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April 5th 2004
Published: April 5th 2004EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hi All,
Today we got to revise our project several times becasue of our reveiw.  We were not quite ready and we were first.  So we had our review and needless to day SETH is also good at cutting people off when they are speaking.  We had an Italain lady and Pepo review us along with Aimee and Betreace.  I could tell she could sympathize becasue we just looked at each other and laughed every time he did it.  Then she explained in Italiand to Pepo what was going and he had a chuckle because he is the one that always cuts her off. 
Kathline hardly had two words to say during the review,  prior to this she started to build a model which wasn't done.  But she continued to do so through the reveiw.  Which she contunied to do after the reveiw.  During this time there were things that had been changed on the computer for the layout.  Well she was encouraged to just carve away at the cube and create something (since she had complained the whole time we have had group and did not really particiape this would have been the first thing she has done since we started the group a week ago). 
After the review she does just that starts carving away at this cube totally dirgarding anything that was done on the computer and when Aimee comes back in she makes a statement how wonderfull the project has now become.  SHe have not put anythought into how things join or the structure that maybe need to make it stand or the rules that was had set up on how to make openings etc.  In on foul swoop it went from a group project to her project.  We have since not been allowed to make any changes or explore any other variations of this.  If we even consider this we get the venom of her wrath then have change things back, she will not even listen to anyone els's ideas.  But as you are trying to address things they have asked us to for the last three reviews she is out complaing to anyone who will listen about how we are nit picking her idea.  YOU CAN TELL I AM TIRED OF THIS PROJECT!!!!!!!!
So when the review happens I cannot wait to see it get blasted!!  They said our project had potentail not that is was not to be changed.  So I will have to let you know which way this goes. 
I get along well with her outside of group but we had another group invade our space today.  She likes Miguel and her attitude changed when he came in the room.
Well gotta go.. ... Will let you know how the review goes.


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