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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe September 30th 2013

TWO WEEKS UNTIL CALAIS Thanks to our GPS buddy, Richard, we had a back roads trip to our selected Campingplatz near Rothenberg. It had full-services, but seemed to be totally in the wilderness, although on the Tauber river and named ;Tauberromantik camping platz. We were quickly informed that it was ONLY 1 Km. ( 1/2 mile) from the city of Rothenberg. HOWEVER, a fellow camper who had biked into the city, warned us that it was all steep uphill twisting paths and roads and also difficult coming back on those paths downhill. A taxi was available for slightly more than a very unreliable bus. Thank goodness, we decided to go that route. "Steep uphill twisting" was an understatement! Anyway, we were transported to the middle of the ancient city area and were early enough to have ... read more
bride in Burggarten
hand crafted Christman village, Rothenburg
Heilbronn, Germany, band performance

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe September 25th 2013

So our blogs may be spaced strangely, but we have been very busy trying to snap photographs between the raindrops in Coburg, Bamberg and Wurzburg. We are, however, enjoying the gingerbread from Nuremberg, a product that they are well known for. Our days in Coburg were particularly enjoyable due to the proximity of our parking stellplatz to the old town. Just a few minutes walk and we were thru an ancient gate and into the area of half-timbered houses, fountains and statues, market platzes as well as the Ehrenburg Schloss, the beautiful gardens and old and beautiful churches We took full advantage of sun on our first day in town and spent the remainder of our days, running in and out of shelters from the rain and visiting indoor venues. My favorite experience was several hours ... read more
Court yard, Fortress Marienberg, Wurzburg
Doll museum,Coburg,Barbie collection
Doll museum,Coburg,playmates

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe September 2nd 2012

Da Karlsruhe optisch mir nicht so gefallen hat, habe ich das ZKM aufgesucht, und fand des echt toll! So eine tolle Ausstellung hab ich loang net mehr besichtigt. Sehr interessant war der Teil mit den audiovisuellen Elementen - Auf jeden Fall ein Besuch wert, wer das außergewöhnliche liebt ;-)... read more
Vor 20 Jahren unmöglich...
schicke Tapete

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe February 19th 2011

Karlsruhe, what can be said? Um, not a lot. Although it is a pretty town, there is not a lot to do here and I really should have known better when the town does not even feature in my Central Europe guidebook. Nonetheless, I arrived in town mid afternoon and promptly got lost – the instructions for locating my accommodation were to “follow the blue signs on the bike rack”. Okay, so I found the bike racks and naturally I could not find the blue signs so I was faced with a 50/50 should I go left or right? I went left, and with my bags in tow, walked almost 2kms before thinking this cannot be right. So, I turned and walked back the 2kms and still not finding any blue signs at the bike racks ... read more
A winter wonderland
No volleyball to be played today
The penguins loved the snow

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe July 5th 2010

Pictures from Germany... read more
July 5


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe September 26th 2009

I arrived in Karlsruhe, Germany (via Frankfurt) on Thursday. It has been a blast, walking the streets with Al, eating amazing food, gaining all the weight I lost during the trip...Oh well. The food is great here, Schnitzels, steaks, Turkish food, pretzels and coffee, chocolates, ...Kalsruhe is Germany's third largest city along the western banks of the river Rhine, close to the French border and about 1 hour train ride from Frankfurt. The German trains are world class. They are clean, high speed, and very high tech. Karsruhe is famous for its technical university, which is considered one of the oldest in the country. Karlsruhe is also considered the centerof justice of Germany with its appeals and constitutional courts. This city is also one of the warmest cities in Germany. The weather has been sunny and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe June 6th 2009

Living in Germany has been fun so far. As many of you know, my friend Brittany has now moved to Germany and will be teaching English to German business-people who wish to conduct business abroad. The process of getting through all of the "red tape" has been a little frustrating for her (you need a phone to get a work visa, you need a bank account to get a phone, you need a visa to get a bank account, etc...) and so we've been trying to dedicate a bit of time to being out in the wilderness of Karlsruhe and not trying to worry about the day-to-day procedural stuff. Most days we've been walking around the town, gathering things for Brittany's apartment. We finally got pillows (5 EUR pillows are pretty much the best investment ever) ... read more
The real deal
Bucking bronco

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe June 2nd 2009

After a confusing early-morning flight out of lreland (fueled by leftover Chinese food) we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany around 10 am. Next challenge: find Karlsruhe. Karlsruhe is the city where Brittany's new apartment is located. The problem? We didn't know the address of the apartment. Problem number two: almost everything in Germany is closed on Sunday and Monday was a holiday. When we were at our hotel in Ireland we were curious as to how we planned on getting food, blankets, pillows, etc. The only food we had on us was spaghetti and snickers bars. We joked that at a minimum, we could boil the spaghetti in the hotel coffee maker and make snickers pasta to take with us for our first few days in Germany. Fortunately, we didn't have to resort to such measures, as ... read more
Real food!
Real food!
Nick Nase auf der Saurierspur...

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe July 31st 2008

All we knew is that we were going to the Ettlingen city Schwimmbad, which means public swimming pool (also "Freibad" which specifies that it's an outdoor one). Fine, fun for the kids, didn't think much else of it. Had to go into town to pick up a swimsuit and goggles for LG, since I told her not to bring hers, oops. :) Yeah, OK, the Ettlingen public pool is not exactly what I expected. Huge grassy picnic grounds with shade trees all around. Large outdoor area with dressing-cubicles and lockers. Snack bar and outdoor café tables. Not one, not two, but at least four separate water features: * Olympic-sized (50m long, 8-10 lanes wide) lap pool * Separate diving pool with multiple springboards and tower platforms * Vast, huge, sprawling family play pool with at least ... read more
THIS is the community pool?!
And THIS is a school gym

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Karlsruhe July 28th 2008

This morning after Frühstück (breakfast), I joined our host family for a trip to the Lebensmittel (grocery store), in search of ingredients for an American recipe dinner we planned to cook for the family. I did a Happy Dance in the aisles when I found real "amerikanisch" chili powder, and had general fun shopping in a similar-but-different environment. One of the most interesting developments was earlier, when I announced I was heading to the store, and LG shrugged and said she'd rather stay back in the apartment with just herself and Anne. First morning! Until now, she hasn't been willing to leave my side for an instant. Wow! Ettlingenweier is working magic already! Later, we all toured around the super-charming town of Ettlingen in the state of Baden-Württemberg (I think we're in the "Baden" half of ... read more
American food for dinnar

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