for the most part ... read more
Bird's Eye View
Reclaiming the Ancient Volcanic Rock
Ice at the Entrance to the Cave

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 13th 2007

This is a tester email to see if this is working. Sorry Meg and Gaironn, just seeing if this thang will work. It has been giving us problems! Here I am, blogging. Yep.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 12th 2007

Sarah and I will be leaving for Paris on Tuesday. We are both a little stressed but also really excited. i haven't been sleeping that well so i've been like a zombie at work. we have to go to Seattle tomorrow (sunday) night so that we can be at the regional passport agency at 8:00 AM to get my passport. I applied for it in February and was told it would only take 6-7 weeks to get it, but alas, after 10 weeks it has still not arrived, so off to Seattle it is. Talk about cutting it close! The plane leaves around eleven on Tuesday. I will be taking Nyquil and trying to sleep through a good portion of the plane ride in order to combat jet-lag as well as my fear of flying. Everything ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 6th 2007

Well it’s been a while since last posting and I can’t say that I’ve done much traveling. It seems that Portland and I have grown attached to one another over the past couple of weeks. Mike and Kate have been gracious enough to give Otis and I a place to call home while here (their old apartment), and I have been helping them move into their new home. In addition to that, I’ve taken care of some errands and explored the city a bit in my free time. I have to mention Oregon Spring Company and Mike, who got me out of a small jam. It seems that in my packing for this endeavor, I managed to slightly overload the truck. I noticed from the beginning, it was sitting somewhat lower in the rear than I ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon May 6th 2007

This past week, we finally made our much anticipated trip to the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Read more about this gorgeous place at John Day Website Moreover, there are at least three separate sections of the John Day Fossil Beds, and our focus was on the Painted Hills section near Mitchell Oregon. As described online, the Painted Hills Unit contains 3,132 acres of scenic marvels unique even in the Pacific Northwest. Located 9 miles northwest of Mitchell, and 75 miles east of Bend, the Painted Hills are visited year-round. Most years, the peak of wildflower season in late April to early May is spectacular. The yellows, golds, blacks, and reds of the Painted Hills are best seen in the late afternoon, but our visit was in the early morning when the shadows appeared ... read more
John Day Painted Hills 02
John Day Painted Hills 03
John Day Painted Hills 04


North America » United States » Oregon May 3rd 2007

festa um e dois! mais fotos !!!!!!! North America » United States » Oregon By Belinha May 3rd 2007 Isabela Oliveirahello....peguei as fotos da camera do Chris....tive q ir na casa dele com meu pen drive senao ele nao mandava...(nem eu mandaria..anexar coisa de 100 e tantas fotos rs!) Enfim...pensei em colocar junto com as outras....mas ae mta gente nao vai ver,ae resolvi colocar num post novo :) So selecionei algumas OBVIO,mas mesmo assim,estou bebada em todas da primeira festa e na segunda estou emburrada rsrsrs Eh isso ae... Ah,descobri que minha massagem eh mt boa HAHUUHUAUHAUHAUHA ate entao nem sabia dessa qualidade ;) vo... read more
festa 1
festa 1
festa 1

North America » United States » Oregon April 30th 2007

festa 2 e viagem North America » United States » Oregon By Belinha April 30th 2007 Isabela Oliveira Hello! Hj nao tenho mt o que falar! Mas tenho mtas fotos o// Quinta-feira teve uma festinha mt boa!!!!!!!!......tao boa q eu acabei dormindo por la rsrs No dia seguinte,fui pra WASHINGTON com Chris,Alex e Bubba pro jogo deles!! Foi bem divertido!!!!!..paramos na casa de um dos meninos q ate entao eu nao conhecia,o Dan e jisus..a mae dele fez um banquete q eu sai de la rolando! hahahaha dps fomos pra casa do Bubba em Portland e dormimos atee o dia seguinte!..Daih teve o jogo.. Apos o jogo fomos pra casa e rolou outra festinha,mas ... read more
festa 2
festa 2
festa 2

North America » United States » Oregon April 27th 2007

Selected Oregon Waterfalls North America » United States » Oregon By Paddymac April 27th 2007 Paddrick (Paddy)url='/Videos/2906.html' onclick='dialog("/Videos/2906.html?popped=1","tbvideo",600,600);return false;' Selected Oregon WaterfallsEvery time I upgrade my camera I head to some of my favorite Oregon waterfalls. I’ve placed still images in this blog post along with a multimedia slide show of the falls. You can view a larger screen filled slide show of these favorite falls at my online gallery, Selected Oregon Waterfalls ... read more
Oregon Falls 02
Oregon Falls 01
Oregon Falls 03

North America » United States » Oregon April 23rd 2007

oieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Aiai..nao fiz praticamente nada no fds! Os meninos viajaram pra jogar e eu fiquei...bati uns papos cabeca com a Julie(minha roomate)..ela me levou no mercado! e foi isso......... sempre falo q vo dormir cedo e acabo indo dormir tarde..mas tem SEMPRE alguem q me acorda hahaha HJ eu no bom do meu sono +- ao meio dia(hj eh mereco dormir!)...Joel chegou do jogo, bateu no quarto e eu nem me ele abriu a porta e eu como tava sem lente,deduzi onde ele tava e olhei(sim! sou quase cega sem lente ahhahaa)ae ele Good Moooorning!!..achei tao bonitinho! falei Mortjnrg....sabe akela boa vontade de falar dps de ser acordada? hahaha ae virei pro ele...dorminhooooooooca ae fechou a porta.. achei bonitinho e nao consegui mais dormir..rsrs ae desci..ficamos batendo papo! Ae dps saimos ... read more
Garfield Park
Garfield Park
Garfield Park

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland April 23rd 2007

Ahoy! Well Otis and I have made it to "The City of Roses" Portland, Oregon. We arrived a couple of days ago and have been chillin' with the Castleberry's, my friends Mike and Kate for those of you "not in the know". I'm diggin this area so far, it's been a bit odd being back in a highly populated city...since I left SA the largest pop. town I had been in was only about 10K people, until Bend (75K) and now Portland (around half a mil). Traffic lights and general congestion are two things I was really enjoying, not having to deal with on my trek up until this point, but oh well, it's not that bad. I am getting a bit spoiled, as I'm going on a solid week of sleeping in a real bed, ... read more

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