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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg June 12th 2014

Heute wird die Fußball-WM in Brasilien mit dem Spiel Brasilien gegen Kroatien eröffnet und damit steigt die Vorfreude auf die eigene Reise nach Brasilien. Am Sonntag morgen geht es von Frankfurt über Lissabon nach Recife. Auch wenn es effektiv nur drei Tage sind, die ich die WM in Deutschland verbringen werden, muss natürlich trotzdem das Auto geschmückt werden.... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg October 30th 2013

Stuttgart to Heidelberg via Heilbronn Germany 29 Oct 2013 On this Tuesday, we woke up to rain but it wasn’t too cold. Our camp site was 10 minutes walk from the Mercedes Benz Museum so that was our 1st destination in Stuttgart. We found it with no problems because it was huge! We walked past a big soccer stadium on the way, which was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. There was also a massive area where the city holds expos and major fairs and exhibitions next to the camp site. One would expect a pretty spectacular building from Mercedes Benz….and we got it! There were 8 floors (9 levels and 16,500 sq m)of displays covering the chronological history of the M-B vehicles starting in 1886, and how they influences the cultures and history of countries to which they ... read more
300 SEL 6.3 in Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013  (1)
300 SEL 6.3 in Mercedes Benz Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013  (2)
Mercedes Benz 1st car in Museum Stuttgart Germany 29 Oct 2013

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg August 30th 2012

Die wärmste Stadt Deutschlands - Da muss ich natürlich hin - und ich bin sehr positiv überrascht: Heidelberg ist eine ganz tolle Spanien - Alternative! Mit mediteranen Flair und angenehmen Temperaturen lässt es sich hier wunderbar aushalten. Auch die vielen kleinen Seitengassen sowie die wundervolle Altstadt machen Heidelberg zu einem tollen Wohnort. Hier würd ich mich doch ganz dolle wohlfühlen :-) Auch der Ausblick vom Schloss ist in Abenddämmerung einfach nur herrlich - da waren die 315 Treppenstufen auch egal, die man hochgehen muss ;-)... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg August 6th 2012

AUGUST 6 We had a relaxed pace (finally) and spent most of the day up at the Heidelberg Castle, touring and enjoying the city views. We were successful in finding Bryan a Bierstein, which will remind him for years of all the delicious German beers he has enjoyed during this trip. Our last night in Germany!... read more
Part of Heidelberrg Castle

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg August 5th 2012

AUGUST 5 We each have one reason for never wanting to move to Europe: Hanna does not like that almost everyone smokes in public places and Bryan could not live without his Canucks! Nevertheless, Hanna had to drag Bryan out of München to head for Heidelberg. The town is a cute historic river city, and after a stroll around we enjoyed some cold bevies on the river on a barge restaurant. Later, we decided to do like the locals and eat dinner (pizza!) in the park with a bottle of wine. The view was spectacular and we were happy not to be in a restaurant! Bryan read about a bar that serves 110 different whiskeys, so we headed there and stayed much longer than we had planned! It turned out to be a local dive bar ... read more
2012 Honeymoon 2012 08 05 3610
2012 Honeymoon 2012 08 05 3611


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg July 28th 2012

Nachdem ich am relativ kurzfristig das Go für das Kundenprojekt bekommen habe, durfte ich mich erst mal brav hinsetzen und jede Menge Formulare ausfüllen und mich um einen Konsulatstermin kümmern. Ein netter Herr am Telefon hat mir, für die geringe Gebühr von 1,79€ p.M, einen Termin im Frankfurter Konsulat am Montag den 17. Juli gegeben. Die Päckchen-Odyssee Als ich am Freitag vor dem Konsulatstermin immer noch keine unterlegen aus Amerika hatte (zugeschickt von Fragomen), bin ich sehr nervös geworden. Immerhin wollte man ja am Wochenende an den Bodensee fahren. Ein Anruf bei Fedex hatte dann bestätigt, das Paket hängt in Ulm fest, dank falscher Postleitzahl. Da es keine andere Möglichkeit gab, das Paket vor dem Termin im Konsulat zu bekommen, habe ich das Auto eines unserer Manager ausgeliehen und habe mich von Heidelberg auf den Weg ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg July 14th 2012

Like the previous day, we left Pension Bruns at 9 o’clock. Mark went to the bank in the station to get his traveller cheques exchanged. I had checked the timetable for departure at the station and learnt that the train for Heidelberg would depart from the platform 12. However, the train didn’t turn up even though my watch indicated at 10:10. Then, in a few minutes later, the gentlemen in the Deutsche Bahn uniform came to us and told us that the IC train for Heidelberg would depart from the platform 6. The train left Frankfurt slightly later than scheduled. The IC train brought us to Heidelberg just after 11 o’clock. We found the tourist information centre around the station and bought “one day Heidelberg Welcome Card”. It was €11 each, and included transports in Heidelberg, ... read more
Heidelberg Old Town
Pharmacy Museum

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg April 20th 2012

Hello all, It has been too long since my last entry but some recent thoughts have prompted an entry. Why does it always come back around to sensations... It seems like the answer to everything. Go ahead think of a question that doesn't boil down to sensations. Why did I do this? Why did I act like that? Why did I think, experience, attempt, acquire, act, or react. If you examine yourself close enough I would imagine that you might find as I have that you did such thing for a sensation, either one that you were experiencing at that moment or one that you hoped to acquire thru said action. As babies we all spend the first few years of our lives learning the lessons of sensation... and reacting to them. In most cases we ... read more
Croatia II

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg September 9th 2011

TRAVEL DAY – WITH EXTRAS Today was mainly a travel day to get us from northern Europe closer to the main part of our tour, it wasn’t a day wasted though as our trip to Heidelberg included an hour and a half boat cruise down the Rhine River. We left Amsterdam early and headed for the Dutch/German border; again we passed through some of the WW2 battlefields, including the area of the ‘Bridge to Far’. Before we knew it we were in Deutschland! We stopped for lunch at the pretty Rhine side village of Boppard. I think I’m going to like Germany – there two favourite food groups are Beer and Sausage –HEAVEN! We had a bratwurst (sausage) for lunch – Jeanette tried a bit of German –not too successful but the shop assistance was rather ... read more
Cruising the Rhine
Heidelberg Castle

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg September 6th 2011

What do I want? What will make me happy? Nothing, nothing, nothing Nothing! Hüsker Dü Heidelberg has something to offer for everyone: If you're a Chinese tourist, you don't have to go out of your way to experience the town's gorgeous two sights. Just stay in line, follow the group and listen to the tour guide's elaborate explanations. Try to take at least 700 photos in two hours. Locals are just there for decorative purposes, so stare and point at the ones that are either very tall or very hairy and shove your oversized lens in their faces. When the guide recommends a certain type of chocolate, you better buy lots to give him or her some face. To wrap up the visit, join the group at the town's best Chinese restaurant, where the owner will ... read more
View on the Old Town from the Castle
O sushi et al.
Minerva's shield

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