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North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 13th 2009

J’écris ce dernier récit, alors qu’on est dans l’avion de Détroit à Ottawa. On a fait un merveilleux voyage, mais maintenant c’est le retour à la réalité… une réalité qui a commencé à nous frapper, car à Détroit il faisait -10 C dehors. On a vite ressenti le froid en débarquant de l’avion! Après deux mois d’été dans l’hémisphère sud, cela nous prendra sûrement un peu de temps à s’habituer au temps froid. Mais Gabriel et Alizé ont bien hâte de jouer dans la neige! Et je crois qu’ils ont hâte de retrouver leur routine d’école et d’activités parascolaires. De mon côté, je ne suis pas certaine comment le retour va se passer. Nous avons fait un voyage merveilleux et en plus de tous les beaux paysages qu’on a vus, les activités intéressantes auxquelles on a ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa January 8th 2009

So Nathan was nice enough to drive us to the airport. Simone’s flight had been cancelled earlier in the day, and she decided to come for the ride to the airport to get her flight at 6:30 the next morning. Our flight was supposed to leave at 12:25, but when we got there the lady told us that had changed to 1:05. No big deal. Once we were sitting at the gate, we found out that the flight had been further delayed to 2am. Awesome. At least our flight wasn’t cancelled though, so we had that to be thankful for! Beau and I got some food (Tim Hortons.. I think Beau is now obsessed with it too!) and I had a sleep while Beau read. Finally it was time to board. We sat there for quite ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa December 28th 2008 first blog. Weird... I took your advice Jessi, haha. I dont see myself as a "blogger" but I guess its worth a shot. I'm going to send you all the link to this blog so you can stay updated on my travels. Might be a bit easier than emails/facebook for some of the non-techy people.....*ahem* Dad. I'm getting my things together...laying them out on the bed trying to decide what I can't live without and what I can. I hate being practical...its too stressful. Haha. A few things to keep in mind while I'm gone... 1- ladies, I need my weekly dose of gossip. Celeb and personal. 2- parents and family, keep it together. Its only two months... 3- baby love..."dont worry...bout a thing...cause every little thing gonna be alright" More to come once we ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa November 29th 2008

Ever since meeting and marrying my wife five years ago, I’ve traveled to Ottawa at Christmas every year to visit her family. The trips have become longer and more eventful every year - and that’s because I’m fallen in love with Canada’s capital city. In the beginning, the Xmas trip was an interesting excursion, but a long bloody drive. To ensure my expenses were tax deductible, I used to try to seek out people to meet with. It surprises me that, unlike Toronto’s towers of power, Ottawa’s financial mangers are extremely accessible. The relationships I have created there are, for the more part, meaningful and lasting. More surprising is how much I love the City of Ottawa, and the surrounding area. As a typical Southern Ontario resident, I’m hooked on the “live in the city, relax ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa November 3rd 2008

How many movies can you watch during a 28 hour travel day? Jodi writing......... Dan and I arrived home late Saturday night. We arrived at Pearson airport, much to our embarassment, sporting flips flops and shorts (well only Dan was foolish enough to wear shorts). The truth is you are not really keen to pack warm November wear in mid there we were. It was really cold. Our first stop inside the domestic terminal was Tim Hortons. Dan was actually able to stomach two large coffees while waiting for our flight to Ottawa. It did help with the cold. Thankfully my parents met us at the Ottawa airport with shoes, socks and sweaters... and pizza - Dan's favourite picked up in Almonte on the way to the airport. The owner of the local pizza shop ... read more
Jodi in Nong Khai
looking at Lao
roasting chicken


North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa November 2nd 2008

Well I've now been in Canada for (eek!) almost 3 and a half months! Which I guess proves the old adage that time does fly when you're having fun!! :-) Cielle and I flew into New York from Frankfurt and had a really lovely couple of days hanging out and enjoying the atmosphere. We went out on the Staten Island ferry, ate sushi in the sun, visited ground zero and the new building project there, hung out in Central Park people watching, and I managed to catch a Louise Bourgeois retrospective at the Guggenheim and see some of the artworks that we studied in Art History at high school! A thankfully uneventful Greyhound trip took us up to Montreal - with only a little hassle at the border to get my visa. Both Cielle and I ... read more
Sunset in NY
New York skyline
Parliament Hill, Ottawa

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 11th 2008

City bus tour Ottawa On Friday after noon I tooK the city bus tour around Ottawa. It was a bright sunny day perfect for sitting on the top deck of an open bus. Trip to Gatineau Today I am taking a tour out to Gatineau Park to see the wildlife.... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 10th 2008

University of Ottawa Digitization in Canada by John Teskey This is a mass digitization project being carried out by different institutions including UofT and LAC. The aim is to digitize books and papers by Canadians and about Canada. The final service will be delivered through Currently have 200,000 metadata records loaded representing 1 million objects. National science library, emerging roles in the Canadian context: CISTI The model in Canada for the collection of STM materials is different from the Uk. The LAC collect documentation of Canadiana but it is CISTI that collects STM information on a National level. CISTI serves health, academic, key industry sectors, NRC, researchers Responsible for NRC Research Press - have created a platform to support societies in their publications. The Na... read more
Uni of Ottawa
Uni of Ottawa
Uni of Ottawa

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 9th 2008

Library and Archives Canada preservation centre visit We spent the morning at the LAC preservation centre in Gatineau. We did not really know what to expect from this visit but it turned out to be fascinating. We met a number of the technical staff carrying out preservation work and digitization projects. We were also taken into the storage containers and had the safety and the control features explained. Amazing building that should be used in a sci-fi film. LAC website ... read more

North America » Canada » Ontario » Ottawa October 9th 2008

Library of Parliament visit Our visit to the Parliament began with a tour of the buildings by one of the public guides. We got to see both the House of Commons and the senate. We were also taken up the memorial tower that has all the names of the war dead in a beautiful book. The pages are turned each day so that all those that lost their lives we remembered during the year. After the public tour we were taken on a special tour of the Parliament library that most visitors are not able to do. The Parliament library was recently refurbished at a cost of $90million ... read more
Tour of Parliament
Parliament library
Parliament library

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