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North America » United States » Minnesota » St. Paul May 7th 2013

So I have officially started the countdown. It is either 9 or 10 days before I leave. I will probably not have my flight booked until 1-2 days before departure just due to the fact that they can't book my flight until my visa is placed in my passport and I get that back in the mail. Yesterday, I started packing all of my clothes. I bought those ridiculous space saver bags-and yes, they do save space indeed-but my one bag already weighs 65 pounds and that is just a PORTION of my clothes! I still have to pack backup supplies of red hair dye, tampons (since those are harder to come by in Korea), toothpaste, makeup (oh Jesus, there is another 65 pounds just in itself), and shoes. During this packing extravaganza, Cami (my dog) ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis April 14th 2013

HOW TO HELP EDUCATE TANZANIA Tell three friends to visit our website and learn about the project. Examine your resources and expertise. See a match within the KARUCO plan? Let us know. Do you have $39.00? (Equivalent of the average yearly income in Karagwe). Hit the yellow donate button. Have more than $39. Don't be shy. We will put it to good use. Connect: sign up for our 1x month newsletter. ETI never shares contact info. Attend one of our events. Help us spread the word and invest in KARUCO. Events are posted on our website. Http:// 2013 Event: May 31st / Auction / Dinner / Fundraiser / Hazeltine National Golf Course MN Fund a building ($100K) or water delivery system ($250K) or landmark tower ($30K) or technology plan (TBD) :-) Ot... read more
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North America » United States » Minnesota » Duluth March 28th 2013

Not too much new to report, but I'd like to get in the habit of writing on the blog for the future. I was able to speak with a former professor of mine who travels relatively frequently to Guatemala and, lucky me, she actually does a lot of work right in Xela (the nickname of Quetzaltenango)! I showed her the apartment Roger and I are looking at she told me it's a 5 minute walk from the fresh fruit market and also near an amazing pizza place. She also said there's some really fabulous cafes and book stores right around the area so I'm sure I'll be in heaven :) Via FB my aunt asked about Jade (she's a crazy dog lady like me!) so I figured I'd address that right now too. We found out ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Duluth March 19th 2013

It's official! We bought one-way tickets to Guatemala City. Roger and I are leaving September 21st for however long we want, probably around a year. We're leaving it open though, just in case we love it and want to stay longer or we hate it and decide to go somewhere else or return home. Who knows? Since we have our first concrete set of plans, we figured we'd start up the blog while we're still in Minnesota. We knew we'd have one while we were down there, but it might be nice to share the planning process with interested folks too. So right now we're going over lists of the million things we have to have completed before leaving (like visas, possible doctor visits, an apartment, loan paybacks, etc) and working as many hours as possible ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Winona February 19th 2013

Hello all! I have never blogged before, but I figure since I will be abroad for 5 months, now is a good time to learn/start. I am writing this two days before my flight leaves from the cities. I will fly from Minneapolis to Dallas and then on to Santiago, Chile. This is sure to be a wonderful and eye-opening adventure! I will be living in Viña de Mar and attending school at the Catholic University in Valaparaiso, called Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. During the five months I will live with a host family, go to school, and learn what life is like in the Chilean culture. I have spent the last few weeks leading up to this trip seeing and visiting family and preparing to depart. It has been a special time for me ... read more


North America » United States » Minnesota » Chaska February 4th 2013

I am home. No matter where I have been and no matter how good the trip has been, it is always a joy to return home. Steve met me at the airport with some of my favorite things (including the latest family news, a winter coat and a Diet Coke). Great to see him. Thank you for following the blog. I will fill in a few entries that I was unable to upload in Tanzania so you will see a few out of order entries. I will also include photos you haven't seen since I could not upload as many as I would have liked. (It took four hours to upload 2 entries.) AND tune in next time when Educate Tanzania takes another step toward building KARUCO. Stay with us on this exciting adventure! SPECIAL THANKS ... read more
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North America » United States » Minnesota » Grand Marais February 1st 2013

Here I am in a church near the Canadian border. Good place to be really. There is going to be a Nerf gun fight tonight here! lol. Anyways, stuck at the border for now because I need a letter of invitation from Ajahn. I am waiting to hear back from him. Would be kind of ironic to drive all this way to stay at a Buddhist hermitage and end up at a church of Christ! I guess I am supposed to be here:) Anyways, this is the latest news. Long day driving. It was nice viewing Lake Superior. Took some nice snap shots. I also went to Gooseberry State park. There I saw live deer, birds, and other critters like squirrels. People too of course. There are people living this far north surprisingly. NIce day today. ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 31st 2013

So the haze is clearing. Coming into the cold, white winter. Birds on the side of the white roads. Black birds. Crows, in fact. Just one. I saw one hawk as well. One dead deer. Lots on indoor/outdoor amusement parks with water slides and other exciting slide-like rides. Wind not too bad today just the temperature. Staying warm in the car though and now in Jason's house. Thank you Jason and wife! They have a 8 month old son named Tony David. HIs wife is Taiwanese who grew up in Costa Rica. Perfect for Jason who lived in Taiwan and Bolivia and speaks Mandarin and Spanish, like her. I will find out her name tomorrow. Hmm. Heading further north tomorrow through Duluth. I will follow Jason there since he is going for a funeral. Then on ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Saint Paul January 22nd 2013

GATE G6 - MSP to AMS Pedro Bidegaray, Jay Bell and I (from MN) are meeting Daniel Sherrard (from Costa Rica) in Tanzania. Our trip begins today. Our good friend and colleague, Brighton Katabaro emailed to wish us safe travels and to assure us that this will be a precious time. The purpose of this trip to Karagwe, Tanzania is to co-create curriculum with the KARUCO Curriculum Development Team made up of professors and leaders from Minnesota, Costa Rica, and of course, Tanzania. We will interview all kinds of people connected to Agriculture - which is the focus of the university. We want to build a curriculum that doesn't just sit on a shelf. We don't want to waste people's time by creating something they memorize but don't implement. Instead we want a curriculum that is ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis January 5th 2013

A 3 hours trip from LAX i arrived at the airport (middnight). They call minnesota, 'The twin cities' because two major cities connect, minneapolis and the other city being St Paul. The whole of minneapolis is divided into uptown, downtown and the suburbs. They streets sound so simple because they name them by numbers so 1st street (downtown)to 100th Street (uptown). But its super big and confusing to me! Driving the streets is intersting because you can see 'gangs' walking around, while ive been told there not racist, people still describe each other as black, white or asian. or the new one i learnt "hipsters" (people who wear tight jeans and glasses with no glass). They are very gun friendly- its normal to have a gun in the glove box of your car which i just ... read more
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