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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 3rd 2014

Oh My God ! What a beautiful and peaceful place is Killarney. Last month myself and my husband went to Killarney for a break. We went by our car and it gave us more liberty to get down at different places that we would like to see. From the starting of County Kerry itself was really stunning with mountains and green valleys which were brightened up by the sunshine. Through out our way we could see small small hills with white sheeps which appeared as small cotton balls moving around and eating green ,fresh grass. It was really enjoyable. Towards afternoon we reached Killarney and saw that it is a small , but very busy town with all the tourist from different places and countries moving around. Most of the hotels were located in the town ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney April 4th 2014

In a country where we quickly determined there was more scenic diversity than advertised we began our journey to the southwest and southern part of this fascinating land. Our trip was already two weeks old and we’d seen and experienced so much, it was almost difficult to imagine what we could find next that would match what we had already experienced. But we found it…..and more. Dingle First….a little background. When we were in Dublin at a pub called the Brazen Head for an evening of story telling and music (to be described in our future Dublin blog), we had the good fortune of striking up a conversation with Johnny, who was the storyteller. He was extremely proud of his land and when we told him we would be in Ireland for the better part of ... read more
Headed out of Killarney
Azure waters of Sheepshead Peninsula
Connor Pass

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney December 21st 2013

Yesterday I spent my last morning in Cork. I had just enough time to walk downtown to St. FinBarre's cathedral before going back to catch my train to Killarney. All told, the train ride was relatively short, and when I got to Killarney it was raining. Hard. I had booked a hostel which was thankfully only a 3 minute walk from the train station. Upon ringing the doorbell, I was greeted by the host, Martin - a young guy with a mohawk and a thick Polish accent, not exactly what I expected to see in Ireland. The hostel itself is very cozy, with a woodstove and dim lighting in the main room - very rustic and good for relaxing. As of checking in time, I had my own 8-bed room to myself! The rain didn't discourage ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney October 18th 2013

If we were to travel directly to our next accommodation just outside Killarney we could be there in less than an hour. That would obviously be too easy and all we would be sightseeing would be farmland. So our plan for the day is to travel to the end of the Dingle Peninsula and back again and then onto our hotel, The 19thGreen. It would have been great to have been able to pull the curtains back this morning and seen the sun shining brightly but................. The reasonable day of weather we had yesterday has deserted us and there was rain hitting the bedroom window. We had given a breakfast time of 9am so we could enjoy a lie in and by delaying our departure as long as we could perhaps the rain would clear away. ... read more
Lush green hillside paddocks
Main street,Dingle
Stone walls separating paddocks,Dingle Peninsula

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 27th 2013

After a night of lost sleep due to ‘boy racers’ all night (thought they were only in NZ!) we left Killarney at 8.50 and headed in an anti clockwise direction around the Ring of Kerry. The maps all advised to go in this direction but surely many people had ignored that advice. The road is not wide, it is twisty, uneven and certainly not fast. It seemed a bit strange that so much money had been poured into the motorways and main tourist routes, like the Ring of Kerry, had only a very good road in odd places. Most of the surface is patched and uneven though some of that may be due to bog or rocks under the surface. Our first stop down along the Dingle Bay inlet coast was at a Bog Museum which ... read more
The red team at Waterville
A scene looing out over the bay from Waterville
The 3rd round fort at Steig


Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 26th 2013

We got away early this morning in order to fit in more than just travelling. The weather continues to be changeable and we now figure this is normal. Every day's forecast is sun, cloud, rain, warm and cool - you get the lot. Don't go anywhere without an umbrella because you might want one 30 minutes later. We first went to Cashel where we wanted to visit the Rock of Cashel with St Patrick's Church. We visited here in 1976 and it was nothing like it is today. Then, we were able to simply walk up to the castle and walk all over and around. Now it is a primary tourist spot. The castle was first established very early on by a kingdom but was handed to the Catholic Church over 1000 years ago. Since then, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney June 10th 2013

Hello again! Today we traveled from Dublin to Killarney. We stopped a few times along the way. The first stop we made was in Cashel. We saw a couple a chapels. They were really cool. I had fun looking around. The church had no roof because there was a tax put on buildings with a roof. There were also some men buried on the grounds. One of them was the Protestant priest of the church, who was also the Catholic priest of a church in Northern Ireland. He believed people would mess with his grave so he couldn't go to haven so he had "I may or may not lie here" put on his tomb. He thought that would keep people from messing with his tomb. That was the coolest story in Cashel. Then we moved ... read more
Chocolate Fudge Cake and Ice Cream

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney February 9th 2013

This weekend I took at trip to the Dingle Peninsula and Killarney. I stayed in my first hostel! We took the bus to Dingle on Saturday morning. We had a transfer in Tralee so we walked around until the next bus got there. There was a bunch of little shops and we stopped in a book shop. I found a book that was a rip-off of 50 shades of grey called Irish Shades of Grey. I bought two books there. One was traditional Irish Fairytales and the other talks about the little idiosyncrasies of Irish people that separate them from everyone else. They both are very interesting. The bus ride to Dingle was beautiful. We were on a winding road through mountains and farm fields. When we got to Dingle, we went straight to Jon Benny's ... read more
Pub In Dingle
Shop in Dingle
Walking to the Lighthouse

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney July 20th 2012

19 juillet 2012 Je suis a Killarney, petite ville effroyablement touristique ou les gros bus s'alignent les uns apres les autres sur la "Ring of Kerry", route panoramique reputee en Irlande. C'est presqu'un pelerinage pour les irlandais a la retraite de venir ici. En ete, la population double a Killarney a cause du tourisme... et bien sur, les prix augmentent alors. Je suis exactement dedans. Je suis profondement dans la "high season". Comme je ne peux aucunement etre ici et passer a cote de la "Ring of Kerry" (Couronne de Kerry), je me book un tour derniere minute de la fameuse cote a bord d'un mini bus a touristes. Il y a presqu'uniquement des backpackers avec moi, et le bus est a moitie vide (ou a moitie plein). Bien. Je ne suis heureusement pas entasse comme ... read more
Just checking...
Chien de berger
Ring of Kerry 1

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Killarney June 8th 2012

Today I drove through Killarney National park and then over the Gap of Dunloe. In the process I missed the turnoff to the Gap of Dunloe from the south and looking at the map decided to take one of those thin grey line roads around and back and got to see parts of Ireland few tourist see.... read more
Photo 11
Photo 10
Photo 12

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