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North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 24th 2014

Ever read about those new posh restaurants that pop up in your city, ever thought about going but was afraid because the online menu leaves you confused....just GO, GO, GO!!! My brother in-law invited us out to celebrate his birthday before going on his mission trip to Africa. His wife decided to make reservations at Cerulean Restaurant, attached to the artsy Alexander hotel. One of the highlights advertised is the "Birds Nest" table inside the restaurant. The menu was creative. We all tried different things and shared them. The number one choice was the "Ravioli" which is one fresh pasta ravioli with a poach egg yolk inside and the smoked duck over the lemon sauce pasta. We giggled over "Sweet Breads" and argued over what they actually were versus Andrew Zimmerman's explanation on the food channel. ... read more
The Ravoili
Sweet Breads
The "Nest"

I started today at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Yup, it was as exciting as it sounds. This was by far not the best Presidential Library I've been to, but I think it did leave me with a better understanding of Hoover. A few miles down the road was the home of the American Pickers. Of course they weren't here, even Danielle was no where to be found. Although they do have a few picked items for sale here, they are generally overpriced. What you can purchase here is a ton of T-shirts, hats and anything they could put their Logo on. They do however display a lot of Picked items that you'll remember from the show, but most of them are not for sale. After a quick pick in Iowa I decid... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Merrillville June 11th 2014

Well, we made it through Day 6 with no disabling car problems. However, the windshield wiper (the whole wiper arm and blade) flew off as we were cruising through the rain at 55 mph! Steve just started laughing, and went back and picked it up. He had an extra blade, and was able to fix it up, with the help of some tape. Steve also needed some bandaging--cut his finger while fixing the wiper, and he has burns and scrapes all over his hands from working on his hot engine over the past few days! We made it to Norwalk, OH, Motorsports Park. We had a nice supper at Red Lobster in Sandusky, near our hotel. Bobby, David, and Laura will remember some of the good times we have had on family vacations to Sandusky, camping ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis June 8th 2014

I was planning on leaving early (Friday night), That didn't happen. Then I figured I could get an early start on Saturday, Nope, didn't happen. My goal was to get to Indianapolis before the restaurant I wanted to eat at closed at 10 pm, That's right, didn't happen. Along the way I had a deer run in front of me on I-90 in North West PA, close call but no contact. I found about 30 minutes of stand still traffic in Dayton, OH. I stopped at a Days Inn at 9:30 pm. It took till 10:15 to get checked in, The desk clerk kept complaining about all the paperwork she has to do to check in each customer, but it was no more than any other Hotel. She was just slow. After all that waiting, a ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Bloomington June 7th 2014

Hello friends and family! This is my first post on my trip to India! I will be updating this blog as frequently as necessary. This way if you are interested in how my trip is going you can come here, read the latest blog, and I don't have to explain it to everyone multiple times! As I am writing this it is June 7th, 1 week before I head home to Fort Wayne. I will be beginning my program in Chicago on the 16th, where I will take classes at Northwestern University for a week. Then I will board my flight to New Dehli, bus out to a city called Udaipur, and then begin my work doing............something. I will be an intern for an NGO called Jagra Jan Vikas Samiti. This either translates into "Developing Life ... read more


North America » United States » Indiana » Columbus June 5th 2014

Day 1-- We will drive to Charlotte over the next 3 days, where we will join thousands of other cars for the 2014 Hot Rod magazine Power Tour! We have loaded up the small trunk of the z28 Camaro to the brim. We've got the Iphone, the Ipad the Ipod, and an I-pass. The Ipod is loaded with 60's and 70's music: Beach boys, Bee-Gees, Turtles, Frankie Vallie, and a lot of others, as well as some good contemporary Christian music. Well, with windows down (no air conditioning) and the engine and road noise, you can kinda hear the music! Nice, leisurely ride to Columbus, Indiana, with a stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel. We are on vacation!!! I haven't seen Steve this relaxed and happy for a long time! Oh, yeah, we did have a ... read more
Steve & his baby at Residence Inn in Columbus, IN

North America » United States » Indiana » Fort Wayne June 3rd 2014

Ask about Fort Wayne Indiana and you'll be told its the 2nd largest city in Indiana. However, there's not much to do there...WRONG!! There are things to do enough to spend a weekend and explore this city 2 1/2 hours from Indianapolis. We went for our oldest son's basketball tournament and decided to stay overnight. I found a few money savings offers on Groupon that helped ease our pockets as we found things to do. The thing with this city is almost all things are too spread out so you need a car to explore. We went mini golf playing as family and the kids played games for tickets, they had go-carts to race as well. Its a small place but friendly. Naked Chopstix was close to the hotel so my daughter and I enjoyed some ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis March 17th 2014

Southeastern Parkway has become a favorite for my family in Indianapolis. Its clean, its fun and has a lot to offer like parks, trails, walking paths, biking baths and a small nature center that's occasionally open to teach things. This weekend we were granted some sunshine after a week of cold gloomy days. Not wanting to waste it I took the kids to the park and was surprised that it was maple Syrup Harvesting time. So we have always bought the cheap pancake syrup in the grocery store and did not know now about the real 100% good stuff! The center was open and some friendly gentlemen told my kids to come around back as they were boiling down the sap collected from the parks tree's to make syrup. We were told only Canada and certain ... read more
Southeast parkway (INDY PARKS)
Carmelizing the sap

North America » United States » Indiana » Indianapolis December 20th 2013

After closing the McElroy house in Eau Claire, Barbara and I head towards Chapel Hill for a Christmas gathering with Drew and Kelsyn. Enroute, we spend a couple of nights in Indianapolis visiting Brad and Stacy. Cindy is there too, and we have a pre-Christmas celebration at a local tavern.... read more
Auntie Barbie and Momma Cindy
I want to remember this one
Barbara wants to remember this one

North America » United States » Indiana » Rockport October 24th 2013

After chatting with my brother and his family on the morning of Wednesday, October 9, 2013, I hooked the Pilgrim and got “On the Road Again” about 11 AM – an hour after my targeted time; but, “Hey, I’m retired!” The drive from Rockford IL to Rockville IN was almost exclusively on Interstate Highways – first south on I-39 to Bloomington/Normal IL and then east on I-74. Just after crossing the Indiana state line, my GPS (Informational Irene) directed me onto IN 63 south for several miles and then onto US 36 east for a short leg into Rockville. The weather was beautiful, the roads were very good for the most part and the drive was uneventful. Parke County IN, for which Rockville is the county seat, heralds itself as the covered bridge capital of the ... read more
The RV Park Where I Had Made A Reservation During The Covered Bridge Festival
Monday After The Festival Ended
The Courthouse During The Festival

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