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Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 20th 2014

After a very, very active first day in Berlin, and exhausted from jet lag and walking around the city for 8 hours, I went into my second day in Berlin with the intention of taking it easy. But that's not exactly how it happened. My German professor recommended to me that I should visit the KaDeWe, the 7 story mall in Berlin, so of course I had to. I am still a little confused about the U Bahn but it is definitely the best way to get around for me. I love the underground and I wish home in Long beach had such a system. Anyways, I got to the KaDeWe and it was beaitiful. I visited each floor; but my favorite floor by far was the 6th, which is the food. I bought some yummy ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 11th 2014

So Greg and me, on our own, for six days/five nights in Berlin (to the American ear it sounds a bit like "bear-lean" and indeed the symbol of the city is an adorable bear which can be seen in decorated fiberglass varieties in various places, though not leaning). I'm just going to say, if you're ever greeted by a hotel proprietor who says, "I have some good news and some bad news about your room," don't bother finding out what it is. Just go somewhere else. In this case, the "good news" ("... but it's off the street, so it's quiet") wasn't true, either, so we ended up with a room that was sweltering and unbelievably noisy at all hours and we didn't get much sleep. I am still bummed, because the hoteliers were so charming ... read more
Memorial church
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Topographie des Terrors

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 11th 2014

The journey here paved the way for the array of delights Germany has to bring. After confusing which to be fair were the easiest set of directions I've seen so far to get to a hostel with an expedition through jumanji I arrived a battered and slightly crimson woman. The idea of sitting down with Google maps and trying to orchestrate a comprehensive route between museum and gallery was too much so I sat at the bar and got myself a mojito in hopes of resurrection. Its healing properties had instant effect so I had another 1. And then another 11. This morning saw me rousing in a dorm I most certainely hadn't left my bag in and any hopes of sneaking out undetected were abashed with a bemused Australian calling "morning Irish!" to me. Legs ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 10th 2014

Today was a "no-museum" day. So, naturally, we went to Charlottenburg Schloß, which is a museum. :) By the time we were ready to leave the room, we decided to just have lunch, so we found an Indian place on the way to the bus we were going to catch. It was a nice place, and the proprietor (I assume she was the proprietor) was very pleasant and put up with our German (to the point of asking where we learned it). Cheryl had lamb korma, and I had a lamb and chicken biryani, plus we had samosas as an appetizer, and rounded it off with garlic naan. The food was tasty, but way too much; even having eaten only half of our entrees, we were stuffed. We hobbled to the bus stop and caught a ... read more
Charlottenburg Schloß
Above the entrance to the chapel
One of many cool chandeliers in the palace

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 9th 2014

Our museum for today was the Memorial to the German Resistance, commemorating those who resisted National Socialism through demonstration, writing, speaking, helping the oppressed, or just refusing to participate. We slept in today, because we were up late watching Fußball, so we missed breakfast at the Pension, and when we did get up, we had a bit of a lazy morning writing blog posts and reading up on things we were going to see and watching Big Bang Theory in German. Once we set out, we headed to La Piazza, where I tried their pizza (delicious) and Cheryl tried a pasta dish with pesto and lamb (also delicious) and we had Radler to drink (called Alsterwasser in Berlin). Our waiter correctly figured out we were Americans and chatted with us a bit; he had lived in ... read more
Inside the new church
Berliner Dom
Altes Museum


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 8th 2014

Today, we chose the Topographie des Terrors as our museum of the day. It's not all that far from Checkpoint Charlie, so the bus ride was familiar, right down to getting bottles of Mineralwasser mit Gasfrom the newstand thing near the bus stop. The bus is a double decker, so, naturally, we opted to ride up top. We arrived at our stop and to our left was this open field of large gravel, a building that looked like it was made from aluminum, a bit of The Wall that still stands, and some excavation showing the previous occupant of this chunk of land. Because there was construction, we had to cross the street three times just to get to the entrance. The building was not there, and the landscape was ungroomed when Cheryl was last there, ... read more
Selfie at The Wall
Abgeordnetenhaus of Berlin

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 7th 2014

Apparently, Monday is a day when many of Berlin's museums are closed, but the Checkpoint Charlie Museumis open every day, so we decided to make it the main event for the day. Our Pension features Früstück every morning in the breakfast room, so we decided to take advantage and fuel up for the morning. I had scrambled eggs, some salamis and cheeses, a small bowl of Müsli mit Milch and some coffee and orange juice; Cheryl passed on the eggs, but had a bowl of Müsli with yogurt, plus some of the meats and cheeses, and also coffee and orange juice. Except for the eggs, we had this type of breakfast every morning while staying with Andrea and Ulf, and also when we were in Vienna in 2009, our Pension featured much the same fare, and ... read more
The sign
Maria Bonita Tacos
Selfie with Fernsehturm

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 6th 2014

Today, we said goodbye not only to Ulf, Andrea and Lars, but also to Barbara, Laura and Joe, who will be flying to Bristol tomorrow, and starting their British tour off in Bath. But, first Döner! We got up much earlier this morning, showered, finished our last minute packing, ate Früstück (breakfast) together one last time, and headed to the bus stop for the trip to the Hauptbahnhof to catch our train. Our train didn't leave until 13:16, so we had planned to get to the station and then find a nearby Döner, because I still had not had not had any good Döner. As expected, it was quite tasty, and when we were done, our server dude offered us Turkish tea, which was very strong, but with enough Zucker, was also very tasty. Finally, it ... read more
Our room

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 6th 2014

After settling into our hotel and watching a bit of Le Tour, we decided we needed 1) some Eis, and 2) to see some things since it was still early and light out and we were restless. So, we set out for Kant Eiscafé, which was not too far from our Pension, and looked interesting on the walk from the S-bahn station to the hotel. On the way there, I joked with Cheryl that I was sure it was going to end up terrible, and that she'd be able to blame me. (In case you missed it, this is foreshadowing). We took a couple of seats on the sidewalk, and proceeded to wait. We had plenty to talk about, but it soon became clear that nobody was going to come ask us if we wanted anything, ... read more
Cheryl, in front of Reichstag
Wurst :-)
Brandenburg Tor Selfie!

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 2nd 2014

An alarm woke us for the second day running although this one we'd set ourselves. We packed our now significantly heavier bags with all our Monty Python merch, walked to Bethnal Green Station and bought tickets to Gatwick. We had a small walk of a few blocks to transfer to the right line in London central but made it to the airport with what we thought was plenty of time to spare, only to be caught in a huge check in queue at Easy Jet. We made our flight but it was a little too close for comfort. Nik and Emil greeted us in Berlin where they were dropping the rental car off and we caught a cab into the city where we checked in to the Hollywood Media Hotel - our home for two of ... read more

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