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Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen June 14th 2013

The armada of Rouen, every 4 or 5 years, gather a lot of ships coming from all the world. This year, from Russia, France, Brasil, Poland, Mexico, Sweden, The netherlands, The united kingdom, Bulgaria, Portugal, Oman, and Germany. That's the worst time to visit Rouen due to the mass of people in the city, you can't drive, you can't park, you can't ride bike...Paris it's a ghost city compared to Rouen during Armada ! So, be prepare ! But, if you like ships, especially, the old ones, that's the best moment ! The ships are just amazing, really huge. At first, it seems like toys, because you can't realize the fact that ships were like this before ! So much cordons everywhere, huge voiles, and...made in woods ! The city offers free water, but if you ... read more
View from the right dock
Amazing inside
A french military ship

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen June 4th 2013

I bought train tickets to Rouen for us in advance, but Luda was unable to accompany me because of sickness, and it was such a happy coincidence, as we'll shortly see. This time Luda made for me some sandwiches, which we found to be an excellent way of sustenance, tasty, cheap, and fast. The train was due to depart at 10.40 or so, but when I came to Gare St. Lazare and observed the information display, a feeling crept all over me that something went wrong, because there were captions “retard indefinit” – we can translate the second word, and deduce the meaning of the first one, ‘delayed indefinitely’: meaning that train would not depart for an unknown amount of time, maybe an hour, maybe two, maybe three… There were public address notifications delivered in French ... read more
Abbaye de Saint Ouen
Abbaye de Saint Ouen

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen May 8th 2013

I only managed to get about 4 hours sleep last night as I'm so paranoid I'll sleep in. It's always the same when I know I need to get up at a certain time, so I toss and turn in a light sleep until the alarm finally goes off at 7.30am. It's officially what the scots would class as a 'minging' day - cold, grey and raining. We definitely feel like we're on our way home. The roads are horrible as we make our way to Calais, and the windscreen wiper nearly comes off again. Not ideal when pissing with rain, and we'll definitely need to get that sorted when we get back. Hold on Charlie- not much longer now! The plan is to get to Calais early so we can go to the Carrefour supermarket ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen May 7th 2013

The thought of driving for at least 10 hours today is not inspiring me to get going, but we're on the home stretch now and needs must. As much as we've had a great and really eye-opening tour of Spain, I think we're both ready to head home and just relax for a while. I think Charlie also feels the same. I used to mock people who went on about getting home to 'have a cup of tea, put a washing on and put their feet up' but now I get it- I can think of nothing better either (N.B - for the youngsters amongst you out there, it will happen to you one day too, I can almost guarantee it will happen, so no mocking!). We once again try and phone the hotel in Rouen ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen July 17th 2012

Day #8 - Rouen, France and Mantry, France (Middle of nowhere) - Revenge of Weird Beard We woke up this morning nice and early so we could get a good start in Rouen, France. Rouen is an interesting town with a lot of history. Most recently it was one of the most devastated French cities during WWII. Nearly 50% of the city was bombed and the city was completely on fire in 1940 for a period of 48 hours because the German army would not allow fire crews to put out the fires. You can see much of the effects of this fire and the bombings still today, many buildings are black with soot and fire damage. The most impressive building in town is the Rouen Cathedral. It was built in the 15th century with many ... read more
Stained Glass
Quaint Rouen Street
Napoleon (If you know your Francais Histoir


Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen May 12th 2012

Today’s blog will not have a Today’s eats section, not because we didn’t eat, but because the food truly deserves to be blogged about in its entirety. We awoke in side the walls of Mont-St. Michel to a beautiful cloud free bright sunny day. We showered, packed and headed to breakfast. I have previously blogged that breakfast in France and many European countries is not a big affair, typically croissants, fruit and coffee (hence the term continental breakfast in the United States). Today however was much more. Yes there were the croissants, half baguettes, juice, yogurt, but there was so much more. There was, as in Chateau Criessel, the ham and cheese platter, scrambled eggs and bacon, freshly made crepes to stuff with your choice of fillings, granola, cereals, bread for toast, fresh fruit and my ... read more
The Cloisters
Stained Glass
One last look

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen September 24th 2011

Rouen What an adventure. Again, sorry with the delay, guys! It's my usual procrastination this time. It's like the coffee addiction: I could get better if I wanted to!!! So, without further ado... Rouen is a city roughly the size of Lancaster, but a little bigger. It's the capital of the Haute-Normandie region, that is to say, the capital of "Upper Normandy county," in English. The day we were here, there was a large fair going on, with lots of booths from different social organizations, things like UNICEF and Amnesty International. They had a huge stage set up for various local performers. It was a good day weather-wise for the trip, and whatever was going on in Rouen helped get us through the generic cathedral-monarchy-church business tour...I have to say, I don't think I can handle ... read more
Cathedral at Rouen II
Cathedral at Rouen III
Inside the Cathedral

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen September 6th 2011

Today lots of people from the cruise went to Paris. Mummy & daddy debated about it too, but we would only get 5 hours in the city so instead we headed to Rouen. It was a cool city. Really old with lots of old churches, most of which have been restored since being bombed during WW2. We even saw some churches which had bullet holes all over it. When I shouted inside one of them there was a big echo! Mummy and daddy enjoyed camembert sandwiches and pain aux chocolates whilst I had an Ella's kitchen!! Not fair! We were docked about at hour away from Rouen, at La Harve and we walked from the train station to the ship (about 3 miles). I was nice, warm, cozy and dry in my buggy, but it was ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen August 17th 2011

After an emotional day yesterday we were now ready for a quiet drive west to our next destination, Rouen. Originally we had intended to spend more time in the north of France but time is running out and there is far too much to see. So we decided on a quick glimpse of what we hope to see on our next trip. Our other priority was to get the car serviced. While travelling through Europe we have spotted the Peugeot sign everywhere. Now that we really need it we can’t find it. Leaving Lille we headed across the Somme area, now a peaceful and very productive farming region. The only signs of its horrific past are the ever present war cemeteries. If we stopped at each one, we would not make our destination on time. Farmers ... read more

Europe » France » Upper Normandy » Rouen August 4th 2010

We departed our berth just after 8.10 that morning to await the opening of the bridge and get through the locks to the mouth of the Seine in time to catch the tide we hoped would carry us to Rouen, some 65 miles upriver. As we waited for the bridge we found amusement in a couple next to the Vieux Bassin (harbour we were in). We watched them scurrying back and forth from the water’s edge to their camera which was rested on a bollard, trying desperately to get a holiday snap of themselves. Apparently this wasn’t all that easy - they completed the ritual at least 5 times whilst we were waiting and for all I know they’re still there. The lock on the way out was fun. On the way in the water had ... read more

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