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North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis March 17th 2014

Southeastern Parkway has become a favorite for my family in Indianapolis. Its clean, its fun and has a lot to offer like parks, trails, walking paths, biking baths and a small nature center that's occasionally open to teach things. This weekend we were granted some sunshine after a week of cold gloomy days. Not wanting to waste it I took the kids to the park and was surprised that it was maple Syrup Harvesting time. So we have always bought the cheap pancake syrup in the grocery store and did not know now about the real 100% good stuff! The center was open and some friendly gentlemen told my kids to come around back as they were boiling down the sap collected from the parks tree's to make syrup. We were told only Canada and certain ... read more
Southeast parkway (INDY PARKS)
Carmelizing the sap

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis December 20th 2013

After closing the McElroy house in Eau Claire, Barbara and I head towards Chapel Hill for a Christmas gathering with Drew and Kelsyn. Enroute, we spend a couple of nights in Indianapolis visiting Brad and Stacy. Cindy is there too, and we have a pre-Christmas celebration at a local tavern.... read more
Auntie Barbie and Momma Cindy
I want to remember this one
Barbara wants to remember this one

North America » United States » Indiana » Rockport October 24th 2013

After chatting with my brother and his family on the morning of Wednesday, October 9, 2013, I hooked the Pilgrim and got “On the Road Again” about 11 AM – an hour after my targeted time; but, “Hey, I’m retired!” The drive from Rockford IL to Rockville IN was almost exclusively on Interstate Highways – first south on I-39 to Bloomington/Normal IL and then east on I-74. Just after crossing the Indiana state line, my GPS (Informational Irene) directed me onto IN 63 south for several miles and then onto US 36 east for a short leg into Rockville. The weather was beautiful, the roads were very good for the most part and the drive was uneventful. Parke County IN, for which Rockville is the county seat, heralds itself as the covered bridge capital of the ... read more
The RV Park Where I Had Made A Reservation During The Covered Bridge Festival
Monday After The Festival Ended
The Courthouse During The Festival

North America » United States » Indiana » South Bend August 14th 2013

We crossed the Mississippi river today - our arbitrary marker for delineating the eastern US from the western US. It just feels different, almost instantly - more cars, more people, more buildings, more...everything. Goodbye wide open spaces. Goodbye starry skies. Goodbye quiet nights, campfires, mountain overlooks and wildlife. We are almost home. Uncle Brian showed off his parenting skills by having all the kids up, dressed and fed and our load of laundry (due to an unexpected shampoo spill in our overnight bag) folded by the time we arrived at 7:10 am. After saying our farewells, we took off for Chicago's Wrigley Field, racing the clock to make a 1:20 pm game (not 2:00 as we originally thought). We almost made it, but of course got waylaid once we arrived in decking everyone out in Cubs ... read more
The Fields of all Fields
Finally - the Baldwin Kids at Wrigley
The Last Manual Scoreboard

North America » United States » Indiana » Tell City August 5th 2013

The one about NOW BEING UP TO DATE! No pics on this one, it was easy to organize. I am going to try to blast drive and be home Wednesday. You might not hear from me.......... I actually slept in. Until 7:30, and laid in for a long while listening to the bugs and birds, and Winston didn’t even bother me. A nice long walk for him and me was wonderful. It is nice being back at a reasonable altitude, 1100 feet, I can breathe while exercising!!! I spent the morning catching up on my blog writing, and organizing pictures. I showered in the bathhouse here, and it was a big enclosed private shower with ultra hot soft water. It was wonderful. Then, duh, I decided to wash the windshield and front of Moya. Not an ... read more


North America » United States » Indiana » Tell City August 4th 2013

The one about catching up. You might have noticed I took a few days break. Part of my therapy of a long drive is thinking about what I am seeing and writing all about it. These past few days have been just surviving the drive. By the time I completed my 300+ miles per day I was wiped out and couldn’t think about doing anything but plugging in electricity and water and relaxing, and that’s what I did. Now I am itching to write again, so I will play catch up. Yes, some of that relaxation time was spent at casinos, but more on that later. I have decided to break the drive down by state rather than day, as even only after this short time, the days are starting to blend together. I will need ... read more
Sunset Left over from Wilson Lake/Minooka
Oil well
Sign for OZ

North America » United States » Indiana » Greenwood July 10th 2013

It's good to be back home!!!!... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Seymour June 22nd 2013

We did our 3 volunteer shifts at the rally, checked with all the vendors, visited with old friends and made some new ones. WiFi not really a great comodity in the camp ground so no blog entries for 2 days. We did manage to partake of the fare of the Biltmore. They are very proud of their food and drink. Ralf visited the winery but found it lacking as there was not one bottle of Boones Farm. Left this morning with the decision to take back roads to Indianapolis. Highway 25 was beautiful until the dreaded detour sign appeared. The detour road (which added about 30 min)turned out to be equally senic but with the added attraction of now rerouted truck traffic. We got back to 25 and then on to 141 and 412 with interuption ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana June 19th 2013

6/19/13 - Pulled out of Portsmouth, OH today enroute to Decatur, IN. Fleetwood Plant Tour in Decatur. Pictures of Scioto River and Dakota's Steakhouse :-). The sights for today were corn fields and flat land. I did not realize how flat this part of the country is. Made it to Decatur, ID around 3pm. Pulled into the Fleetwood Service Center to spend the night. Gravel area with spots numbered. Electric and water hookups, but FREE!! Walked around the parking area and plan on the tour tomorrow. No open toed shoes nor anyone under the age of 16 are allowed.... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Greenwood June 9th 2013

THIS WEEK....They will be flying to Athens & visiting Thessaloniki. Paul preached here, founded a church and wrote two letters to this community. Check out: Acts 17:1-9, 1 & 2 Thessalonians ... read more

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