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Hmmm apparently my last post... didn't post. This weekend ran away to the beach in Leon. Met up with my volunteers who had medical stuff on Thursday, and I have mine today... so a weekend at the beach was a good compromise. Now I'm back in Managua. Went to have a chest xray because of my bronchial coughing in the mornings when it's cold. Fun. Then to the dentist for a cleaning. Had a cavity. That sucks. But she filled it, no prob. I do have to say, though, that I am impressed where PC sends us. They are all super fachenta and I usually feel underdressed from the richest of rich Managua men and women who are decked out to go to the doctor or wherever. Which is great since we are in a developing ... read more

Por fin!! After about two months of orientation and language school we are finally here in our house in Managua! It is VERY exciting! We arrived last Sunday morning and have spent the week setting up the house and getting to know the different projects Cantera has. It has been very exciting but exhausting at the same time. Cantera has a great variety of projects located all through-out the city and in surrounding towns and rural communities. Right now there are about 10 different projects in which I would love to work! We are hoping to have a better idea of our specific assignments by the end of next week. In addition to getting to know Cantera, we have also been trying to get to know our neighborhood (barrio) and neighbors (vecinos). I’ll fill you in ... read more

Day 2 started with Sarah and I waking up slightly earlier than the other girls and going for a walk down to the water. It wasn't a long walk and there wasn't much to see down there. There was a bit of a beach but nothing exciting. We could tell from our half hour walk though, that it was going to be a HOT day! After breakfast at the hotel, we walked down to the Bearded Monkey where we had signed up for a day trip to The Monkey Hut. On our walk we ran into a local parade in early celebration of independence day (Sept 15). Once at The Bearded Monkey, we paid our money to register for the trip, then went to an internet cafe to catch up on e-mails before heading off for ... read more
Walk to the Beach
Local Parade
The Monkey Hut

Well. So yesterday I called the office about this chagas business and some other things that have been going on, and they were like, sure, but you need to come tomorrow and be here by 11am. The problem with that is that the first bus out of my community at 6:30 lets me take the 7:45 expresso which doesn't even arrive in Managua until 11:30. So my alarm went off at 4:00am and I was walking down the mountain by 4:40 in the darkness before dawn. And I got on an expresso that got to Managua on time. However, having not eaten, I stopped at a stand in the bus station to buy a sandwhich, and in the 10 seconds that my hand was on my money bag and not on my backpack, someone ROBBED MY ... read more

Voor we aan de grens van Nicaragua kwamen, zei de buschauffeur dat we aan de grens moesten zeggen dat we naar Costa Rica zouden gaan en niet Nicaragua. Zogezegd zo gedaan; de hele bus loog over hun bestemming, op de enkelen die echt naar Costa Rica gingen na. Kwestie van tijd sparen legde hij ons uit. Lang de Pan American Highway zie je ongeschonden landschappen: veel losse bomen in velden met grote keien en in de verte zie je ook vulkanen. Vlakbij Managua is er ook een groot meer, maar dat is niet HET meer van Nicaragua, want dat ligt bij Granada. In Managua zelf vochten de taxichauffeurs weer om wie me zou meenemen voor hoeveel. Ik had zin om te lopen want de hostel lag niet ver van het busstation, maar er werd hevig geschud ... read more


Ensimmaisen paivan ilta taalla oli ihana. Olimme olleeet maassa vasta alle 24 tuntia ja loysimme itsemme soittamasta birimbauta, tamburiinia, quiroa ja muita kapuloita capoeira-tunnilla. Emman ystava, Yerina, asuu ja on toissa Managuassa, joten saimme heti paikallisen kontaktin. Ilta meni iloisesti ja kuumasti. Pasi soitti ja lauloi portugaliksi ja mina capoeirasin jonkin aikaa, kunnes tuli liian hiki ja liityin musikantteihin. Siita lahdimme Yerinan kanssa paikalliseen Reggae-baariin. Maistelimme paikallista olutta ja paasimme ottamaan osaa paikalliseen kuumaan keskustelunaiheeseen: Kumpi on parempaa Victoria- vai Toña-olut? Pasi on Victoria-miehia, mina taasen asetun Toña-puolueeseen. Soimme, juttelimme, nauroimme ja hengailimme. Ei olisi voinut olla parempaa alkua matkallemme. Hasta pronto! Laura... read more

KLM on niin hyva lentoyhtio. Pitkalla Atlantin ylilennolla saimme nauttia hyvasta ruoasta. Kaikkein parasta olivat omat pienet tietokoneet istuimissa, joista voi valita elokuvia, peleja, kielikursseja, musiikkia jne. Katsoin kolme elokuvaa: The Changeling, Lukija ja Vicky Christina Barcelona. Lukijassa itkin niin, etta piti piiloutua matkatyynyn alle. Onneksi koneen humina peitti ujelluksen. Panamassa lentaminen alkoi jo ottaa koville. Vaihto sujui nopeasti ja pian istuimme taas koneessa. Enaa 1,5 tuntia lentoa ja olisimme perilla. Istuimme jo mukavasti paikoillamme valmiina lahtoon, kun kapteeni kuulutti, etta koko kone on tyhjennettava ja vaihdettava toiseen koneeseen "Hay una problema". Hyva, etta huomasivat probleemin siina vaiheessa... Tama tiesi muutamaa tuntia lisaa matka-aikaan. 24 tunnin valveillaolon jalkeen saavuimme Managuan kentalle. Jonot olivat pitkat ja hitaat, k... read more

When we arrived in the capital of Nicaragua from El Salvador we decided to head straight for the city of Granada for a few days. We both felt that we needed a couple of days in the same place and it also meant that we could do all the boring things like laundry etc. Granada is another colonial city and was very pretty. On our first full day there we explored the city, climbed up the bell tower of one of the churches for views of the volcano from the city (it was so lovely and cool compared to the humidity on the ground that we managed to stay up there for about 20 minutes) and generally just relaxed in the city. The next day we headed to Masaya which is supposed to have the best ... read more
View from the bell tower
View from the bell tower
Big  Corn

So I'm new to this travelblog business... this first post is a test post before I head out on my Central American trip and continue this ridiculous travelblog business there... thanks for playing! I am traveling with good friends Kevin Martinico, Robert Schock, and Jon Moga (who has been down in the area for a few months). When I first shared with friends and family that I would be travelling to Nicaragua for an adventure trip, a few thought it was fantastic. Most everyone else said, "Are you nuts??!!" In particular my mom said when I first told her, "I'll put you on the church prayer list" and my Dad says repeatedly when I make mention of the trip, "I don't want to talk about it." The country is relatively calm compared to past years (i.e. ... read more
Martinico and me Drew
San Juan del Sur

In the office in Managua after a long three day workshop about community banks in Esteli. Leave for DF MEXICO TOMORROW AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING!!!!!!!!!!! More on that adventure as it happens. But for now, some more photos... I am supa excited for DF because.... - i will get to see arielle's city!!!! - dark senses of humor - mexican food. flavor. non nicaraguan food. - coffee that is not the coffee at my house - riding the metro - dear god i'm excited for the pollution of a proper city - trying out my spanish in another latin country - hanging out in my pjs at the apartment with my wiiiiiife - being a proper tourist and sooooooooo much more! ... read more
my new lacoste
eyebrows, my host sister
cousin, lenin, host mom, eyebrows

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