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Thursday, 26 June, 2014 We awoke this morning to the sound of a leaf blower out in the parking lot and knew right away what was going on. There are several large cottonwood trees in the campground and they have been releasing their puffball seeds. At times the air has been so full of these little cotton balls that it looks like it is snowing. Anyway, they were trying to use the leaf blower to move these giant dust bunnies into a heap so they could scoop them up. After a little while they gave up and just used a push broom. Before the leaf blower started, Kerry saw deer wading down the creek beside the campground, until they got spooked and ran off. We left Manitou Springs and drove to I-25 where we headed north ... read more
Mile High Stadium
Nearing Estes Park
Sean sniffing Ponderosa Pine

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains September 1st 2013

Zurück in unserem Basecamp Boulder übernachteten wir wieder eine Nacht bei Kurt und Kyrill und quälten uns am nächsten morgen um sechs Uhr aus dem Bett um bem REI Garage Sale Schnäppchen abzustauben. Darunter für mich ein Zwei-Mann-Zelt und eine Daunenjacke für meinen Bruder Christoph. Dieser hat nämlich einen Job gefunden und als direkt nächsten Schritt einen Flug nach Denver gebucht um uns zuvor noch zu besuchen. Die nächsten Boulder-Tage verbrachten wir in einem südlichen Sektor des Rocky Mountain National Parks namens "Wild Basin". Die Boulderprobleme hier sind so neu, dass sie in unserem Kletterführer gar nicht auftauchen und wir nur über Mund-zu-Mund-Propaganda davon erfahren haben. Der Zustieg gestaltet sich hier auch recht flach und mit 25 Minuten recht kurz. Mit "Mini Dagger" gelang mir hier auch eine v7, wenng... read more
Weg zu unserem Wildcampingplatz
Hamburglar (V8) in Wild Basin
wir kochen meist nachts

North America » United States » Colorado » Rocky Mountains August 26th 2013

August 26, 2013 - Monday Headed to Rocky Mtn. NP and Estes Park today. When leaving, the temp. was 74. At the topmost point where we went, it was 50 and really blowing. Drove through a steep and rocky canyon, granite all around and a pretty stream with fly fishermen, hopefully catching some trout. RMNP was established in 1915 and it’s in the Roosevelt National Forest. It took about an hour from our camp site to RMNP and another hour, with stops to the top. Lots of overlooks on the way and we almost stopped at each one, the views were so breathtaking. The highest peak is over 12,000’ in the Alpine Tundra – no trees growing here! After some really cold, blowing weather each time we stopped, we got to the top and wow! they ... read more
Headed West Into the Mountains
Entering Estes Park just East of Rocky Mountain National Park
Views on the Way Up to 12,000 feet

Der Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) bietet hochalpine Landschaften fuer Naturliebhaber, Wanderwege und jede Menge Felskloetze in mehreren verschiedenen Taelern. Und wegen letzteren sind wir natuerlich hier. Die Zustiege zu den Bouldern sind beschwerlich. Mit dem Crashpad, wetterfeste Kleidung, Wasser und Essen fuer einen Tag auf dem Ruecken zieht man auf 3000m los und wandert zum Teil eineinhalb Stunden. Zuerst geht es noch ueber gut ausgebaut Wanderwege. Zieht es einen jedoch in den Upper Chaos Canyon - das Gebiet mit den meisten und besten Boulderproblemen -, dann geht es noch eine halbe Stunde am Ende ueber ein riesen Geroellgebiet. Man fraegt sich ab und zu, warum man sich das eigentlich antut. Man bewegt sich ueberhalb der Baumgrenze und schnelle Wetterwechsel und Gewitter sind haeufig. Die Landings (Flaeche unter den Bouldern auf denen die Crashpads liegen) sind ... read more
unser Camp im RMNP
v5 Dyno
auf unserem Zeltplatz wohnte auch eine Hörnchen-Familie

