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Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme April 6th 2013

Hello Everyone! I am reviving my blog after my stint in India. I had pretty much given up. But lets try this again. Yesterday Mark Soileau left our group to return to Ankara. He is an American Professor married to a Kurdish woman and teaches at a university in Marden, which is on the border of Syria. He is an ordained Bektashi Alevi Baba (maybe I will explain this later) and he taught us about Haji Bektashi (a person, city, and faith) and about the Alevi. He returned to Ankara yesterday to do a ceremony with his disciple. Thus, Mark left and Wendy Wiseman came. Yesterday she gave a three hour lecture on ancient Christianity. It was AMAZING! I have learned a lot. Today she is taking us to different site visits. You know ancient 10th ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme March 8th 2013

Rano opat budicek novymi ludmi,odchodom japonca co isiel na balon a opat nechal otvorene dvere. Na ranajky som si dal rekordne 5 zemiel,zabalil si susene ovocie a vajco do servitka a isiel si lahnut na izbu. O 9/50 som vypadol z izby,vyplatil som svoj ucet,4 noci a 2x nudle,dostal som mega zlavu z uctu 2l a pobral som sa smer avanos. Podla recepcneho mal ist bus do avanosu za 10.min,tak to nemalo zmysel ist stopovat. Premavka riedka,tak ktovie kolko by som nakonec stopoval. Na bus zastavke si ku mne prisadli dve aziatky,ktore mali rovnaku cestu. Ale ako to byva zvykom u zien, zacali stresovat ked bus meskal 5.min a sli na taxik. No nastupit do nho nestihli, bo akurat prichadzal bus,tak som na nich zakrical a uz utekali nazad. V buse sa plati soferovy ale az ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme March 7th 2013

O 4/00 ma zobudil japonec co siel na ranny let balonom,o 7/00 opat budicek dalsim japoncom a aby toho nebolo dost od 7/00 furt zvonil volakomu budik na mobile. Francuz mobil vypol ale za hodinu zacal budik zasa vyzvanat,to ho uz zobral do ruk japonec a ten ho nadobro zneskodnil. No to mi uz bolo prt platne ked som nemohol zaspat. Fakt japonska demencia,nechat nastaveny budik a odist prec,no stane sa ale tento kokot bol uplne nekulturne hovado. Vzdy ked vybiehal z izby nechal otvorene dvere,keby bolo vonku teplo je mi to fuk ale vonku mrzne a drbo necha otvorene dvere,potom sa velice ospravedlnuje a zachvilu to spravi zas. Ranajkoval som spolu s etienom a kanadankou,kedze sa medzi sebou bavili francuzsky nic som nerozumel. Po jedle som si to namieril do postele a vyvaloval sa tam ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme March 6th 2013

Rano opat budicek vdaka novo prichodziemu japoncovy. Tato izba sa mi javi totalne utulna,to bude ale asi hlavne tym,ze vonku je kosa a vvnutri pekne teplucko. Po vydatnych ranajkach (v cene ubytka ako skoro vsade v turecku) sme sa spolu s etienom vypravili smer Open air muzeum. Isli sme popri hlavnej ceste po chodniku,tak pohodicka. Pri muzeu uz kopa turistov (v sezone predpokladam,ze sa tu neda hybat). Muzeum je platene,su v nom prakticky vsetky veci co sa daju vidiet gratis ak si to tu clovek sam pobeha po okoli. To sme mali v plane aj my,ved naco platit ked to clovek moze vidiet zadarmo a hlavne bez mnozstva turistov,co len vytiahnu fotak,spravia tisice zaberov,napakuju sa nazad do busu,dalsia zastavka a zas to iste do kolecka. Pokracovali sme dalej po ceste az ku kempingu (podla mapsgoogle sa ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia March 5th 2013

