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North America » United States » Minnesota » Mankato November 2nd 2012

The countdown is officially on, today is November 1 and that means we're exactly two months from moving day! On January 1, 2013 my kids and I are moving to Costa Rica, where we will stay for one year. The kids are being enrolled in a private bilingual school so that they can learn Spanish and we'll be renting a house nearby. And my plan is to document our experience, beginning with the planning stage (right now). As I mentioned, we've settled on a school and a place to live. We also recently booked our flights! So that leaves two months to figure out a suitable vehicle to use, decide what we're taking with us and make our final preparations. Piece of cake, right? I'll admit, when I first told the kids about this whole moving ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis October 23rd 2012

I always feel a little emotional around October 21. The date has bilateral significance for me. In 1925 it marked the birth of my Grandma Ruth, and in 2006 it marked the last time I ever saw her. Her trademark sense of humor shone through in her response when I revealed that I was moving to China on her birthday--'well, that's a fine how-do-you-do!.' As I hugged her tightly goodbye, tears spilled from my eyes. To this day, I don't know whether they were tears of apprehension about my move overseas or if I had some premonition that I would never see her again. I do know that as she hugged me back, memories from my childhood came flooding through my mind. The weekend sleepovers at her house, smell of fresh coffee luring me awake; ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Cottage Grove October 15th 2012

We made out way to MN for a nephew's wedding which was beautiful, but very chilly. It was 78 the day before we got there and then 48 the next day. We saw most of Steve's brothers and sisters, and nephews & nieces at the wedding which was a great reunion. Stayed at my sis's and celebrated our birthday's together with their son & wife - delicious filet's grilled by Greg and we got Chateneauf de Pape to celebrate all of our trips to France. Then to Steve's brother Gary for golf, great food and visiting in Southern MN. Off to CO to my cousin Lionel & Jan in Colorado Springs. We got the trailer ready to head to AZ. Only had one "how does this work" putting on the hitch, but headed to Albuquerque and ... read more

North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis September 29th 2012

U subotu 29.09. krenuli smo za Minneapolis. Iz Washingtona smo sletjeli u Detroit a potom u Minneapolis. Minneapolis je najveći grad savezne države Minnesota poznate i kao zemlje s 10 000 jezera. Minnesota graniči s Kanadom te imaju veoma hladne zime. Zbog jakih zima napravili su tunele koje povezuju sve važnije zgrade u gradu tako da se ljudi ne smrzavaju kad se kreću gradom i idu npr. na posao. Navečer smo izašli van u gay klub Saloon gdje su organizirali zabavu na temu cirkusa. Minneapolis ima mnogo različitosti a sve to se je moglo vidjeti u klubu. Zabava je bila dobra tako da smo ostali do kasno i oko 3 ujutro smo se vraćali u hotel. Na putu smo vidjeli jedno policijsko uhićenje s brdo policije i naouružanja a u hotelu je isto bila neka tučnjava ... read more
party bus

North America » United States » Minnesota » Rochester September 28th 2012

THIS blog is about Rochester Minnesota, NOT Rochester NY, which is what everyone (including me) thinks of first.We went to Rochester for a Convention, and didn’t really expect too much from the little town. But, even if I had researched it and heard all about it, I probably wouldn’t have believed it anyway. It’s one of those places that’s "too good to be true". If someone told me: "wait till you go there - EVERYONE is nice", I would’ve been skeptical. And, granted, I didn’t meet all of the something-close-to 108,000 people who live there, but the ones that I did meet, lived up to the hype. Well, I made up the hype. I’ve just never been any place like it - a town filled with nice, friendly, helpful people. Apparently, Rochester has been included ... read more
Scenes from around town
Chateau Theater
The Corn Water Tower


North America » United States » Minnesota » Minneapolis September 23rd 2012

WE MADE IT! FINALLY! We made it.. I had a list of things I wanted to do and see in Minneapolis, if we found ourselves needing things to do and see. I wanted to go see the Mary Tyler Moore statue, which is in front of Macy’s. I wanted to visit the House of Balls (before you think bad thoughts, the artist sculpts using bowling balls). I debated whether or not I wanted to see The Shoe Tree, which also has a couple of bicycles hanging in it, along with hundreds of shoes, but then decided to just keep my eye out for it, if we were in the neighborhood anyway, but not go out of our way for it. I really did want to see Spoonbridge and Cherry - it’s a sculpture of a gigantic ... read more
Target Field
The Pitch
The Strike-out

North America » United States » Minnesota » Fairmont September 23rd 2012

In 2005, we took a long roadtrip from Calgary to Halifax NS, through the States, one way. We bought a disposable car, drove one way, and flew home. I’ll tell that adventure later. BUT, I bring it up now because, at that time, we had the choice of going either through Minnesota, and seeing the Jolly Green Giant, or through Iowa, and seeing the Bridges of Madison County near Winterset. We chose the Bridges of Madison County and it was so worth it - so beautiful! so historic! Plus, I had recently read the book, and was enthralled. (Didn’t see the movie, so I don’t know how it compares.) Since then, though, I have always had the Jolly Green Giant in my mind, and this was the trip that was going to fix that! The Jolly ... read more
Little Sprout

North America » United States » Minnesota » Austin September 23rd 2012

Everytime we go to Hawaii, Peter eats SPAM®. Apparently, it's a Hawaiian Staple. You can even order it at Burger King and McDonalds. They love it there. It's in "local" food - Peter eats it for breakfast in something called musubi...which is kinda like sushi, but with SPAM instead of raw fish... I haven't tried it... My imagination doesn't allow it... When Rich comes with us to Hawaii, he eats SPAM too (not sure what his habits are when he's not with us.) img= leftSO, I thought it'd be REALLY funny to take them to the SPAM Museum, in Austin MN. ( read more
SPAM in history

North America » United States » Minnesota » Alexandria September 22nd 2012

Sick of being in the car, I convinced Peter that we should go into Alexandria MN and take a look at this ancient runestone they have there (another find on Previously, the only experience I had with runestones was the brief lesson found in the introduction to The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien. F... read more
Ole, the Viking

North America » United States » Minnesota » Park Rapids September 19th 2012

Fred and his wife Lois dreamt up, organized and will lead our version of the Corps of Discovery. Fred and Lois are our Lewis and Clark. I guess that makes my parents Sacagawea and Charbonneau. I just hope I'm not Sgt. Floyd. But we are going backwards, so maybe Sgt. Floyd would have the opposite fate -- whatever the opposite of appendicitis may be. Fred has biked all over everywhere and his experience will be a valuable asset in leading the riders on a reverse course of Lewis and Clark's trip to winter quarters. My father tells me Fred gets lost sometimes, but it's common knowledge that he has difficulty reading, let alone following maps. I found out I was wrong about a number of trip details. My parents corrected me about the starting point of ... read more
Fred Riding -- long shot
Dad riding -- long shot

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