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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin December 1st 2012

The idea of taking a heavy coat, scarf, hat and gloves is not always the first selling point of a holiday, but I had always loved the idea of a small European city break. Going to Berlin the week that the Christmas markets opened meant that there was excitement and anticipation in the air; the wet cobbled streets of Berlin were crowded with rosy cheeked Christmas shoppers taking a break with everyting that the traditional markets have to offer. That sounds like I'm making it up and I'd clearly had one too many mulled wines...well maybe I had or maybe it was the fact that I was at a German Germany. Arriving on a cold frosty evening, the sky was jet black by 5pm. We made our way straight to Alexanerplatz after planning where to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 28th 2012

Well what can I say Berlin? You swept me off my feet the first time we met and now I'm in love with you. As you can guess I managed to lure Jaime back to Berlin. I have loved every minute of being back here and this place is growing on me even more. I never thought I could be emotionally connected to a city or even one set location ever in my life but here I am saying that I am willing to move half away around the world solo just to live in this crazy, beautiful, raw, electric city. Being back here we have revisited our favorites: Madame Claude's as bar with everything sitting on the ceiling), burgermeister (seriously the best burgers I have eaten - they even have tofu for me!), mauer park ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin October 5th 2012

So I've been to Berlin quite a few times now but my trip on Wednesday was by FAR the most eventful. Let me start by saying that the date was October 3rd, and that's a holiday here in Germany. It's called Reunification Day and it celebrates the day the Wall came down. So because it was a holiday and because I was in Berlin (the BERLIN Wall, ahem, hem) it was understandably crowded. But I was excited because I knew there would be street vendors and live music and street performers and I had come to meet a cool friend of my cousin's who was in the city for the day. Unfortunately, there were also con artists and more than a few, shall we say, sanity challenged people.... As soon as I got off the train ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 17th 2012

As children growing up in the mid-western part of the U.S. in the 1960s, we heard of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. There were fallout shelters and we practiced drills at school in case of a nuclear attack. We grew up with spy stories, neighbors and parents considering building shelters, and of course the evil empire of the U.S.S.R. and its puppet states. Fast forward to 2012 and there we were, right in the middle of a now free Berlin, once the home of the Third Reich, the DDR and of course, the infamous Wall. Berlin is now a vibrant, free-spirited city that is quickly establishing its new identity in today’s world. Both of us admit that we never imagined ourselves in Berlin anytime soon as it wasn’t on the travel radar. Not that ... read more
The Berliner Fernsehturm
Brandenburg Gate
Beer Bikes

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin September 3rd 2012

Berlin is really passionate! In my first day, I was a little terrified! When I arrived at the airport, there was a man with a paper with my mother´s name, that man was from DID (my german school) and he was responsible for take me for my homestay... When I arrived at home, I meet a friendly family, who explain to me something about the transport, the school, and some rules from my new home... Nice experience. After the overview, was the time to buy my S-Bahn tickets and go to city, to know the school and learn something about the city. My new family gave me a map with all the lines in subway and another map with the region of my school. Was really cool... was very easy to walk around. After talk to ... read more
Spree River


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 28th 2012

I have stayed in A LOT of hostels over the years. After backpacking through South East Asia in 2008 and visiting some of the poorest areas of the world where accommodation is extremely basic, I was amazed to discover that actually Berlin is now home to what can only be described as possibly the worst hostel I have ever encountered. Never before have I seen anything like it. I have left the name out of this rant for obvious reasons. (I don’t fancy a lawsuit on my hands) However to all you backpackers out there, I would definitely suggest doing your homework before booking any hostels and if there are no reviews online, I would suggest looking elsewhere, as there may well be a reason for this. Upon arriving in Berlin we had the dreaded task ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 28th 2012

I first set foot in Berlin in the summer of 2003. I was in the transition period between school and university and had decided to take 3 months out to explore Berlin and Madrid before beginning my studies. During my two months in Berlin, I fell in love with the city and for that reason decided to return this year to show the city off to my partner who had never been. I would never normally return to a destination I have already been to, however in this case I was definitely willing to make an exception. Berlin is certainly a city worth visiting and is my personal favourite in Europe. Unlike many other capital cities, Berlin is relatively inexpensive and no matter where you are in the city you will have no problem with navigation. ... read more
Last Synagogue
Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 22nd 2012

I have finished my glass of white German wine and beat Maryanne at Rummy (2 out of 3) and it is not even 11 pm. We are now in Berlin and this was our second day in this big city. Maryanne suggested that I should blog in the present and go back to Krakow later, if time permits. We had a great time in Krakow, but I agree with Maryanne, Berlin is the subject. First, we are out of Eastern Europe. As we enjoyed ourselves in Eastern Europe, we divided the price to determine Canadian $$ - and life was reasonable or cheap! Here we multiply the price by 1.3 and it is definitely more costly in Western Europe. For example - using the toilet. In Karkow cost 33 cents and in Berlin it is !.30 ... read more
Gourmet Food Hall 2
Gourmet Food Hall 3
Gourmet Food Hall 4

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 11th 2012

Sometimes when I go to a new city, I don’t expect much. This is because in general they are the same. Berlin, however, is an exception. Clean, efficient, Berlin is modern done well. Strolling the streets, I was greeted with endless sights and marvelous architecture. And the people are nice too. Growing up in America, the Germans always had a sort of bad reputation. They were always the bad guys in movies and were most often associated with Nazism and the Holocaust during primary school social studies lessons. This reputation was not only in stark contrast to how friendly they were, but also undergirds the intriguing history and transformation that the city has gone through. My visits to the Jewish Museum and Holocaust Memorial Museum showed a well preserved, unabashed presentation of the events leading up ... read more
Why - Berlin Wall

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin August 7th 2012

Having arrived in Berlin after a whirl wind of flights from Victoria Falls to Botswana then to Namibia, Frankfurt and finally a connecting flight to Berlin we were exhausted but excited to be back in Europe. We got off the plane in a daze and waited for our bags to come through, always a nerving experience, they were there but mine had been obviously opened. All of the clips were open and the contents completely mixed around and worse our SLR camera missing! I felt completely sick, we checked all the lost and missing desks before making our way to the Air Namibia desk where we were told that the camera would have been taken in Victoria Falls and that their policy did not cover items going missing from bags and therefore neither would our insurance, ... read more
Jewish Memorial
Check Point Charlie
Flea Market at Tiregarten

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