Trip from Denver to Steamboat Springs via Leadville – Monday July 8 -I had invested most of the weekend preparing for this trip to Leadville, Turquoise Lake, and Steamboat Springs. I had a lot of my stuff set by the door for loading in my truck this morning but when I got up I was feeling kind of sluggish and so it was slow going getting ready to leave. I really felt like just drinking my tea and thinking things over and leave tomorrow but with all the preparations I had put in I felt I needed to get going. So I dutifully finished loading up my stuff in the truck and packed and loaded up my cooler and backpack. My backpack had a insulated cooler bag that I put a couple of frozen water bottles ... read more
Near the summit of Loveland Pass
Woman Biker
Bicyclist at the summit of Loveland Pass


25 June 2013 – Tuesday – It was a bit brisk when I got up this morning and as I load up everything in my truck before I retire in the evening it didn’t take me long to get going up the pass again. The climb became steeper with many switchbacks but the views from higher up were awesome. I stopped several times to savor the views. When I got closer to the top I was thinking about how hard this was on my truck but I was committed and the possibility of ever turning back never entered my mind. So eventually as in all my climbs I reached the top of Independence pass at 12,095 ft. Although it was late June the ponds up here were frozen and the surrounding mountains had snow on them. ... read more
Independence Pass Road
Nearing the top
Independence Pass summit 12,095 ft.

24 June, 2013 Monday – Denver to Independence Pass - Today I finished loading up my truck with last minute things such as ice chest, food, computer, etc. and headed out 470West and past the Hwy 285 exit to the Hwy 74 /Morrison exit and headed west. Morrison is a small town with the usual mix of restaurants and shops. If I had been heading to Red Rocks Amphitheatre I would have went North out of Morrison on Hwy 93 to the Red Rocks Park Road and took it to Trading Post Road and to the Northern upper parking lot which was more on a level with the Amphitheater. Red Rocks amphitheater As it was I continued on through Morrison and saw a sign for the Red Rocks Amphitheatre and so went to it to ... read more
Red Rocks Amphitheater from the south parking lot
Some serious stairs to climb at this altitude

Saturday June 22 – It has been a busy few days. I have invested most of yesterday and today in updating my trips in my blog and in doing homework on a trip I am planning for next week. To me a weekend is when you stay home because it is crowded everywhere, unless there is a special event locally I wish to attend. Denver has something going on every weekend. When I was younger I probably would have gone to most of them, but nowadays I tend to avoid crowds. Sunday June 23 – I’ve been up since 7AM doing homework on my planned trip wandering around the mountains a bit next week. The plan is to go southwest out of Denver on 285 to Buena Vista and then North on Hwy 24 till I ... read more

Tuesday –June 18 - The plan was to check out Chatfield Lake State Park and Roxborough State Park. They looked like a good place to take a walk. From Denver I went south on I-25 to 470 West and took the Chatfield Lake State Park exit but drove by the lake just taking a look at the lake from the road and proceeded to Roxborough State Park because I wanted to check out the rock formations. When I got to the park there was a sign saying it was $7.00 for a day pass but I went to the visitor center and bought a Colorado State Parks Pass for $70. I don’t know if I will use that much in entry fees but if not I don’t mind contributing a bit extra to the Colorado State ... read more

Friday June 14 - Trail Ridge Road and back to Denver – Today I got up early and loaded up my truck with the stuff I had in the Bear Proof Bin and eased into Estes Park using the Hwy 34 bypass, for breakfast and Internet at MacDonalds. After checking out the Internet I slow rolled through Estes Park downtown for one last look for this trip and then went back on Hwy 34 again on the West side of town and went back into Rocky Mountain National Park at the Fall River Entrance. I continued on Hwy 34 past the Sheep Lakes being careful not to run over any Mountain Goats or tourist, and continued past the turn off for Old Fall River Road and the Alluvial Fan. When I reached the intersection of Hwy ... read more
View from Trail Ridge Road
View across Forest Canyon from overlook

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