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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn July 23rd 2014

390km to Kongswinter. Small village on Rhine. Easy jolly, now 34C. Rhine is big fast river, with lots of barge tragic, which makes slow progress upstream, we saw so many near misses - an opinion. On Wednesday took train (oldest in Europe) up mountain 371m to see Schloss Drachenbung, this trip is a jolly to see stuff.... read more
rhine & castle

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia July 1st 2014

Cologne Germany visited the Dome. Beautiful gothic cathedral and walked along the streets.... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 21st 2014

Last day in Aachen, I still do not know how I feel about dorm rooms in hostels, but they are what they are. Aachen I found a few new things about, the trainstation here was considered the "last stop of people escaping nazism", which I thought was cool. I also found out that the Gestapo headquaters here was hosted in the theater district, not far from the trainstation. The game today was upsetting, it was a tie but still better than a loss. We went to the "public viewing" but it was sadly full...a hour before the game! We ended up watching the game in a bier garden that was really nice near the Karl der Große Rathaus. I am excited to see Hamburg tomorrow, I have heard a lot a bout the fish market there. ... read more
currywurst, french fries (pommes), and salad
cool bread, named world champion bread haha
freedom 3

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 20th 2014

So today I further explored the city thanks to a suggestion by the workers at the hostel. It is funny, I find today I keep thinking about my father, not just because of the cemetary, but also because at a German restaurant (where the picture of my dinner is from) they played the song "Sherry baby" on the radio. I found out Aachen is the ruling place of Charlemege and seeing his "Rathaus" was really cool, I was dissapointed to find out that you cannot take pictures inside, but the building alone is an archetectural beauty. On these old buildings the fence off statues that are inset and also put small metal spikes up wherever a bird (aka pigeon) could put a nest up. The city has more than I thought to offer, the hostel here ... read more
my room in aachen
my room in aachen 2 #409

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 19th 2014

Today I decided to shoot directly to the Rhine from my hotel and walk to the city from there. Sad to leave here tomorrow but Aachen will be easy to get to tomorrow. I finally have all my laundry done and need to pack up for tomorrow. I found a couple Americans today that oddly enough were dressed in Indians attire, turned out they were from Parma working for UPS and just came even more oddly "India". They told me about a Gestapo Museum I am going to check out today, should be cool. I saw the chocolate and german olympic museum as well, I was suprised they did not have anything there from Jürgen Schulz who is discus world record holder. The chocolate museum was cool and had tons of free chocolate. The woman working ... read more


Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 19th 2014

I stopped by the Gestapo Museum in Köln today and it was really fascinating, the holding cells were covered in writings still from the immates, some really fascinating and one mom will really like. Today was "Corpis Christi" (sorry Catholics if I slaughtered that spelling) so things were a little closed down and slow. Getting to Aachen was super easy, only 16 € and made me realize how nice one of these trains would be from Cle - Col - Cin, such a road clearer. I still find it hysterical how Germans lay on the horn immediatly if someone in front of them does not go right away. I learned the hard way about foreign food in Germany, even if owned by authentic people, so far Turkish is the only one that makes the okay list ... read more
In front of fountain
old city walls
fountain cont.

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 18th 2014

Today I walked along the Rhine and got a better understanding of the city, I still love the fact I can navagate without a map and base where I am off of the cathedral. Today I check out the Römisch-Germanisches Museum (Roman-German). Lots of cool stuff there and some very ancient as well, therer was a lot of really cool glass there and it turns out Köln was the largest class producer in Europe and was a Roman city. They have a piece there that was worht over 40.000.000 € and is one of 5 pieces. The Germans are till psyched up on the victory over portugal yesterday. I ended up eating breakfast by an old city gate entrance built in the 13th century. I cannot tell if my tiredness is from walking around all day ... read more
Tor = gate to Köln
Info on Tor

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 16th 2014

Köln is such a wonderful city, a quick ICE train got me here. Today has been wonderful seeing the beautiful Dom, a Stadtrundfahrt and the Germans beat Portugal 4-0 at a Public Viewing with some friendly Germans I met on the street. I am about 90% adjusted to the time change here. Going through Germany reminded me a lot of the Ohio country side from Frankfurt to Köln. I did find something eye opening outside my hostel today though, we talked about these in German class at Kent, but I found 4 copper/bass (?) bricks in the road listing the names of the four people who previously resided here and were killed in Auschwitz. It also seems Germans like to honk at people who do not go right when the light turns green, in their defence ... read more
Public Viewing
Viewing got more crowded

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Aachen June 15th 2014

Az idei utjaim tervezesekor jol jott, hogy a British Airways-nel sikerult eleg sok merfoldet (vagy ahogy egy ideje hivjak, Avio-t) osszegyujtenem, es bar mar egy ideje probaltam oket hasznalni, altalaban nem tudtam, mert olyan utvonalon nem volt elerheto, ahova eppen menni akartam. Iden viszont szerencses voltam, es igy a legutobbi utamon Dusseldorfba repultem 35 fontert oda-vissza :) Miert pont Dusseldorf? Egyreszt mert 4 eve volt egy nagyon jo 80-as buli Kolnben, mikor ott jartam, gondoltam, visszaterek oda, masreszt meg ugy hallottam, van latnivalo Dusseldorfban is, meg Aachent is meg szerettem volna nezni meg Kolnben is meg par dolgot. Majus utolso penteken el is repultem Dusseldorfba, elotte a Heathrow repteren a szokasos csirkes cezar salatat elveztem :) Az ut eleg rovid volt, nagyjabol 55 perc. A repter nem tul nagy, a csomag is eleg gyorsan meglett, szerencsesen. ... read more
A kolni domban
Szines uvegablak az aacheni Suermondt-Ludwig Muzeumban
Az aacheni szekesegyhazban

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Werne May 9th 2014

Week 2- This week of student teaching has flown by. It's hard to believe I only have three days of student teaching left at AFG after the weekend. It's been a blast and the students have been great. There has never been a moment since I have gotten to Werne were I ever felt alone. Everyone here has been so helpful! The teachers, my host family, and even the students have been super helpful throughout this whole experience. Words cannot express how thankful I am for all the help and support shown by those who have taught me so much along the way. I am so thankful to have been blessed with an opportunity like this and have enjoyed every minute since I have been here. This week I have taught about everything from Shakespeare to ... read more

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