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North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago April 14th 2014

My recent jubilation at the advent of spring may have been somewhat premature as I’ll describe shortly. We managed to get our packing finished on Sat with Sharon’s checked bag 33 lbs and mine at 44 (just under the limit) so that was good. However, the carryons are another story since they were both close to 25 well over the supposed 11 lb limit. We’ll move some stuff into Sharon’s checked bag before our first internal flight and some of mine into a backback. From what Sharon has read we should be ok. Sharon had warned me a couple of days ago that incredibly snow was being forecast for Chicago on Monday (today), the very day that we planned to drive to Chicago. This morning we awoke in southern Ohio, to heavy intermittent downpours. Sharon even ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago April 4th 2014

Landed in Copenhagen with the sun shining and the weather pretty warm. The flight over was only 1hr 45mins. We were all sat separate on the plane with steph in 3a, me in 3d and Kerry in 5f. Me and Steph had some 'interesting' people sat next to us. Steph had the 'smelly sleeper' who spent the whole time asleep next to her but apparently stunk like a 'smelly man' and I had what shall be known as the 'black widow'. It was a woman dressed fully in black who proceeded to kick back take her shoes off and put her black tight coloured feet up the wall in front and the pulled a black shawl right over her face with the window shut. Err thanks I didn't want it open anyway! But apparently Chicago is ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago April 4th 2014

Today it's Friday 4th April and we've all woken up fine with no sign of jet lag after a good nine hours sleep, it seems the delay helped a bit as we had more nap time yesterday. After skipping dinner last night we're nice and hungry for our first American breakfast which is going to be at Lou Mitchell's the famous diner at the start of Route 66. Hoping to take some photos although listening to the weather outside is awful! Howling winds and lots of rain, although being from Britain we're used to it! Today's plan is to visit willis tower, the famous bean, see the lake and a general wander round before the basketball game tonight which we've got tickets for. Today has been mostly spent on foot walking around Chicago. We've visited the ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois March 31st 2014

I arrived in Chicago, dazed and shuffling through the concourses along with the herd of busy energy. There's something about an airport that has always seemed so strange to me, so aseptic; I'm unable to isolate the vibe, but none the less find it unsettling. It's almost as if the process dehumanizes us. No eye contact is made, few very words words are spoken. The silence in my terminal is only broken up by the occasional chortle of an employee's radio and the clicking of heels and luggage rollers. Sitting down at my gate, I think I'm finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. It's like a weight has been taken off of my shoulders. I feel like I finally know where I'm going. Just last night, someone asked me what prompted me to make ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Lake Zurich March 18th 2014

Objective: This blog that shall begin on March 18th, 2014 will be dedicated to sharing a journey of intention, acceptance, and appreciation. Let it be a means for connecting creativity with truth. With an ever-cleansing perspective on All-That-Is, I look forward towards recording a surely inspiring adventure! Procedure: Since reading The Celestine Prophecy, my life has been taken to a whole new level. The concept is this: Every person in the world has a message for you, and it’s up to you if you want to discover it or not. Whether or not that is actually true, this idea can be transformed into an entirely new way to live. When I first heard this, I began imagining everyone could offer me something. From directions, to advice, or even a smile, I was able to give energy ... read more


North America » United States » Illinois » Springfield March 18th 2014

Reason for the first stop was this book about haunted places along Route 66, starting with Springfield. There were problems with the heater on the first night in that it didn't stay on. Who turned it off? Abe Lincoln? Deciding on the masculine pair of glasses, I headed out! To go see Abraham Lincoln's house, you first get a ticket at the visitor's center. It's to help you also remember that This Guy wrote/signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the slaves. This was a monumental point in history, and it was cool to absorb those remembrances. The house supposedly has children and Mary Lincoln sometimes running around or rocking in chairs. I kept my eyes and ears out, but we were on this cute little tour thing, so it never got too spooky. One picture shows ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » O'Hare Airport February 15th 2014

I ment to do a countdown a fews days before I left... but like the theme of the last week has been..I ran out of time... a couple days in a Winnipeg winter is a bitter experience that may have taken year or 2 off my life. hmmm..coincidently with valentines day occurring that coincides with a lot of my past relationships. The last 36 hours have been desperatly trying to tie up work .... And realize the idea of having time for sleep is a forgotten Dream. Trying to be a more positive person...made it to the airport at 4 am ..on time and without me sweating booze. If thats not proof that i've changed, i dont know what is. Packing, visa photos, and a shopping list were knocked off last week...the only thing remaing is ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 7th 2014

We cannot believe this is the last day of Founder's Week. The time has gone so quickly and we have feasted on great messages from the WORD presented by speakers from all over the US. As you know, one of the things Lorraine was looking forward to was the music, and she has not been disappointed. We have heard all four of the music groups from Moody; Moody Men's Collegiate Choir; Women's Concert Choir; Moody Chorale; Symphonic Band Great Pipe organs in Torrey Gray Auditorium and Moody Church; and other groups and worship teams. So many wonderful memories.... read more
2014.02.04 Moody Church Organ
2014.02.04 Moody Church Organist
2014-02-07 Moody Church Stage

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 4th 2014

Monday and Tuesday nights there were special banquets for the Alumni. The first was our class or 1964 Banquet where we were able to meet graduates from our same class, and ask the question "What have you been doing the past 50 years?" What a wonderful time of sharing we had together. There were sessions all through the day at the Moody campus, a then in the evenings the services were held at Moody Church. What a feast of music and speakers we were able to enjoy. If you are interested in hearing some of the messages, go to: Sellect: Founder's week Select: Session Audion and Video... read more
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (1)
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (2)
2014.02.05 Moody Campus (3)

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago February 3rd 2014

The first events of Founder's Week did not begin until two o'clock in the afternoon. This gave us time to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather a dn walk around the "Magnificent Mile" area of downtown Chicago to snap a few photos!!!... read more
2014.02.03 Chicago skyline
2014.02.03 Fourth Presbyterian Church downtown Chicago
2014.02.03 Fourth Presbyterian Church tower, Chicago

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