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Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 8th 2004

Ciao, Despite my reservations we had a really good project and ended up being one of the selected three.... read more
Model 1 A
Front Facade 2
Front Facade 3

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 6th 2004

Today we have a lecture from 2-3 about Venice and Genoa in preperation for our upcomming weeks traveling.  The lecture was a little dry but we all managed to keep our selves awake and at least we were not in Studio.  We are having studio meetings once a day at 10:00 AM sharp.  Which is much diffrent from back home where we have almost 48 hours in between interations.  We are going at a very fast pavce.  Our Italain counterparts do not move at that fast a pace and enjoy their afternoon siesta.  So we have several hours down time in the afternoons. But tonight we have something specail to look forward to ... a girls night out.   Since all the girls seem to have issues getting along .... ie we do not kiss enough of ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 5th 2004

Hi All, Today we got to revise our project several times becasue of our reveiw.  We were not quite ready and we were first.  So we had our review and needless to day SETH is also good at cutting people off when they are speaking.  We had an Italain lady and Pepo review us along with Aimee and Betreace.  I could tell she could sympathize becasue we just looked at each other and laughed every time he did it.  Then she explained in Italiand to Pepo what was going and he had a chuckle because he is the one that always cuts her off.  Kathline hardly had two words to say during the review,  prior to this she started to build a model which wasn't done.  But she continued to do so through the reveiw.  Which ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 4th 2004

Hi All, Well today our group sketch book assignment was due.  We as a group did very well thanks to seth, who had been out sketching till 3AM several nights this past week.  He is not the most popular person right now.  No one is putting  that much effort into our books.  But this is what I have been doing these last two days so I figured one day of this was enough and besides today was the day that we are actually getting reviewed for it. So let us skip to the good part.  Keep in mind SETH WAS UP SKETCHING TILL 3 AM.  We had the first appointment at 2:00.  So Cathline and I are at the Popilo and just finishing up like everyone else.  So 2:00 rolls around who do you think slept ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 2nd 2004

Hi All, Well  I would like to say this day is diffrent from those other days that I have had studio but it is not.   EVERYONE is complaining about having to work on studio everyday.  Back home it is diffrent we only meet three days a week for studio, MWF.  So we have some time to think and ussually put if off till the last minute on the night before.  But having to have work everyday seems to be making some people grumpy, myself included.  Groups are at each others throat,  the one I am in was doing fine but we run into issues on Monday (5th this is fun day).    But we are in a secluded room and have privacy. So we are modifing the project yet again and we were instructed to return to ... read more


Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno April 1st 2004

Hi All Well today was mid reveiw and they moved the time up an hour earlier.  I thought this was an April Fool's - since I am up early anyway I did not pay it much attention.  But I did have a good snicker at the people who stay out till 4/5 and come to class late most of the time.  (I would be one of those people today I am catching up my blogs and stayed up till 1:00 working on our project with Claudio while others did not).  So we did not get the best mid review but at least we knew the group projects were half way over and so was our time with the fifteen minute walk up the stairs from hell.   There are always postitives ... lol The days prior to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno March 29th 2004

Hi All, Today started as usual with studio, I think they require us to be at studio all the time because it is their way of babysitting us without saying it.  So after we did that we had a very interesting walking tour today.  We leared all about A.P. and the historical significance.  It seems we are not the only school that travels here to do studies with the Italain school.  They have another group from California comming in after we leave.  More people will be participating in that program.  I am not sure if they are fluent in Italain but there are posters up eveywhere.  So back to the tour,  the fourth year students got us in a little bit of trouble, they were laughing and playing during the tour.   It seems there were taking ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno March 28th 2004

Hi All, Well I can say I am getting these all caught up - tommorrow early monday for you all, I should have it all done with pictures and everything.  The internet place is open for longer period of time.  I have to do a sketch book review in a few mintunes so I need at least twenty to make it to the Popilo on time.   So today was kind of laid back,  I am sorry to say another not so exciting day.  But I can say that the scenery here is much more fun to sit and people watch in.  It turns out that the Popilo actually becomes quite lively after mass on Sundays.  You see all of grandparents out with children, sorry there is not much of a sunday school program here it  ... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno March 27th 2004

Hi All, Well I tried to sleep of a migrane and took medicine and ended up being out of commission all day.  I slept and rested.  So I have nothing to say today except the insides of hotel rooms look the same all over. Talk to later,... read more

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno March 26th 2004

Hi All, After the walk and the stairs and catching the lungs we are in class.  We waited around for several hours while they gathered more and more Italian students and kept reassigning groups.  It ends up that we have eight groups of students, the size varies from  3 - 5 americans with one italian student.  I am working with Seth & Cathline.  Our Italian counterpart is Claudio.  He seems nice but better yet he has AutoCad and a lap top - which is essentail for cutting our working time down so we scored.  Some groups are not so lucky and have to do everything by hand.  I feel for them.  But that would not be my problem.  I though getting a smaller group would be good but we spend more time 'discussing' then we do ... read more

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