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Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton June 29th 2014

The alarm was most unpleasant and went off less than 2 1/2 hours after we went to sleep. I tried to get out of bed a few times but my head was lead. I'm not sure how I managed it in the end but it was clear that I was being punished for the big night out. Nik (legend that he is) was downstairs at 0500 as he had promised and looked marginally better than I felt... must have been the whiskey he poured into my glass I reckon. Checking in at Amsterdam was easy and two bacon and egg muffins improved my state slightly. As we had booked Easy Jet, there was no lounge for me to sleep in waiting for the flight and we spent 20 minutes standing in the queue to board. I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Stirlingshire June 28th 2014

Day 1 of our West Highland Way adventure Team Happy Feet arrive at Milngavie raring to go…….to the toilet!!! The conductor told us that we should ask at the office of the train station for entry to the toilet Alan asked at the office to be told press button at side of toilet door. Jenny in desperation rushed in front of the rest of us to use toilet first. Struggling with the automated door she finally placed her bottom proudly on the throne only for Alan to mischievously press the button on outside, opening the door revealing Jenny sat in all her glory with Bridget Jones pants round her ankles to a train load of passengers on platform. Afterwards we dropped off our luggage with the travel company, Travel Lite and they allowed Alan to fill ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Outer Hebrides » Stornoway June 27th 2014

Sunday 22nd June - evening Arrive in Skye with no plans. Drove 13 miles down single lane to Elgol. Gorgeous harbour. Went for walk, climbing over rocks on beach. Dead end road. On way back, parked up by Loch Slapin for our first night of wild camping. Monday 23rd June Woken up at 5am by a sheep using van as a scratch post. Set off planning to stop at Broadford, second largest village on island but nothing really there. At Sligachan we wandered along pretty stream and made statues out of the rocks/stones. Moe had to keep redoing his as his competitive streak meant he had to make the tallest. Carried on to Neist Point, furthest point west on Skye. Unfortunately, the cloud had closed in on us and couldn't see lighthouse. Stayed for lunch but ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Wiltshire » Salisbury June 27th 2014

Day 11 - And You Thought the Alamo Was Old After a fine breakfast provided by our B&B hosts we scuttled off to Stonehenge just up the road from Salisbury. The rain that had been hovering about 3 days off the whole time we have been here finally caught up with us and we hoped to see Stonehenge before the real rain started. The site was closed off several years ago to prevent damage that was being done by the hordes of visitors every year. The last time Tony was there you were not able to get very close and had to look at the site through a wooden fence. The new arrangements are much better. While you can not walk among the stones unless you have a special tour time, you can get very close ... read more
Audio Tours are cool
A bit windy

Europe » United Kingdom » England June 27th 2014

Europe London 27 June - 30 June 2014 Travel Blog 27 June - 30 June 2014 New Forest For those of you have been patiently waiting, here we go. Let's hope I can be more current in future, but I sure have some catching up to do. Enjoy. Having a problem getting photos in order. Will keep working on it. 26 June 2014 Getting ready for travelling took much longer than expected. After many sidetracks, Pam's packing eventually started very late in the evening and didn't finish until 2am. Pam tried to get an hours sleep but Dave didn't even bother since we had to be up at 3am to prepare for taxi. 27 June 2014 Friday Checking in for Emirates was a breeze. Before we knew it we were on our way to Dubais. Seats ... read more
20140628 2 Minstead The Trusty Servant
20140628 3 Minstead The Trusty Servant


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Gloucestershire June 26th 2014

One day more until we depart on our journey - already I have my doubts. To give some background, this Friday I will be flying to Washington, picking up a car and then driving across the southern half of the United States to San Francisco. It is bound to be a road trip of epic proportions. Throughout the trip I will be travelling through numerous fascinating places, staying at exciting towns and cities, and eating some classic American grub. My only concern, however, are the two others that will be alongside me. Being the youngest of three brothers has its perks but, as one can imagine and perhaps sympathise with, it has its downfalls. Perhaps the worst of which is my nickname of "Tiny" (or 'Tinor' for accurate pronunciation) which has stuck with me since I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bakewell June 26th 2014

Where is heaven? Let me ride on this sweet breeze and waft away thither. A few years ago a friend and work colleague who was as mad as a bag of frogs just like me bought me a small desk calendar. It showed - one day at a time - and had some thought or saying from an eastern religious text or words of wisdom from an eastern philosopher. Since that first calendar I have had one on my desk every year. Sometimes I read the thought for the day and think it is beyond me. I don' t understand it. It is too complicated to fathom and I feel it is like throwing pearls to a swine to expect me to digest it and take it in . Other times I read the pearls of ... read more
First course
Hassop Hall

Adventure day today!!!! I took the early bus up to Staffin via Portree. That was a hoot - from Broadford to Portree it was a school bus haha, God I love it here. At least it was high school kids. I got on my transfer and I love their local bus drivers - it's all rural so there are no actual "stops" you just tell them where you'd like to get off. And to get back on you just wave them down on the street. Good to know. The drive to Staffin was lovely - along the coast mostly, plus had some nice views of Old Man of Storr which is where I hope to go tomorrow... weather dependant.The bus left me off on the side of the “highway” and then started my 2 mile hike ... read more
Border collie out of nowhere
Hello Quiraing
View from lower ridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick June 26th 2014

Day 10 - The Royal Road Today we have another long trip planned. It would normally take us about 3 hours to get from Wychnor to Salisbury. On the way, we planned to spend a couple of hours at Warwick Castle and maybe stop at a few other locations. Just before Warwick we stopped at a ruined castle complex called Kenilworth Castle. The original buildings were built in the 1100s and addtions were made until the 1600s. After the English Civil War the castle wall was torn down so that it couldn't be used as a stonghold again. Many of the buildings had areas that were still accessible. Michelle enjoyed climbing through the halls and finding small dark nooks to explore. The Castle was one of the English Heritage sites. We bought a pass that lets ... read more
I saw the Light
One Lane
Castle Ruins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Falmouth June 26th 2014

We've been in Falmouth for two weeks now, apart from our quick dash to Bristol, Wales & London to go to the hospital & visit friends & family one last time. It's given us a chance to finish a LOT of jobs on the boat.. We've cleaned up the teak decks, finished the bowsprit, scrubbed the hull, keel & rudder (With Snorkel & Mask), sealed the cockpit lockers, fitted bilge pumps, cleaned out the whole boat and various other repairs.. We haven't had a single day off! We have had our fair share of yummy pasties, cream teas, fish & chips. Not to mention daily cocktail hours, which admittedly have started at 12pm occasionally! Rich & Rach arrived on Tuesday evening - so we were focussing on getting as much done by then as possible. We ... read more
Sarah skippering 'Mistress Sarah'
Parking the dinghy
Dinner on board

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