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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Ballsbridge July 10th 2014

Farewell cycle touring Europe, Hello Ireland Our 3 months in the Schengen area were up so we had to leave. Next stop, Dublin. We found a great ride into Dublin city along the Grand canal from our hotel and rode into town a couple of times to explore and finally to catch the train to Westport and our first Irish B&B and a “full Irish Breakfast”. Loved the bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, black and white pudding (well actually, I couldn’t eat the pudding), baked beans and toast. So if we return a bit pudgier than we should be- blame the breakfasts, (and the pub dinners!) In Westport we rode the Greenway to Achil Island and then several things combined to make us scrap any further plans for cycle touring. Firstly the ride which was described ... read more
Beautiful views over the bay
Monastary on Skellig Michael
Westport- kayaking

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 30th 2014

In March I decided to go on a journey to England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland for a month. Sunday morning I arrived at the airport around 7:30 for my 9:30 flight to Charlotte. We landed around 12:00 Eastern and my connecting flight from Charlotte to Dublin took off at 6:40. So I spent six hours in the airport waiting and absolutely bored. Finally when it was time to board, I got on the flight and waited for another hour before we could take off. Most of the way, the weather was really bad and the plane shook around. Although it was a bad flight, me and the girl sitting next to me, Michelle, talked for most of the 8 hour flight. We hit it off really well and exchanged emails. When we arrived in Dublin, it ... read more
On the River
Trinity College
Trinity College

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 26th 2014

Into Paris out of Dublin - Power Touring. Writing this high over the Atlantic - flying from Dublin to Miami. A daylight flight, waking at 3am in the airport hotel at Dublin. We are NOT good morning people, but here we are, on our way to Florida, where the temperatures will probably be twice that of Europe! But I digress........ The last ten days have been varied to say the least! We drove to Munster in Germany for the weekend of 14/15th to help Brigitte celebrate her birthday. We were kindly hosted by Rolf and Angela, and had a great suprise to also re-unite with Hans Yurgen, who accompanied us on our day trip to Tangier (Africa) in 2007! We had a wonderful two days of eating, drinking and much laughter - we walked the streets ... read more
Breakfast in Munster
Spargal - White Asparagus
THe Birthday girl....

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin June 20th 2014

Dublin has such a cool vibe to it. I’m glad I decided to fly back here to start my journey. I had the full day before the ferry over to Wales, so I decided to do the “free” walking tour. I’m not quite sure why I hadn’t done it before here… I tend to do them wherever they’re offered. Anyway, time and money well spent - our guide was brilliant, he had so much detail in his history and wonderful anecdotes and kept getting sidetracked - it was a thing of beauty. (Sidenote: he also kept making fun of other tourists for doing things as he’d see them and it shouldn’t have been funny, but it was.) The tour brought us through the usual Dublin sights I suppose - the Castle, the Cathedral, Temple Bar, Trinity ... read more
Georgian style of windows, along with all the bikes
Dublin Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh May 26th 2014

--Author's note--this post was written yesterday on the bus in Ireland, but I am posting it a day late from Vevey, Switzerland. It did indeed rain later on the bus ride that day, per expectations (see below). Almost time to move on to another country! This travel update comes on a bus between Dingle and Dublin, Ireland (a cross country bus ride here takes about 5 hours). It hasn't rained yet today, and if it doesn't precipitate at all, it would be the first dry day of the trip. At least I'm experiencing the real Irish weather. I've been in the western part of the country since my last post, working down the coast from north to south. Owing to its adjacency to the Atlantic Ocean, the shorelines on this side form dramatic cliffs and crags ... read more
The Worm Hole
Folk music at the pub
The Cliffs of Moher


Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin May 19th 2014

Hello from Dublin! After a beautiful scenic drive through the countryside and touring a monastery, our group arrived in Dublin, Ireland's capital city. It was quite the change from Galway, which was a little more slow paced (and still the most lovely place I've ever been to). The hustle and bustle of the city reminded me of New York City, but without the skyscrapers and smog. The air is still infinitely purer and cleaner here, even in such a big city. Our hostel is a restored Townhouse located right in the middle of the city's action. The antique/decorating enthusiast inside me has been reeling ever since I laid eyes on the character and charm of its antique chandeliers, arched doorways, and gardens. Anyway. Since we've arrived, we have had the chance to explore the nightlife of ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh May 19th 2014

It has been a hectic past few days, which explains why this is the first time I've been able to sit down and blog while traveling. I'm currently on a but en route from Dublin to Galway, Ireland, speeding down the highway on the left side (crossing streets here as a pedestrian is still a perilous undertaking). It is indeed very wet and rainy here on these islands, but today it's just humid and overcast in contrast to yesterday's constant drizzle. I suppose I should explain how I got here. Ireland is country #2 so far after a quick day in London. The flight to Europe was about as good as I could have hoped; we did have to deplane for a half hour during a "systems reboot," but the pilot was able to make up ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh May 9th 2014

Friday 9 May 2014. Dublin Airport, Ireland. We left Rathkenny and the farm on Monday 5th May and after a 5 hour drive arrived in Brandon, County Kerry. The drive down was pleasant, mainly freeway, however the last 20klms was on a very thin road, only giving access to vehicles in one direction, which made it very difficult when you encountered a car coming in the opposite direction. Anyway Cath closed her eyes and we made it to Brandon. By the way she wasn't driving……. The difference in the scenery has to be seen to be believed. The country side is rolling hills, with the highest peak being Mount Brandon, which due to the weather we have not been able to see, so I think it is a myth? Sean and Chantel have organised the accommodation ... read more
The town of Brandon
Preparing for the walk
The view from the second hill

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin » Clonskeagh May 5th 2014

After working through the Bank Holidays of April, I spent my well-deserved long weekend in Dublin. I always wanted to visit Ireland - because of the endless green lands, the crystal clear creeks and the black-legged and black-headed sheep which piss into the creeks... I've never been to Ireland but it's well-known that you can develop deep emotional bonds towards something without ever seeing it in person. The traces of the Celtic-Viking culture, the countryside and the simplified life worshiping mother-nature... they're all close to my dream world. Idealizing all this: I love that they believe in fairies, leprechauns, sacred stones, trees, grass... as a realist I would say that they cannot live without booze and fibs. It doesn't matter if it's a small, big or orbital lie. The point is to trick you and let ... read more
At Berkeley Library - Trinity College
Long room
Belltower of Trinity

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin April 27th 2014

My mom was fast moving on the recovery kick. All the therapists agreed she was stronger everyday. She was starting to have use of her right side and using a cane. She was still not able to do small things but Harland, my stepdad, was being trained to help her with small details. So my travel-mind started to dream again of the world. There were still countries I hadn't been to. I looked online for tickets. I wanted to continue around the earth the way I was going but it was too pricey to fly all the way to Indonesia (my last nearest destination from Nepal) from where I was in USA. So I settled for a round trip from NYC to Ireland. I found a flight on American Airlines for around $500 and an Irish ... read more
Me n the lasses!
Aine n Tali
The unremembered photo!

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