I made this travel 2 months ago.. Now I am on my desktop, still trying to write the exact words for Cappadocia: speechless. It is absolutely stunning. From Istanbul: I took a bus on Asian Side with Nevsehir busline. (It is less expensive that taking a plane). In general terms, the service is quite good for a long 10 hours travel at night; you can even have water, tea, bread and tv service at the bus. But, I can tell that the seats are not quite comfortable (I paid 70 TL); forget about sleeping all night long 'cause the bus makes around 4 stops which last 15 minutes each. There's something for sure: once you arrive to Cappadocia, it doesn't matter the travel, 'cause it is worth it. I highly recommend to stay at least three ... read more
Red Valley
Uchisar Castle
Fairy Chimneys


Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme March 5th 2013

Rano o 8/20 ma zobudil novy prichodzi. Tak mi nic ine nezostavalo ako sa prebrat a ist sa naranajkovat. Na stole ma cakal plny tanier,dzem,nutela,syr,maslo,olivy,salam,tvrdy syr,susene ovocie, vajco natvrdo,rajciny a pecivo. Caj sa capoval z konvice,opat 1/2caju 1/2 vody. Vsetko som zlupol okrem vajca dzemu. Napratany som sa vydal nazad do jaskyne (ubytko). Na nadvori som stretol francuza,zhanal recepcneho,tak som ho spravne nasmeroval. Po jeho ubytovani som sa s nim vypravil na prvu turu. Plan bol love valley,uchisar a nazad cez Pigeon valley. Za mierneho snezenia sme vyrazili, batoh som nebral,vo vacku horalka a jablku,v ruke voda. Isli sme smerom na mesto Avanos,kde bolo treba odbocit dolava asi po 3km sme zbadali odbocku. Co sme mali mapy z ubytka + z LP nic moc. Dostali sme sa do udolia Love,uplna parada. Udolie vytvorene vodou,plno skalnych kominov. ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Ankara January 22nd 2013

Hello there I'm Gorkem!. I worked as a free-lance photographer in middle -east region for a long time and now it's time to enjoy life. This Blog will be an record of my journey to Patagonia!! I have a 5 months to start journey and during this time i'll try to tell my stories in Middle-East and caucasia. I hope this blogs will help som people that want to see middle-east region alone...... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia January 14th 2013

We had a HUGE day today! We were collected at six o'clock this morning for our balloon flight over the Göreme Valley. It was still dark as we drove out to the launch site. Once we arrived, we didn't have to wait very long before all of the balloon companies started to arrive with their balloons and baskets. In no time at all there were balloons inflating all over the place. Very exciting. Yalçin escorted us across the snow to our balloon while it was still being blown full of hot air. Before it was fully inflated they started loading us into the basket and handed out an instruction sheet. The first instruction was - No Smoking. Hmmn, the guys working on the balloon already broke that one! The second instruction was no-one within a five ... read more
Balloon 1
Balloon 2
Balloon 3

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia January 13th 2013

Our first stop today was at Çatalhöyük, a Neolithic settlement that was occupied for around 1,400 years more than 9,000 years. During the period that it was occupied old houses were abandoned and new homes were built on top of the remain which, over time, created a mound over 21 metres high. The dwellings were built closely together without streets separating them so it is believed that the inhabitants walked across the rooftops and used ladders to climb down into the homes' interiors. Archaeologists have explored the site during two periods of excavations. Initial excavation works were undertaken between 1961 and 1965. The site has been explored further since then with annual investigations taking place since 1993. Most of the findings uncovered at Çatalhöyük over the last 50 years are housed in the Museum of Anatolian ... read more
Reproduction house at Catalhoyuk
Catalhoyuk 2
Catalhoyuk 3

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Konya January 12th 2013

The hotel last night was more modern again, but the rooms were quite cool because the heating only operated when the key fob was in the slot to activate the power for the room. The Grand Onder may have been a bit old-fashioned, but at least they kept a card in the slot so that the a/c ran all the time to keep the room lovely and warm. The Richmond's room was compact with a bed that was very firm and the world's smallest doona. There was barely enough of the doona to cover us both!! On the plus side, the shower at the Richmond was our best yet, but it was a bit strange having to step down into the sunken bath to take a shower. After breakfast this morning we had only a few ... read more
Road through the Necropolis
Roman Baths

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