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North America » United States » Kansas » Kansas City December 21st 2010

After going to sleep shortly after 1am, I was woken up at 2.30am to view the full lunar eclipse. All 5 of us and our new friend Jamie from Couch surfers were all standing outside viewing the orange tinted moon with binoculars. Shortly after watching the eclipse, we all went back downstairs and slept. At 7.30am we woke up, showered and changed. Jamie made us all pancakes with pancake syrup, berry sauces and honey. The breakfast was really good, since the previous day we had missed the opportunity for all you can eat pancakes for 99c. We spoke with Jamie and his family for a couple of hours before packing up and leaving. It was a great experience meeting new people and staying at their house, and the people were really hospitable. We left Omaha and ... read more
On the way to Iowa
Passing St Joseph

North America » United States » Kansas » Fort Scott December 15th 2010

Almost all the financial forecasters are saying the same thing. Baby boomers are going to continue to work well into their 70’s. There are two big implications to that statistic. One is boomers will be able to satisfy their urges to travel, thanks in part to paid vacation time. And, the flip side of that is that boomers will NEED to travel more to help them cope with the stressors of working in an environment rife with youthful energy. That’s where day trips can be a great help. I have not been a huge fan of day trips in my past… hardly seemed worth the effort. If travelers were categorized, I would definitely find myself under the heading of “planner.” But, a few years ago, I decided I needed to get away from everything, if only ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Manhattan December 11th 2010

Shelley Fritz, I feel like, in so many ways, I'm blessed to have a friend like you. Because no matter where we both are in this world, or where we'll end up, we will spiritually support one another through thick and thin...and feel like we're standing side by side, sharing a hug, laughing our heads off. And although we will be half way across the world at times in our lives, we'll still remain the closest of friends. I'm so excited to be able to share a life-long friendship with you. I know we'll both find great things in our lives, but it's even greater when we together can experience what this world has to offer. This'll be one heck of an adventure. ;-) P.S., Thanks again for the letter!... read more
Inside card

North America » United States » Kansas » Manhattan November 15th 2010

Or that's what it feels like, anyway. I find it frustrating that I haven't had the time to really tell myself, "Hey Lindsay. I'm going to China in blah blah days. Isn't that exciting?" With my fifteen page research paper (on Fei Xiaotong), study abroad meetings (about Asia), the visa process (with half of it written in Mandarin Chinese), and about a billion other things, I've become so busy that even the subtle hints of "China" in my crazy day-to-day routine escaped me. Until today. I finally had the chance to actually sit down...and really contemplate about my trip. No, I didn't invite my meditation cushion or anything. But I did have quite a long and silent heart-to-heart conversation with myself. And it was then and there that I came to the realization of why I'm ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Manhattan October 27th 2010

So! As it turns out I don't need vaccinations for Japanese enciphilitis or rabies...which means other than the second round of Hep A and typhoid vaccs, I only need anti-malarial pills. That's great news to me. I'll take anything over needles! Well...that was a lie. haha. I actually wouldn't need anti-malarial vaccs if I wasn't planning on going to Vietnam and Thailand during my trip. But my itinerary is so flexible, and I honestly don't know where I'll end up. I do know I'm going to Lhasa, Tibet through an exursion the Chengdu university offers... Anyway, I decided on the pills, since I know I'll end up somewhere in southeast Asia. It's been on my bucket-list since I was seven, after all. Oh yeah! This Thursday will be a big day for me...exactly 2 months before ... read more


North America » United States » Kansas » Junction City September 17th 2010

Saturday was the day GB & I head off west. It had rained over night and was still cloudy and cool. So we donned our wet weather trousers, farewelled our great hosts, Charlie and Vicky and headed out of Decatur and on through Springfield on Route 36. We refueled and had breaky at Hanibal and as we progressed west the clouds dissipated and the day warmed up. At Cameron we took a left turn onto Interstate 35 which took us into Kansas City. We had hoped to arrive around 2.00pm to meet Andy who was to join the journey west. However, we hit a major traffic jam going over the mighty Missouri River. They are building another bridge and traffic was down to one lane from three!!Took 30 mins to travel a couple of miles. We ... read more
On the Road to Kansas City
Road to Kansas
Steamboat Arabia Museum

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City August 11th 2010

We've had a couple of days with spotty internet connections and a lot of traveling since leaving Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday, including driving almost entirely across the great state of Kansas on our way to our first truly Western stop in weeks - Colorado. Kansas was very flat (no duh!) with wide open stretches of highway in between small, small towns. Jim had perfectly planned out this leg of the trip, taking into consideration the fact that there is very little out there on the open road. In fact, the state of Kansas capitalizes on this with a strange toll system - you take a ticket as the start of the highway and then have to pay a sliding scale toll when you exit. The longer you are on the highway, the higher your toll. ... read more
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Eisenhower Presidential Library

North America » United States » Kansas July 26th 2010

Well, here it is summer time and time for vacation. Of course, I have been off for almost two years now. So, I guess technically, I have been on vacation for awhile. But my lovely wife needs some time off, and so we decided to use our timeshare and go to Avon, Colorado. Mary'flew and'I drove. This is a log of some of the places i went on the way and some of the things I did. I got up and after a lot of messing around, finally took off at about 10 am. My first stop was a rest stop in Missouri. As usual, I try not to drive more than 90 minutes or so. I am just too old for the straight through drive anymore. I did stop for lunch at a place called ... read more
Very old cemetery
This is for my sister in LA
On the road again

North America » United States » Kansas » Wichita July 23rd 2010

This is probably the first of two posts, just to let you know. This one may be a bit more somber while the other one will probably be a collection of lessons. I finally got motivated to write today and I thought, you know, it really makes more sense to write monthly or bimonthly rather than daily or weekly because, honestly, everyday seems to be the same -- get up, go to the hospital, see patients, go home, go to sleep, repeat. It is only when I can step back and get the big picture that I realize what has just happened. So I've had this thought for some time now, but am finally putting it into writing. If you are in the hospital, you really don't want to be my friend. I think I'm a ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Wichita July 23rd 2010

"Hi, my name is Brett and I'm a 3rd year medical student who will be seeing you during your stay. I'm a complete idiot and have no idea what I'm doing, what is wrong with you, or what we are doing to try and help you. I hope you're okay with me just being a glorified voyeur on your medical stay and learning from all the crappy things that happen to you. Could you tell me what brought you to the hospital today?" So, I obviously never said that, but I really should have in order to have full disclosure. The learning curve has been massive over these first 4 weeks. It's been a buffet of lessons in medicine, life, faith, society, ... To me the turning point occurred about 2 weeks in. It was at ... read more

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