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North America » United States » Colorado July 22nd 2014

Two more sunsets and it's back to Houston.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado July 20th 2014

Hello everyone, Well we are at it again. This time to some regions in Germany that we haven't been before. (3 weeks) A little of Austria (1 week) then Eastern Switzerland (2 weeks) and SW Switzerland (2 weeks) We leave on Sunday the 27 of July and return Oct 1. I think I have the same blog list subscribers as the last few trips. If you wouldn't mind drop me an email so I still know your out there. Also if you would like me to remove you from the list let me know and i'll do it Thank Lowell... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Monte Vista July 18th 2014

We had lunch in Monte Vista yesterday. Ate at Baldo’s Mexican Buffet. Baldo’s is rated the number 2 place to eat in town. The highest rating goes to DQ Grill and Chill. (that’s DQ as in Dairy Queen). It must be one heck of a Dairy Queen. Baldo’s was good. The least expensive entrée on the menu is the Buffet at $9. On the way out I saw 4 murals on the side of a closed super market. I didn’t know who they were so I did the best I could. The first one looks like “Curly Bill” Brucius “see Tombstone- the movie”. The 2nd one I named Ma'nana because that looks like when it may be finished. The 3rd one must be “Our Lady of Tomatoes & Carrots”. Finally- Lunes. I have also attached a ... read more
Manana (1)
Our Lady of Tomatoes and Carrots
Lunes (1)

North America » United States » Colorado July 15th 2014

On Sat., June 28th I was talking to a lady at the Road Canyon parking lot. She claimed that she and her two sisters were the trashiest girls around and wanted to know if I wanted to meet them. I told her I would, but first I had one question to ask her. She replied “sure, what is it?” She had a pierced nose and I wanted to know if it hurt when it was pierced. She said it hurt like H E Double L. Anyway, I met the three trashy sisters and got a photo. She was right. Those trash bags around the waist really worked.... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Antonito July 10th 2014

The summer of 2014 is here and my mind is starting to clear. It has been a long Road for Holiday. Departed Houston on June 25 and Colleyville the 26th with a passenger. We ate breakfast at Braum’s in Decatur and dinner in Bernalillo, NM. I can’t remember where we had lunch, but we did stay at a Holliday Inn Express that night. We drove through Santa Fe and one trailer blowout and several hours later we arrived in Antonito, Colorado. I wanted to try fix a flat on the blowout, but my passenger whose name rhymes with Red Fox, wouldn’t hear of it. Something about a missing valve stem. We went by Cano’s Castle and Red Fox noticed a painting on a grain elevator that depicted a topless Native American woman. Went back for a ... read more
native american


North America » United States » Colorado July 2nd 2014

We left Monument Valley, Utah early in the morning and detoured up country a little way to see the Mexican Hat - no not a restaurant but an inverted sandstone sombrero standing tall alongside the highway - the sun was in the wrong position but it was still easy to see why it was called the Mexican Hat…. We followed part of the ‘Trail of the Ancients’ the only national scenic byway dedicated to archaeology heading for the Four Corners Monument. This monument is the only place in the USA where four states intersect at one point. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado - so we have now ‘set foot’ in a couple more States - see photo. The location is very remote but the landscape around is really good - so well worth the visit. ... read more
Us in Four States at same time ... ...
Local Bread
Morefield Campground

Thursday, 26 June, 2014 We awoke this morning to the sound of a leaf blower out in the parking lot and knew right away what was going on. There are several large cottonwood trees in the campground and they have been releasing their puffball seeds. At times the air has been so full of these little cotton balls that it looks like it is snowing. Anyway, they were trying to use the leaf blower to move these giant dust bunnies into a heap so they could scoop them up. After a little while they gave up and just used a push broom. Before the leaf blower started, Kerry saw deer wading down the creek beside the campground, until they got spooked and ran off. We left Manitou Springs and drove to I-25 where we headed north ... read more
Mile High Stadium
Nearing Estes Park
Sean sniffing Ponderosa Pine

North America » United States » Colorado » Pikes Peak June 25th 2014

Wednesday, 25 June, 2014 After a hearty breakfast we drove through old Manitou Springs to the depot of the Manitou and Pikes's Peak Cog Railway. Parking was pretty tight, but the attendants were experienced at fitting all the vehicles into the parking lots. Sean and I browsed through both gift shops in the depot before it was time to board the train. We boarded about 20 minutes before departure time and I turned the camera over to Sean to take pictures during our ascent. He did pretty well, I think. There were a few small waterfalls on the way up and lots of trees and Colorado granite boulders. Once past the tree line, we could see nearly to Kansas. We saw several yellow bellied marmots around the rocks near the summit. Once at the top, elevation ... read more
At the depot
On the way up
Passing train

Monday, 23 June, 2014 We left Mesa Verde, driving east on Hwy 160, passing through beautifully green valleys on our way to Durango. After all the desert we've seen, it's nice to see lots of green again, even if only for a few miles. It became dry again past Durango. The traffic was heavy at Pagosa Springs, which is a touristy town with hot springs and other resortish offerings. Then we started climbing, gradually at first, but with steeper going the last 8 miles before reaching Wolf Creek Pass at 10,856'. At times we had difficulty maintaining 30 mph, but it was much easier going down the other side (imagine that.) At the Great Sand Dunes National Park we discovered their campgrounds were all full, so we drove back 8 miles to San Luis State Park, ... read more
Near Summit of Wolf Creek Pass
Great Sand Dunes NP
Great Sand Dunes NP

North America » United States » Colorado » Dolores June 23rd 2014

Heute wieder mit etwas Kopfschmerzen aufgewacht und das linke Knie meldet sich auch und reklamiert. Passt - wir sind ja schliesslich in Dolores... Heute wieder mal einen verdienten Ruhetag eingelegt. Checken die Läden ab (viel gibt es hier nicht) und besuchen noch das Railway-Muesum. Die Schmalspurlinie führte von Durango - Silverston - Dolores - bis nach Mexiko und hatte Anschluss nach Denver. Gegründet wurde sie wegen den Silberminen. Diese gingen jedoch so um 1870 bankrott. Die Bahn wurde dann noch betrieben weil sie einen Vertrag mit der Post hatte. Sie transportiere auch Passagiere. Die Look hatte einen Benzinmotor! 1952 fuhr sie zum letzten Mal und der Betrieb wurde dann eingestellt. Bringen unsere Bikes wieder auf Vordermann(frau), waschen unsere Kleider etc. und bald wird es dann Abend werden und unsere Ruhepause ist vorbei.... read more
Das waren noch Zeiten
Gehört zum Bild von vorhin
Alte Look welche nach Dolores fuhr

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