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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Mansfield June 24th 2014

It is now three weeks since we returned from holiday and Suzy Sundance is finally sitting in the sun with a new windscreen fitted. Her chipped glass replaced by a brand spanking new clean bright one. £75 lighter but at least she looks better now. She still needs cleaning. She still is full of grey water which we have had little chance to throw out and a chemical loo that has probably filled with enough methane gas to power a whole city. We should have cleaned her out but instead chose to spend a few hours at Newstead Abbey just a few miles down the road from us. There is always tomorrow or the day after for jobs like that. Now owned by Nottinghamshire Council but originally the home of Lord Byron it is a gothic ... read more
Newstead Abbey
Newstead Abbey
Through the main front window

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland June 24th 2014

Ok NationalRail, I don’t quite know why you choose to hurt me like this, but considering I’ve never had problems before this trip, I’ll chalk it up to chance and will trust I will have no more issues. Deal? Deal. I took the train from Thurso to Kyle of Lochalsh (Isle of Skye) and I got on my train alright… I just didn’t have my ticket lol. When you buy online you have to collect at the train station and 99% of the time there is a machine outside or on the platform, otherwise you have to collect in the station itself. With my train luck this trip there were no machines at all and the station opens at 9h45... but my train was at 8h39. Of course. Thankfully the ticket collector on the train was ... read more
Look at the tiny sheep
Lone house

Day 8 - A Grand Day Out We started our day with a drive north towards Buxton. Over the years we've been to many caves and try to go caving on every trip. This trip we added Poole's Cavern to the list. It's a cave with a long history of use from the early Brittons and Romans to highwaymen and thieves. Tours have been led there since the 1600s. The cave is still being formed and regularly has a river running through it. Fortunately for us, the area has been having a bit of a dry spell and the river was down to a trickle. There was on formation at the end of the tour that normally had water running over it. since it was dry today we could see the beautiful patterns and the sparkling ... read more
Finally a good one
It's dead Jim

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Dumfriesshire » Kirkcudbright June 23rd 2014

Ich bin ein begeisterter Radfahrer und verbringen die meiste Zeit fahren hier und da. Ich mag besonders Rutschen Berge, die ist, warum ich einen Fahrradurlaub in Schottland haben mit meinen Freunden Fritz und Doris. Am ersten Tag unserer Reise nahmen wir den Zug von Aachen nach Rotterdam und dann mit der Fähre nach Hull. Von Hull fuhren wir auf unseren Zyklen der kleinen Stadt in der Nähe von Hexham, die Hadrians Mauer ist. Wir haben eine angenehme Nacht und einem guten Frühstück im Beaumont Hotel. Wir haben gut geschlafen und am Morgen genossen wir einen herrlichen Blick auf Hadrians Wall in der Morgensonne. Zweiter Tag fuhren wir nach Gretna Green, die einen kurzen Abendessen in der Stadt von Haltwhistle, die berühmt für den exakten Mittelpunkt des Vereinigten Königreichs ist. Gretna Green war ein toller Ort zum ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Falmouth June 23rd 2014

I could start this by giving a deep and profound admittance that I am writing this through regret, remorseful hindsight that I did not document my previous year, studying abroad in Rome. I could also vote UKIP. Simply because we can do such things, does not mean that we should do such things. I shall instead start with the truth, I'm procrastinating. I should be packing my bags, as I'm leaving for Thailand tonight. That's a crap way to start as well. You get the idea though. I've returned to the Shire (Cornwall), after an ineffable roller-coaster of a year in Rome. I should explain, that my Italian is terrible. Having previously based my entire knowledge of the language on Brad Pitt's informative performance from Inglorious Bastards, I can now happily say that, after a year ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Ramsgate June 23rd 2014

To be completed...... read more

I angered the Scottish weather gods when I mocked their misty rain yesterday. I angered them big time lol. I headed up to John O'Groats today - the most north-eastern tip of the UK mainland. It's common to do the trek from here to Land's End in the south-west, crossing the full length of the UK. I figured I was up here, so it's def worth the journey. The bus ride was rather lovely - as you could guess, I saw mainly sheep mixed in with the occasional lone house. I debated going to Dunnet Head which is the most northern part of the mainland but it was a 2.5 hike and busses come only every 2 hours... so... I didn't fancy waiting almost 2 hours in the middle of a field when it's raining. Ok ... read more
It was a wee rainy
Walk along the water

Day 7 - A Down Day Today we slept in, by a lot. It's nice to not have any plans. After checking out the welcome meeting we headed into the local village of Alrewas. Before leaving the US we watched a video on Amazon about the Canal Boats of England. They seem to be a lot like motorhomes or houseboats but they move along the old canals that were once used to transport materials. There are many locks on the canals and that seems to be the main challenge of traveling this way. As we were driving around Alrewas looking for a place to eat we came across a lock with a boat travelling through. Everything was very old and hand cranked. It was pretty neat to watch. The people we watched going through the lock ... read more
A little Laundry
Opening the gates
Up it goes

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ross and Cromarty June 22nd 2014

Saturday 21 We awoke to sunshine and after breaky cycled to the local Flea Market for a bit of retail therapy. Once packed we headed off with Fort William entered into the sat nav. On route we stopped and took in the views at the Black Mount overlooking LochTulla for lunch then continuing through stunning scenery in Glen Coe arriving at Glen Nevis campsite beneath the Ben Nevis mountain range. Already the views have been amazing and not one mile of our journey has disappointed. after booking into camp site we went for a drive up the valley to visit Lower Falls waterfall right in the heart of the national park. Pasta and garlic bread for tea and a walk to the local pub for a couple of beers. A great day! Sunday 22 A grimmer ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Caithness County » Thurso June 22nd 2014

Oh it felt nice to sleep in today. Scratch that - it felt nice just to sleep! The day started sunny, but in true Scottish fashion (especially in the Highlands) that soon changed and it misted for most of the day. Oh mist - I wish it would proper rain if it’s going to do that… it’s horrible for the camera though. I walked from Thurso up to Scrabster - along the beach, the coastline and then up in hills because I had no idea where I was going, so, the normal hiking day for me. I couldn’t help but wonder while overlooking the beach if anyone ever gets to enjoy the beach. It’s end of June here, and it’s only 15 degrees today. But a damp 15 degrees, of course... curious if in July/August they ... read more
Along the beach/coast
Field o'sheep
Rain drops on leaves

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