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North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery May 19th 2013

Day 16 May 19, 2013 Woke up at 5:30 and checked the weather, it still sucks, so I decided to stay here another day. I didn’t do much, just mostly relaxed. I wanted to see the Tuskegee museum, but it is closed Sundays due to the sequester. I rode into the Montgomery looking for a postcard. I went to the visitor’s center, which had a sign that you could buy souvenirs there. I parked by bike, walked up to the door and read a sign that said “closed for private party”. It was hot so I gave up my quest for postcards and went back to the motel. Monday should be interesting. There is a scenic highway that runs from Gadsdan, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee called “Lookout Mountain Scenic Highway”. Is is 93 miles long and ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery May 18th 2013

Day 15 May 18, 2013 I got good nights sleep, which was welcome after last evening’s debacle. The two visitor centers in the French Quarter didn’t open until 9 am so I didn’t have to rush out the door like I have been. When I checked the weather, today was going to be hot in New Orleans and warm with thunderstorms in Selma, Alabama, which is where I was headed. It wasn’t shaping up to be a wiz-bang day. When I checked the website of the two National Historical Trail interpretive centers in Selma and White Hall (I can learn from my mistakes – I should have checked yesterday) I discovered that they close at 4:30 and that the Selma interpretive center is closed Sundays. There was an alert on the web site that stated the ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama » Gulf Shores December 20th 2012

On our last day at Hunting Island State Park we took a ride to the pier. It was bad timing on our part since a pilot whale had beached itself along the surf line. We watched as it struggled to keep its blow hole out of the water. The park personal were waiting for the DNR to arrive before they attempted any help. We left after an hour of watching. Very sad to see our first , up close, of a whale in this kind of situation. The next day we learned that 4 more whales had stranded themselves in the area and eventually died. They loaded them on a flat bed trucks and took them to Charlotte for examination. We never did hear what was wrong. Our good friends Tim and Ann introduced us to ... read more
Eastbank Campground
Sunset on Seminole Lake
Seminole lake

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery October 6th 2012

The Lattice B&B is in the Garden District of Montgomery which sounds lovely and I am sure it was at one time. After our breakfast (no hot food, only cold cereals, hard boiled eggs, muffins, fruit yogurts and some fresh fruit, hardly B&B food) we walked a bit of the Garden District. Jim, our B&B host, kindly routed us around the neighborhood to avoid some bad areas but to include walking past the Governors Mansion. The homes in this once lovely area were mostly in need of repair or maintenance. Grass was growing through the uneven sidewalks throughout most of the Garden District. A half marathon was under way as we approached the grand Governor's Mansion (no grass on these sidewalks) causing us great difficulty driving into town to make our 10AM tour of the Dexter ... read more
Interior front room of the Lattice B&B
Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church
View of interior and pulpit where MLK Jr preached

North America » United States » Alabama » Montgomery October 5th 2012

After another sweet Chanticleer Inn and B&Bbreakfast of waffles, whipped cream, fresh fruit, coffee and assorted breads we waddled out of the inn to begin our trip to Montgomery, AL. Montgomery Alabama. I had hoped to have time to explore Birmingham on our way south but on our tight schedule I would have had to give up something in Montgomery and there was already so much to see in a day and a half that I decided we should focus our energies in Montgomery instead. I am glad we did! We arrived just in time to tour the F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum before it closed. I had no idea that Zelda was a very talented and troubled young woman. F. Scott fell in love with her at an early age and after two years ... read more
Interior of Fitzgerald home with Zelda's paintings
First White House of the Confederacy
Court Square Fountain at the end of Dexter Ave, Montgomery


North America » United States » Alabama September 9th 2012

We are back at Red Bay....where else would you find us? Of course, everything didn't fall into place exactly as we wanted....Only exactly as we expected. Still a little more work to do --- they say "they will be done sometime this afternoon". Yah, right! .....don't picture us holding our breath. We are very wise to their ways. The back cap and door are done...I had visions of them painting a bad face on the back cap so was pleased to see that it all looks fine. So the big question on all your mind - do we get to leave today? Only time can tell ....we can only plan for the worst and hope for the best. All days seem to blend together now so one more day....what's the difference! We are loosing some of ... read more
Red Bay Name
Lawns & Swamp

North America » United States » Alabama August 31st 2012

Blue Moon....."without a dream in my heart" EXCEPT to get moving onward and out of Alabama. But that doesn't look feasible until late next week....the holiday has added to the extended stay because once they start the paint job....they don't want to just do part of it and leave it. Fortunately, we can attend the big festivities at the Coon Dog Cemetery (bands, food, dancing) on Sept. 3rd (our granddaughter's birthday) so we shall celebrate that at the C-D-C. Happy Birthday, Sara. Making more lemonade........ Trivia: 2 full moons in one month: the second one is called a "blue moon"....doesn't occur that often. We met a nice couple from Atlanta, Georgia. We went out to dinner together to one of the few restaurants we hadn't tried. Only fair food but very good company. Again, I ordered ... read more
Tiger Lilly

North America » United States » Alabama August 31st 2012

After an uneventful easy flute we arrived as scheduled . Alittle travel worn and weary we had to wait a couple of hours to get into the apt. Sat at a cafe and on the seine not far from the pont neuf bridge..a few blocks from our apt. After checking in and unpacking ...we all crashed for a short rest .....I know this is against the rules but are we're so tired.....after our brief rest we wandered out to find a bar with a snack and then a trip to the grocery to stock a few necessary items. We are now sitting on ourlovely balcony with a birds eye view of Saint Eustache, the majestic church located in les Halle's...the old Parismarket place now turned park for walking and huge underground shopping mall. We are all ... read more

North America » United States » Alabama August 29th 2012

Speechless! We can hardly believe the day has finally arrived. Our RV is now in Bay 34 starting to get its back end repaired. Cory said the tech we have is very good....he will also get our window and door latch fixed at this same bay. This morning, we had to get up early in order to have the RV at the bay by 6:45 AM. There are approximately 50 bays. In the early morning around here, it is something to see: the "rolling of the rigs". They all pull out of their parking spot and slowly move towards the huge building where the work is done. It looks like big dinosaurs meandering to a monster grazing barn. We are so glad to be one of those "dinosaurs". Today would have been Chip's 13th birthday. It's ... read more
Our Back End
Our Old Back Cap
Garbage Holder

North America » United States » Alabama August 28th 2012

Traveling towards Swamp John's, we turned off and headed up a small road looking for the old Boot-Leggers moonshine property. What we found was the "Cypress Cove Farm". We strolled through the iron gates into a wooded, swamp like area that opened onto a pond. Overlooking this area was a gorgeous, huge estate. This wooded area originally was settled by the Cherokee Indians. After their departure, the boot-leggers used the area for their moonshine making. Now it has been "renovated" into a meditation place where various groups gather for meetings, ei: Garden Club, Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts. The estate is separate from this wooded area. It is owned by a State House of Representative member....he wasn't home on this day. Not as exciting as I thought it would but it killed an hour of our ... read more
The grounds
Boot-Leggers Ground

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