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Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm December 7th 2013

This morning we resumed our efforts to travel to Stockholm. After a buffet breakfast at the Comfort Inn we checked out and negotiated the icy footpath and road between us and the station. Despite the treacherous footing we managed to reach the station without either of us slipping over and cracking a skull. At the station the departures board had trains for Stockholm listed to depart at 8.40am and 9.11am so we rushed out onto platform 5 to see the 8.11am train - departing at 8.40am - just as we set foot on the platform. Oh well, we were aiming for the 9.11am train anyway so nothing lost! So off to platform 10 to wait for the 9.11am train. Woo hoo, there was a train at the platform and we could board it. Since we had ... read more
Waiting for the train
Check out my hat
Waiting for the train to open

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Malmö December 6th 2013

This morning we expected to wake up to streets blanketed in snow, but it seems the worst of last night's storm did not hit the city. After breakfast we headed to the station to check that our train to Sweden would be running this afternoon. We were told that the train would be running, but it would be running from Malmö not from Copenhagen. The girl at the Swedish Rail information desk told us which Danish train we could catch to Malmö to connect with the service from Malmö to Stockholm. With our train arrangements confirmed we proceeded out the other side of the station towards the National Museum of Denmark. Copenhagen may have missed the brunt of the storm, but was still copping some light snow showers so we had a fairly brisk walk to ... read more
National Museum
National Museum
National Museum

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 30th 2013

Rano som sa zobudil uz o 7/00, hodinku som polezal a siel na ranajky ,ktore mali byt od 8/00 - 10/00. Dojdem do kuchyne,nikde nic, pytam sa chlapika co tam popijal kavu, no o ranajkach mi nevedel nic povedat. No nic teda, vratil som sa nazad do postele a este polehoval zhruba do 9/30. Potom opat do kuchynky a nikde nic, tak som sa na to vyprdol a siel som do mesta. keby som nebol lenivy a siel sa opytat na recepciu, ktora bola prakticky vo vedlajsom bloku dve poschodia nadomnou dozvedel by som sa ,ze ranajky su vo vedlajsej miestnosti, do ktorej sa dalo dostat iba pomocou karty co som mal od izby. tak moja chyba a trochu aj recepcnej ked mi to poriadne nevysvetlila ked som a ubytovaval. Zajtra ranajky nestiham bo ubytko opustam ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 29th 2013

Noc bola teda nahovno. Ako budicek na mne pristal vtak. Sykorka alebo volaco take male. Okolo 4/00 uz zacali chodit na letisko ludia, obsluha v kantine zacala postupne budit ludi co este spali po stoloch resp. na stolickach. Inak kantinu zavreli nieco po polnoci. Po budickou som sa pobral na zachod. Ziadne pisoare iba mini budky. Tu som na seba nahodil termopradlo,bo predsa len ma cakalo vonku neakych 1-3 C. Potom uz len citanie knihy a cakanie na mhd. Bus mal prist 6/40,meskal asi 5.minut a to je vraj svedska doprava presna, hovno. Keby nebola zima tak by mi to veru nevadilo ale takto som bol uz cely uzimeny a to som stal na zastavke len 10.min. Zastavka je od vychodu z letiska asi minutu chodze. Nastupujem do busu, ukazujem vytlaceny listok soferovi, ten na nho ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Arlanda November 22nd 2013

Early In the morning we took a cab to the airport and began our 42 hour long travel back to Stockholm. It had been an amazing trip and worth all of the time we spent on putting it together. The experiences that we had are of the kind that one will never forget.... read more


Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm November 21st 2013

Hello! This is the first time I write a blog and the first time I travel to Australia. I will write this blog together with my friends Miranda, Ebba and Emma. Today we start! I think I will enjoy this very much. We will start in Cairns and end our trip in Brisbane, the biggest city in Queensland. What we do on the way is not quite clear. But we have talked about some things that we want to do, for example diving, surfing and also bungee jumping. Now we are at Arlanda, Stockholm airport. We will need to change planes two times, first in London and then in Sidney. We are sitting and eating dinner right now, but in an hour we will board the plane. The airplane lifts at 18.50 and 20.25 we will ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County November 21st 2013

Now our trip has come to an end. We are back here in the cold Sweden. When we arrived to Arlanda the time was 14.00 and outdoor the temperature was minus 10 degrees. That in contrast to Australia where it was 25 degrees in the morning. I miss Australia; this has been a fantastic trip. We have visited many different cities and experienced many wonderful things. The amazing barrier reef that we have been diving in, bungee jumping, surfing, flying the small airplane, shopping, all the long white beaches, the nightlife in Brisbane and many other amazing things. Bye! //Julia... read more

Europe » Sweden » Skåne » Helsingborg November 5th 2013

Well, because this update has been such a long time coming, I feel it only makes sense that it is divided into three parts: an update on Sweden, a brief overview of a brief trip to Warsaw, and a recounting of adventures with Winnie in Copenhagen and Paris! Sweden! As I seem to move about a bit in life, I think I have found a pattern to my transitions. The first two weeks are a honeymoon period where I am delighted by my choice to take on an adventure and dive in. Then, the following two months are filled with self-doubt and the spinning question of what in the world I moved for?! That is accompanied by a glorification of all that is left behind in the last location. Then, life finds a rhythm and I ... read more
Perogies in Warsaw... YUM!
Bar full of locals in Warsaw
Fall colors in Warsaw

Europe » Sweden October 28th 2013

Arlanda - Sweden Welcoming party... Would have been nice. Home sweet home. We are now sitting outside Arlanda airport with freezing bottoms pushed against a frost cold bench. 4°C. Seriously? When we arrived in Arlanda we expected a welcoming party or some kind of greeting by our friends and Jespers and Johns girlfriends. But no, we waited and waited. Until we got a text from one of them saying: "landed yet? Could you pick up some snack at the local store on your way back? Love you, xoxo!". So here we are on the bench in the cold waiting for a taxi with the same old Swedish everyday routine. I guess we have learn a lesson from this trip, if you go to Australia, stay in Australia.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Grebbestad September 18th 2013

Es war einmal in Tanumshede… Vor langer, langer Zeit im Bronzezeitalter, da packte es ein paar Genossen, die wie wild an Steinen zu schaben und kratzen begannen und auf diese Art und Weise ihre libidinösen und patriarchalischen Phantastereien für Jahrtausende konservierten. Damals war der Wasserstand um knapp 17 Meter höher und nicht das Einzige, das etwas „high“ war – wie manche sodomistischen und rituellen Motive erkennen lassen. Wie mein früherer Fußballkollege A. Jovic zu sagen pflegte: „ohne Schw*** keine Schanz“ – dieser mit Verlaub etwas primitiver Leitsatz zeigt sich auch in den Ritzungen, die beeindruckend erschrecken. Kurzresümee: wir sind baff und das ganz ehrlich. Die Felsritzungen wurden von archäologischen Teams in Feinarbeit freigelegt und in roter Farbe nachgezogen, da die Originale nur weniger Millimeter tief in den Stein geritzt wurden und wenn nich... read more

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