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North America » United States » Colorado » Redstone February 24th 2014

The Upper Crystal River Valley is home to many beautiful waterfalls, and winter ice climbers have flocked to them like bees to flowers. From Redstone to Marble, there are several good ice climbs. On location known as The Drool located just past The Redstone Coke Oven Historic District on highway 133 just before Hays Falls -39.19308 latitude, -107.23422 longitude (MAP) Also not pictured Hays Creek Falls is easily located from Highway 133. It’s a short, easy 60-foot beginner’s climb and has good ice throughout most of the winter, though it’s south-facing. Hays Creek Falls is just to the right of the highway as you’re driving up valley from Redstone to Marble, about 2 miles from Redstone.... read more
The Drool
The Drool
The Drool

North America » United States » Colorado » Georgetown January 15th 2014

Our first stop after passing the boring part of I-70 was Georgetown at exit 228. Georgetown in the modern days is a little quaint tourist town with crafts stores, convenient shops, family restaurants, and cafes. Many people visit this town to go back in time to the middle of 19th century. At the beginning, there were just miners’ hives filling the area. Then, it became one of the largest silver mining districts in the state. As the population grew, Victorian structures sprang up in the valley. The streets are narrow and leafy. Some neglected once-beauty Victorian homes give the ghostly feel to this town. Antique store signs, hanged flowers, eclectic gables, rustic wooden barrels and horse carts, and layers of dust and spider webs give the wild-wild west ambience. Tourists flock to this town to enjoy ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Loveland January 15th 2014

After a brief stop at Georgetown, we headed west on I-70. My longing for exhilarating driving was answered by the Loveland Pass highway sign. Anything with the word “Pass” in this mountain region means driving ecstasy. Without a GPS, I took the exit ramp. I didn’t care where this US-6 West would lead me. All I knew, I was about to experience the mountain road that would wake up all my senses. Route US-6 is a wide nicely paved ascending two-lane undivided highway with ample emergency lanes on both sides. The highest point at the pass is 11990 ft. I mesmerized the picturesque view of the mountains and valleys before me. The vista point at the Loveland pass offers the breathtaking grandiose view. No matter which direction I looked, I saw hundreds of mountains and they ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Vail January 15th 2014

We were pleasantly surprised to find Austria on the way to Aspenwhen we decided to make an ice-cream stop. Vail, a ski resort town, had to be designed by a home-sick Austrian architect. It features the wooden Austrian bridge that goes over a creek, narrow roads, Alpine houses and condos with ornate shields, crests, and flags and colorful and fragrant flowers on the windows. At around two thousand dollars per square feet, I could own a tiny piece of a small Austrian ski village replica. The dining options are stupendous in this town. There are many great places to fulfill the craving for International delicacies; casual Mexican, gourmet French, classic Continental, timeless Italian, old-fashioned steakhouses, Asianfusion, and Swiss fondue. If I were an avid skier and I lived here, I would ski down the slope to ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Aspen January 15th 2014

Don't get fooled by the bland brick building and simple Victorian architectures around town. Aspen is very opulent; the epitome of luxury, style, and grace. Strolling down the streets, big fashion names that fill Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Fifth Ave in Manhattan, Avenue Montaigne in Paris, and Bond Street in London are well represented here. Arts Galleries that cater to the strangest tastes are as common as Toyota in Tokyo. I never heard the "organic contemporary style" till I opened the Aspen Home Design magazinethe magazine, should include classic, clean, and simple sinuous lines. It incorporates pieces crafted from reclaimed wood and recycled materials. Furthermore, the style uses fabrics that utilize vegetable dyes. I would remember that for future reference. Either I was way behind with my vocabulary or this town really leads the bleeding ... read more


North America » United States » Colorado January 15th 2014

The gray gigantic curtain of rain hid the Independence pass. The smell of water filled the air. The temperature was dropping quickly. The dark shadow of the thick heavy clouds slowly enveloped the mountain sides. At the bottom of the valley, the condition was the opposite. The flat bottom was basking goldenly in the bright sunshine. Earlier when we just left Aspen, we passed a beautiful dreamy forest. Skinny trees with lush green leaves stand in pack formation on both sides of the road. Green trees, gray asphalt, yellow road lines, and blue sky were the only things the eyes could see; simple, but yet serene and tranquil. At the Independence Pass, a few people were walking with their umbrellas and raincoats toward the vista point.We parked the car and started walking. Quickly we ran out ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Monument December 28th 2013

I suppose you could think of this as a voyage of self discovery. It all began as a much larger trip to Australia, then it as we thought it through we realized we went ready for, four months in the outback physically mentally or in my case monetarily. So we decided to go half way or there about, the the tropical paradise of Hawaii. This seemed much more reasonable and it took away the thoughts that were keeping us awake at night. So we decided on the archipelago of Hawaii. This being closer and more affordable brought to the dream of a few months adventuring in the sun into our grasp. When I say we I'm not refuring to myself in some sort of skitzo third person jargon, I refer to my long time best friend ... read more

North America » United States » Colorado December 9th 2013

"'It is easier for a person to conquer everything else than to conquer oneself.' At first I thought I had found a truth, but when I looked behind the notion, I saw that it was only its utter falseness that gave it any semblance of truth" These are the kind of thoughts one can achieve through the laser focus one has while going 9 miles down an icy 7% grade Rocky Mountain pass, in -5° weather with no heat... read more

North America » United States » Colorado December 9th 2013

HUMKE CHRISTMAS BLOG – 2013 We had a wonderful year visiting friends and relatives (aren’t they the same people?), traveling about and enjoying beautiful Colorado. Our major travel involved a house exchange with friend Marcello spending a month in Vicenza, northern Italy. New sights like the Dolomite Mountains and familiar ones like Venice and Slovenia filled our days. From Italy we flew to Amsterdam and found little Dutch towns where Mary’s great-grandparents once lived. Driving, hiking and biking in Holland were wonderful as well as being tourists in Bruges, Belgium. ... read more
Wisconsin - The land
Antigua, Guatemala
Lola and baby Cash

North America » United States » Colorado » Denver December 6th 2013

Back on June 19th I received the following message from : "Hi Bob, I'll be in Beaver Creek for two nights, the 5th and 6th December...hopefully having some snow and skiing all day long the 5th, 6th and 7th December. Will you be far away? Regards, Pierre-Alexandre." Just how he knew he would be in Colorado in December when the two weeks prior to arriving would include Sudan, Dubai, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Scottsdale, and the Grand Caymans, I'll never know. But never one to miss an opportunity to meet a fellow Travelblogger and fellow Moderator, I responded positively. My friend is not a normal Travelblogger. As indicated by his itinerary above, he is probably the most traveled blogger we have. In a six month period he visited all seven continents, and given that the seventh, Antarctica, ... read more
Christkindlmarkt in Denver
Christkindlmarkt in Denver
Christkindlmarkt in Denver

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