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Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 16th 2009

I was hanging out in my plain little yellow room about a week ago. I was trying to clean up a little bit (Somehow I made a mess of my room in one day) when my cell phone rang. I looked at it and knew that it was my old host mom calling even though it was just a phone number appearing on the caller ID. She was calling to tell me that I didn’t have to worry about anything and that if I ever needed anything to come to them. It was very sweet of her. I feel bad about leaving, but I am so much happier with my new host family. Long story short, my old host brother’s girlfriend was weird, didn’t talk to me, and started taking my stuff and going into my ... read more
El Escorial
El Escorial
El Escorial

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 8th 2009

So, I switched families:) Things weren't working out.. weird girlfriend who was plotting against me... Crazy stories that I am sick of telling but will probably tell each of you by the time I come back. ANYWHO, I have a wonderful family now. I am very very happy I switched. I now had a host mom who stays at home and is super nice. We are already joking with eachother. Then there is Laura, my host sister who is 18. She is also incredibly nice and her boyfriend is really friendly too. My host brother is 15 and sort of "toof cool" for everyone, but we chat and he makes fun of me and uses my brush and asks me for hairspray...haha. I went to his soccer game on Saturday which was really fun (and really ... read more
This would be Coco

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 8th 2009

I LOVED TOLEDO!! We woke up and got on the bus around 10ish and traveled the hour long ride to Toledo! When we first got there the first thing that impressed me were the rolling hills and the beautiful scenery! Walking out of the bus station we trekked up a steep hill in the cloudy and drizzly weather toward the first puerta that in the old days was the way to get into the city. As we stood just inside la puerta listening to our guide tell us about some history the clouds parted and the sun poked it´s head through! I feared that it was just a tease, but it turned into the most beautiful day! The big fact about Toledo is that it was a village truely inhabited by the three big religions; christianity, ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 7th 2009

The first trip that I took outside of Madrid was to Toledo, about an hour bus ride from Madrid. I went with my school, and got a nice tour of Toledo. It is a very picturesque city, with a lot of different cultures to explore. In Toledo, there is evidence of Muslims, Christians and Jews. It is one of the only cities in the world where these three religions can live peacefully. I got to see churches, mosques and synagogues that used elements from the three religions and made them very unique. Toledo is also the city where El Greco, a very famous Spanish artist, spent most of his life. I really enjoy El Greco's work because of the way that he depicts the human body, so I was very excited to see one of his ... read more
El Catedral de Toledo
Inside a synagogue
One of Toledo's many sword shops

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 1st 2009

I just got done blow drying my pants because my family does not have a drier, and my jeans didn’t dry hanging last night… SUPER excited about these four months without a drier…--- all these little boxes are actually smiley faces that just decide not to turn out... So I love it here, as I am sure I have said many times before, but I am so tired. I cannot, for the life of me, get enough sleep. Apparently my body wants at least 9 hours of sleep every night while I am here…Perfect. I usually can’t get to bed until 11pm, and I always get woken up by my loud family at 830 in the morning..always. I do love my family! But they are loud. So are the people that live above our apartment.. the ... read more


Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 24th 2009

So we spent the day in Madrid today…(Friday) So Exciting. It’s an absolutely beautiful city with so much history... I think that’s the one thing that really seems to get me here-all the history around me. It’s something we lack big-time in the United States. Even the bit of history you can find is only usually a few hundred years old.. Here, it goes on forever! (Well, almost) As a group, we toured Palacio Real. It was amazing. It is the official residence of the monarchs, but it isn’t used for that anymore. The last time a king lived there was I believe in the 1930’s. (Spain does still have a king btw, but he is just a symbol. He doesn’t make political decisions. I am learning a bunch in my history class! Spain has a ... read more
The church acros from Palacio Real
Cool lamp posts

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 22nd 2009

Hola, Today is Tuesday So have begun… So far they are good! I learned today that El Greco (famous painter) lived in the city I am living in right now  pretty cool, especially since this city is pretty small-at least the old part of it. This weekend was fairly uneventful. Just hung out, slept a TON, checked out the park nearby.. Yesterday I met my host mom’s daughter and grandkid.. oooo she is so adorable! She’s two and her name is Ana. She went crazy when she saw her grandparents.. .it was great. She just looked at me with questioning eyes the whole time.. “Who the *** are you?” Friday our school is going to Madrid for the day That should be a good time. A lot of people are staying there for the night.. ... read more
Plaza de Zocodover
Plaza de Zocodover

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 19th 2009

After our trip to Rome we only had two weeks of the course left. I couldn't believe how quickly the time had flown by. The following weeks were a whirlwind of emotions, and possibly the hardest of all of the course for me. I was looking forward to going to Frederike's in Germany for my break, but was very sad about everyone leaving. Only 7 of us all together stayed for the whole year. I was excited for my friends to get to see there familys, friends, and boyfriends and for them going home for the holidays, but at the same time I wanted them all to stop talking about it because it made me so sad. But we made it through the end of the course, finishing final papers and tests and filling out evaluations. ... read more
Getting my certificate.
Luis, Freddy, Nati, and Amarylis
Group hug!

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 18th 2009

Wow, I don't even know where to start right now. I think I should be voted worst blogger as I haven't updated this page since November 1. Oops! I guess I will try to start with where I left off, more or less, and remember as much as possible. Early November was not all that busy as far as extra fun things go. I was very busy, however, with school, tutoring, and salsa lessons. I had began to help out teaching in a class of upper level English learners plus I was hired as a private tutor for a brother and sister, Carlos and Lucia. Carlos is 16 and Lucia is 13, and both are actually very good at English. The salsa lessons were something through the school that one of the other students was teaching. ... read more
Castle in Segovia
Castle in Segovia

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 16th 2009

Hey guys Today was the first day where I was able to choose everything I did! The first day that nothing was planned for me. Before I talk about today though, last night… A few of us went to a bar just outside of our school. I guess it’s the bar the students hang out at. Something to note- about 90% of the students at the school are girls.. For this reason there were a few Spaniard guys hanging at the bar with the bartender. They were goofy. I didn’t talk to them, but they were definitely willing to buy drinks for the girls there! I just hung out with a friend and had my first legal glass of alcohol! I had wine. Was good, and cheap compared to the US. 2 euro for a glass… ... read more
My room
My room

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