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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 11th 2010

I got in contact with an old school friend through facebook, who happened to be in Germany as well. He invited me up to his place of abode and the next thing, I was on my way to North Rhine-Westphalia with Sam, and my mitfahrgelegenheit. We got dropped off in Bonn, where we walked around checking out the sights and sounds. We then took a dip in the river Rhine, before heading off to Cologne to meet Scott, my friend from school. Having had a kebab in Leipzig and Bonn, I decided to extend my kebab run to three cities in one day and Cologne was added to the list. We checked out the dome there and a bridge littered with padlocks symbolising the love of various couples. Then we were picked up by Scott and ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen July 2nd 2010

Aachen was the city to explore on today’s schedule, with the cathedral as the target and getting a haircut also on the to-do list. I have no pictures of the haircut, but lots of cathedral pictures! First was the haircut. My professor recommended the place, and since I needed a haircut, I went to go check it out. While my hair is rather shorter than I am used to now, it is certainly neater than it was before, and already feels better with less hair in the heat today. Next was getting the cathedral, which was amazingly simple and fast. The cathedral was amazing, but the experience of visiting it was kind of disappointing, as you will shortly figure out. The site itself is a World Heritage site, which gives you some idea of its importance, ... read more
Outside of cathedral
Side corridors

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne July 1st 2010

Today I went to Cologne (or Köln as everyone over here seems to spell it) and saw the cathedral, the Roman Museum, and a Lego store. For Jacob, the highlight would probably be the Lego store, but the cathedral was probably the most stunning one I have seen so far. Everything at the Lego store was in German anyway. If one left the ceilings out of it, the outside of the cathedral would be more interesting than the inside. I walked around the building several times just looking at the incredible stonework done the entire height and length of the building. Once inside, the tombs and everything were interesting, but the soaring ceiling was the most awesome thing about the place. There evidently were some reliquaries there that I probably took pictures of, but there was ... read more
Above one of the doors outside
Inside the cathedral
The cathedral organ

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 26th 2010

I am so glad I decided to stay another day in Köln with Katja, I got pretty drunk last night and ended up sleeping in until 11 am. It was a very relaxed morning as we slowly got got ready for the BBQ. we set out with our bags full of everything we would need for the day. Katja had found this special spot right in the river side and under and big tree for shade, it was perfect. I´m not sure if we can do whar we there back in Canada. She had a little charcoal BBQ, we had three blankets set up on the ground, she lit the BBQ and we waited for the meat to show up. Her friend got there which I do not remember her name. She brought the meat with ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Dusseldorf June 25th 2010

The weather here in Europe has been amazing. Every country and city I go to the locals keep talking about how lucky I am for getting such good weather while I am here. I guess it can still get crappy and cold during this time which is normal anywhere. Today was an especially nice day very hot but enought that I can handle it. I set out this morning to hunt down the chocolate muesum. It was not that far of a walk, I just need to cross this huge bridge and wala I was there. The muesum was kind of neat, they take you through the whole process from how the get to cocoa nuts out of the trees all the way to how they ship it. The next room was the Lindt room where ... read more
This was outside the Olympic Musem


Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 24th 2010

Having a slight homesick day. I though being alone would be easier then is has been, it seems I repel people and that sucks. I got on the wrong train today, it was going to the write place but I need a reservation for it. The lady was really nice and gave me two choices: Get off at the next stop and get on another train or buy a ticket which would have been €50. I of course got off in Leige, Belgium. I had a hour wait before my next train came so a grabbed a sandwich and sat on some steps and waited. I was weird hearing french in Belgium but that is what they speak in parts of Belgium. I finally got on the right train so I took my seat in first ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 16th 2010

Strom ist doch immer gleich. Zumindest gleich teuer. Oder etwa nicht? Stromvergleich lohnt sich auf jeden Fall, wenn man nicht grade Krösus ist. Sonst kann es nämlich passieren, dass man für Strom mehr bezahlt als nötig. Von daher sollte man sich die Zeit nehmen, sich verschiedene Stromanbieter und ihre Tarife genau anzusehen und dann zu entscheiden, was das günstigste ist. Wer viele Geräte im Betrieb oder vielleicht sogar im Dauerbetrieb hat, ist sicher mit einem speziellen Tarif für Vielnutzer besser bedient als mit einem Standard Tarif von Vattenfall. Wenn man also feststellt, dass man zu viel bezahlt, sollte man über einen Stromanbieterwechsel nachdenken. Bei den meisten Anbietern kann man heutzutage bereits ganz e... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 12th 2010

It was rainy & cold today, but Dad & I braved the weather & headed toward Aachen, Germany, which is about an hour & 10 minutes by bus from Maastricht. I figured that since I hadn’t been to Germany in my entire stay in the Netherlands, I should definitely check it out while I still had the opportunity. I had only been to Germany once (Hamburg), but I wasn’t totally impressed so I was hoping that this experience would change my mind. I’m still unsure how I feel about Germany, to be honest. I think it’s because the language is so intimidating. Even when being friendly & nice, it still sounds so harsh & cold. Aachen also didn’t have a lot of English speakers & my German is next to nonexistent. I think in total, I ... read more
Schnitzel does not equal hot dog
Town Hall

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn June 3rd 2010

Thursday, June 3rd: Today, we got up a little later, and had a leisurely breakfast and walked Falco. We were going to go pick up my Mom’s cousin, Margit. Margit was the whole reason for our trip in the first place. She had turned 70 on May 1st, and we were going to have a big family reunion to celebrate. She lived approximately 2 hours away, in the hillsides of Bergkrahlingen (near Bonn). She lives by herself on a large plot of land in a cute little cottage. This was the day that we got up to 200 km per hour on the autobahn!!! That is 124 miles per hour! Whew!! I was holding on with white knuckles!  It’s amazing to me that a car can go that fast with 5 people and 1 dog ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Essen May 29th 2010

Hello everyone, Alors juste un petit flash news de ce qui se passe de bon par chez-nous. L'école va bon train, toujours aussi emmerdante, mais je deviens meilleure de jour en jour. Quand je regarde mon allemand d'il y a trois mois avec celui d'aujourd'hui, il y a vraiment de quoi rire. Hier, nous avons reçu la grand-mère de Jani pour souper (elle nous a... aidé un brin (dans l'genre d'un vraiment gros brin) dans le financement de notre nouvelle cuisine, alors on lui avait promis de l'inviter à souper pour la remercier (elle adore ma bouffe... yaaay!) (fin du lapsus)) et j'ai pu suivre 80% de tout ce qui se disait autour de la table, et en bonus, j'ai même pu participé à ma première conversation en allemand extra-scolaire. J'adore la granni de Jani. C'est ... read more

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