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Day trip to Negril at the western tip of Jamaica with miles of picturesque sandy beaches and a rocky headland at the most western point. Attraction: beaches, lighthouse and cliff faced accommodation and bars of which Rick's cafe has earned international recognition. ... read more
Rick' Cafe
Fresh air
Rick's Cafe pool

Say Ahhhh! Sunset on the beach With massive amount of rum’ and excellent quantity in relaxation… …herbs’ do take on interpretations of their own No agony just pure ecstasy Especially those borneth some 18+ ago… …where are you? Jamaica! Because tranquility is this island’s best fragrance A destination that is worth exploring Jamaica! Continue undergoing profound changes Nouveau… …one’ of the true treasures in the Caribbean-West Indies… …faster pace than most other islands found in this hemisphere They drive faster here They cuss’ more with each other in continuous friendly gesture’… …if one is visiting for the first time Such an experience could throw one a curve in wrong assumptions One might have the incorrect impression… …Jamaica populous is one ‘fightful’ nation Nothing could be further from the truth Don’t be... read more

Our B&B was perfectly positioned to take full advantage of the incredible views of Montego Bay and the cruise ships that slide by, but alas, no picture perfect sunsets presented. We were lucky enough to get a room upgrade as we were the only tennants during our stay and we were well looked after. The accommodation was the best of our trip and the fruit platter entree to breakfast was outstanding. Re my earlier comment about mangoes, I've found the best mangoes in the Caribbean; probably the world; they hang from a tree in the backyard of the B&B at 13 Cornish Road Montego Bay. Attraction: Proximity to Hip street and it's restaurants and bars and Dr. Caves beach. Doctor Caves beach is only a couple of hundred metres long but has a deeper and more ... read more
Montego bay View
Doctor caves beach
Doctor Caves beach

Arrived Ochos Rios midday by overland bus from Kingston - nice bus and trip with the road very narrow and mountainous. I have no idea how the driver did it. The hand on the horn approaching every corner had a very clear message - get out of the way. With a cruise ship in the harbour on arrival I knew we were going to be up against it (crowds) when visiting the Dunne's River Falls; didn't count on the whole of Jamaica starting school holidays two days earlier than scheduled. On the bright side we were able to get lost among the crowd to not be too much prey to the ever present souvenir hawkers. The falls climb was good although Lesia was not so sharing in my enthusiasm. The cruise ship left allowing us (we ... read more
Beach Ochos Rios
Dunns River Falls
Dunns River Falls

Jamaïque Pour débuter je voudrais vous décrire notre pire navigation depuis le début du voyage. Nous sommes parti de Santiago de Cuba, j'avais pris la météo la veille et les vents annoncé était de 15 kn avec des vagues de 6 pi. Bon pas la perfection mais pas si mal. Juste avant de partir, la météo a changé et le vent est devenu 20 kn et les vagues à 8 pi. Et la direction était de face. Nous avons décidé de partir quand même car le dédouanement n'est pas facile et le bateau devenait de plus en plus sale à cause de la pollution de la baie. En partant de Cuba j'ai décidé de diminuer ma voile avant et d'installer un foc sur mon étai largable qui réduirait la gîte. La corde de l'enrouleur du génois ... read more
Port Antonio
L'Eau-Dace 4 sous l'arc-en-ciel
paysage de détente


Central America Caribbean » Jamaica » Ocho Rios February 15th 2011

Jamaica is beautiful, Ocho Rios is tropical and I’ve never seen such clear waters! You can see to the bottom of the ocean! Ocho Rio's population: 14,000, Jamaica: 2.7mill. Jamaicans are generally Farmers or Teachers. They have two school sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, because there are just too many kids. Tamara(Serbia) and I went to a beach called Mahogany Bay, (I will add some pictures soon) did some kayaking and just spent the rest of the time swimming. We were also in Nassau, Bahamas, but I was working, so I couldn't get off, but it is just as beautiful there, can't wait to have my day off in Nassau ... read more

Xmas Day 2010 Sandals Whitehouse Westmoreland, Jamaica... read more

4:30 in the morning...fresh made croissants are waiting to be eaten for breakfast we are passing over "alice shoal" 16-03N 079-28W with 5 knots speed course providencia. that was a beautifull bright moonlight night;-)... read more

Central America Caribbean » Jamaica January 20th 2011

We find the transition from plane to ship painless. The whole process is smooth and well organised, such a contrast from ski-ing holidays and the usual bun-fight at Geneva airport with skis, luggage, coaches and private cars. And yes our luggage, which we had parted with at Glasgow airport did turn up outside our cabin door. Going in our air-conditioned coach we catch our first glimpse of Jamaica. I have a sense of disappointment. It looks shabbier than I had expected. The ships photographer is waiting to photograph us as we go on board. After a long flight we are not in the mood for this for we are feeling tired and dishelleved. However, we agree. Over dinner in the self-service restaurant meet some other guests. They had alreaady been on board for several days. No, ... read more
Ann in Caribbean

sailing to PROVIDENCIA/COLOMBIA we left port antonio/jamaica at 10:45 this morning and since then we are under full sails heading westwards the round the westtip of jamaica and then go straight course to providencia. we are 16souls on board. the wind is 15 knots from the east and we do 4 knots and right now the sun stets behind western jamaica........ read more

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