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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 22nd 2014

Siste kvelden i Paris spiste vi en finere middag og delte, til og med, en dessert. Dette er vår siste dag på reisefot sammen (for denne gangen). Senere på kvelden har vi lagt i sengen og sett på bilder, mimret og snakket om de fantastiske folkene vi har møtt på turen. Vi er heldige som har hatt mulighet til å reise på en slik tur. Det er også helt utrolig at det er gått 3 uker allerede, samtidig som at vi har gjort så mye at det er vanskelig å tro at vi har gjort alt på bare 3 uker. Nå sitter vi igjen med blandede følelser om hjemreisen. Det kommer til å bli så deilig å komme hjem til egen seng, privatliv, til å ha klærene i et skap og hjemmelaget mat. Likevel blir det ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 21st 2014

På toget til Paris fikk jeg meg en liten beundrer. Ved siden av meg satt nemlig en mor med sønnen sin på fanget. Han var rundt 1-1,5 år og var veldig ivrig til å se på og leke med meg. Og mer enn en gang prøvde han å gå fra morens fang til mitt. Da vi nærmet oss Paris fikk jeg vite at Synnøve hadde avtalt med Austin og Ron, de to amrerikanerne vi lekte drikkeleker med i Praha, at vi skulle møte dem kl 18. Så då begynte stresset! Først fant vi ikke minibank på togstasjonen, og for å si det sånn er ikke togstasjonen liten. Så vi løp opp og ned, fram og tilbake og så etter minibanker. Til slutt viste det seg at det ikke var noen minibanker inne på selve togstasjonen... Etter ... read more
Og så spiser vi Paris også

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 10th 2014

July 10, 2014 - Paris, again - Wendy and I came to the conclusion that two “older” ladies, traveling on their own, really need a personal “Jean-Sebastian”, aged about 25-30, to do everything, including carrying their vast amounts of overweight luggage, for them. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one of these, and were reduced to schlepping all our stuff up and down stairs in train stations. Next time, we say to ourselves…. Upon arrival in Paris, we arrived in our TINY Ile St Louis apartment and got settled in, which included rearranging furniture so that Wendy wouldn’t encounter hazards in the middle of the night…Kevin had picked up a couple of Groupon coupons, similar to GrabOne in New Zealand, and the first one was for Brasserie du Louvre, in the Hotel du Louvre, part of the Hyatt ... read more
Chevre salad
The perfect steak

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 6th 2014

I've been waiting desperately for the end of June because that meant that the time has finally come to spend a week in France with my parents - mainly in Paris though. I've never really been to France, and I knew little about the country and its cities. I'm not saying that now I have more clue, after a week - don't expect miracles from one week, okay?! Although Dad has successfully proven that his weather-mantras were actually proofs that the Law of Attraction which he treats so skeptically - well, that might exist and work as well. I think that's a miracle on its own. The next miracle I'm telling you about in Paris, is that a transvestite is nicer and sooner to be there to help you out than a taxi driver I just ... read more
La Défense
Rainy Paris - the suburbs
La Défense - Business Centre

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 5th 2014

Day 19 - Hurry up and wait Concerned about the cancelled flights, and their affect on our travel, we headed off a bit early to the Orly Airport and were pleasantly surprised to find a light security line and empty gates. We found our flight just fine in Orly with only the expected number of security measures, but our connecting flight in Heathrow was a bit of a nightmare. We took a 20 min tram, went through the border at least twice, had biometrics taken, stopped at customs, walked for 15 more minutes, biometrics one more time, then walked for a final 10 minutes before reaching our gate, to find the plane was delayed. This was fortunate after all the lines we stood and Tony was able to read some more to Michelle. Once we finally ... read more
Hamster Pod
Leaving France


Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 4th 2014

Day 18 - PARIS in the Rain A bit of rain and a late start to the day had us missing breakfast all together this morning. We ventured into the city around lunchtime and found a cafe to eat at just as the next round of rain started. By the time we finished, so had the rain. We started toward Notre Dame Cathedral but by the time we got there the crowds were so big we just looked at the outside. There was a man who had coaxed a flock of sparrows to each from his hand and would set up tourists so that the birds would come to them too. We tried to get them to eat from us too but failed. From Notre Dame we tried to find the catacombs but got lost and ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 3rd 2014

Day 17 - PARIS in the Sun After a bit of a sleep in, we headed to Paris. The trip to the Eiffel Tower took a bit longer due to some temporary closures of the underground lines servicing the Eiffel Tower area (Summer seems a terrible time to close some of the busiest tourist stations, but C'est la vie). We were able to score tickets to the top of the tower only a few days in advance, which was very lucky. You really should buy them as soon as you can. All of us were very excited about the structure and mechanics of the various parts of the tower, especially the lifts. In case you didn't know... the Eiffel Tower is very tall. With nothing else around it nearly as tall, the impact of the ascent ... read more
Anne's Great Pic
Obligitory Post
We are going up THAT!

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 24th 2014

The train into Notre Dame took just under an hour and all six of us were well hungry by the time we got into town. The Herbys elected for crepes while Jo and I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and terrine from a cafe. The sandwich morphed into salami somewhere between order and arrival but the terrine was pretty good... anything tastes pretty good on proper French bread. The Herbys crossed the road to take a look at Notre Dame but as we'd been there a few days previously we elected to stay in the cafe and watch the rows of tour busses honk horns at each other for blocking the intersection. The queues were too long to get into Notre Dame so it wasn't long before Nik and family returned. Our waiter picked a ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 11th 2014

L'Australie. Ce pays qui fait rêver tant de jeunes dans le monde entier, qui symbolise l'aventure et le défi, était également sur notre wishlist. Après un changement de plans imprévu - dû aux stricts quotas de PVT (Permis Vacances-Travail) pour le Canada - nous avons en avril 2014 laissé tomber les caribous pour les kangourous. Ces derniers étant plus faciles à rejoindre. C'est ainsi que nous nous sommes retrouvés avec 60 kg de bagages à l'aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle le 11 juin 2014. Enfin le grand départ! Qui commença par un long voyage de 34 heures...... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris June 10th 2014

Encore quelques jours avant le grand départ pour la France ! Visiterai Paris pendant deux semaines (séparées), avec un séjour en Normandie pour un autre deux semaines. A few days before I leave for a month-long trip in France. Will be visiting Paris for two weeks (separated), and will be driving in Normandy for another two weeks.... read more

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