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Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo February 1st 2009

I just got done blow drying my pants because my family does not have a drier, and my jeans didn’t dry hanging last night… SUPER excited about these four months without a drier…--- all these little boxes are actually smiley faces that just decide not to turn out... So I love it here, as I am sure I have said many times before, but I am so tired. I cannot, for the life of me, get enough sleep. Apparently my body wants at least 9 hours of sleep every night while I am here…Perfect. I usually can’t get to bed until 11pm, and I always get woken up by my loud family at 830 in the morning..always. I do love my family! But they are loud. So are the people that live above our apartment.. the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 24th 2009

So we spent the day in Madrid today…(Friday) So Exciting. It’s an absolutely beautiful city with so much history... I think that’s the one thing that really seems to get me here-all the history around me. It’s something we lack big-time in the United States. Even the bit of history you can find is only usually a few hundred years old.. Here, it goes on forever! (Well, almost) As a group, we toured Palacio Real. It was amazing. It is the official residence of the monarchs, but it isn’t used for that anymore. The last time a king lived there was I believe in the 1930’s. (Spain does still have a king btw, but he is just a symbol. He doesn’t make political decisions. I am learning a bunch in my history class! Spain has a ... read more
The church acros from Palacio Real
Cool lamp posts

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 22nd 2009

Hola, Today is Tuesday So have begun… So far they are good! I learned today that El Greco (famous painter) lived in the city I am living in right now  pretty cool, especially since this city is pretty small-at least the old part of it. This weekend was fairly uneventful. Just hung out, slept a TON, checked out the park nearby.. Yesterday I met my host mom’s daughter and grandkid.. oooo she is so adorable! She’s two and her name is Ana. She went crazy when she saw her grandparents.. .it was great. She just looked at me with questioning eyes the whole time.. “Who the *** are you?” Friday our school is going to Madrid for the day That should be a good time. A lot of people are staying there for the night.. ... read more
Plaza de Zocodover
Plaza de Zocodover

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 19th 2009

After our trip to Rome we only had two weeks of the course left. I couldn't believe how quickly the time had flown by. The following weeks were a whirlwind of emotions, and possibly the hardest of all of the course for me. I was looking forward to going to Frederike's in Germany for my break, but was very sad about everyone leaving. Only 7 of us all together stayed for the whole year. I was excited for my friends to get to see there familys, friends, and boyfriends and for them going home for the holidays, but at the same time I wanted them all to stop talking about it because it made me so sad. But we made it through the end of the course, finishing final papers and tests and filling out evaluations. ... read more
Getting my certificate.
Luis, Freddy, Nati, and Amarylis
Group hug!

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 18th 2009

Wow, I don't even know where to start right now. I think I should be voted worst blogger as I haven't updated this page since November 1. Oops! I guess I will try to start with where I left off, more or less, and remember as much as possible. Early November was not all that busy as far as extra fun things go. I was very busy, however, with school, tutoring, and salsa lessons. I had began to help out teaching in a class of upper level English learners plus I was hired as a private tutor for a brother and sister, Carlos and Lucia. Carlos is 16 and Lucia is 13, and both are actually very good at English. The salsa lessons were something through the school that one of the other students was teaching. ... read more
Castle in Segovia
Castle in Segovia


Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 16th 2009

Hey guys Today was the first day where I was able to choose everything I did! The first day that nothing was planned for me. Before I talk about today though, last night… A few of us went to a bar just outside of our school. I guess it’s the bar the students hang out at. Something to note- about 90% of the students at the school are girls.. For this reason there were a few Spaniard guys hanging at the bar with the bartender. They were goofy. I didn’t talk to them, but they were definitely willing to buy drinks for the girls there! I just hung out with a friend and had my first legal glass of alcohol! I had wine. Was good, and cheap compared to the US. 2 euro for a glass… ... read more
My room
My room

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 16th 2009

Im here! What a crazy time getting here. Last night was tough. I missed people, and I had no way to communicate with people back home while I was at home here! (My host family doesn't have internet. It's expensive to have it..) BUT today I woke up, had a great talk with my host mom, and went to the school to go on a tour of Toledo. I rode the bus to school ALL by myself:) And it went great! I made it to the school, no problem. The bus doesn't (and can't) go all the way to the school though because the rodes are so small. The whole town it extremely old. It has the original streets and buildings.. THe tour of Toledo was beautiful, and a little cold! I am SO happy I ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo January 15th 2009

Well, these past three days have been absolutely crazy. Let’s go back to Tueday. My flight left Minneapolis around 2pm. Arrived in Chicago after a very short flight, and practically ran with the 2 other girls on the flight with me to our next terminal (about 6 minutes to the next terminal by train.) We get to the ticket gate (we had to switch airlines, therefore get a new boarding pass) and the lady behind the desk became frantic “I need to get you to your flight!” Making US even more frantic! The 7 hour flight to London was interesting The Plane we were on was bigger than any I have seen in a movie! There with two floors. We were on the bottom.. in row 53… the very last row on the plane next to ... read more
Baggage Claim in Madrid Airport
Standing in line for an HOUR to tell them our bags were missing!
Arrival to Toledo!!

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo November 29th 2008

We had our ´fancy´dinner last night in a restaraunt that shares the enclosure with the hotel. Its a beautiful restaraunt with a large fireplace in one of the rooms. All of the rooms have high vaulting ceilings with large wooden windows. The windows are especially interesting. All of them have heavy wooden shutters that close from the inside. An iron bar goes from the bottom to the top of the window. When you unlatch the window the bar turns and lifts out of a hole in the stone wall. Anyway, we feasted just like we were back in the 14th century. The meal started with a plate of different pickled items which I think included a quail egg and at least one veg. I didn´t recognize. There was ham, salamis, sausage and of course the customary ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile-La Mancha » Toledo November 28th 2008

We were up at dawn, actually before dawn since the sun doesn´t come up here in Nov. until after 8 in the morning, and off to the train station. A four and 1-2 hour ride to Madrid and then a miserable hour waiting in the ticket que to get a ticket out to toledo. Toledo is just a quick 30 minutes outside of Madrid and as we approached I was glad we had decided to stay here instead of in the city. Toledo is an amazing medival village purched up on a hillside with a river banking 3/4 of it and a wall around the rest. We took a quick bus to the wall of the city and then walked down a cobblestone path to an opening in a part of the castle wall. There in ... read more

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