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Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana February 7th 2013

Getting up at 7am was pretty difficult again but the class went by reasonably fast. I was starving by the break and tried to find the school canteen. Something I was doubtful even existed. When it comes to food, I've learnt to have low expectations. However, there was a canteen that sold some form of corn snacks which tided me over! The canteen and common room wasn't pretty but better than nothing! And on the wall as you entered was a condom machine so everyone could see you buying condoms while having their lunch! After class, the Hungarian girl, Esther and the other girls and I went for lunch in a little place called Colina. Esther is nearly 40 but looks half her age thanks to her raw food diet. She literally only eats salad and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Este » Santiago de Cuba February 6th 2013

Day 464 Thursday 17th January Camaguey hadn’t exactly rang any bells for us so it isn’t too sad to leave, but to be honest the town was only really a stepping stone for us to get to Santiago de Cuba. The casa we are staying in is lovely and the eating area is one of the best and this morning we had an extra friend to share the experience with. Cuba and in particular this area of Cuba has a lot of cattle and with cattle comes flies and some of the more persistent buggers reside in this town but to help us get rid of them we had a little green lizard. The garden area was full of them and this morning we had a small (70mm head to tail) lizard ... read more
Santiago de Cuba

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Santa Clara February 4th 2013

Day 461 Monday 14th January We woke up to glorious sunshine and the prospect of a huge day of sightseeing in Santa Clara. After reading the Lonely Planet again we discovered the Che Memorial is not open today so we have to do that tomorrow and then over breakfast Maria told us the Cigar factory was closed for the Christmas holidays till the 19th so no tours were running. After this we had a shortened plan for the day which included lots of walking. During breakfast Maria rang and reserved bus tickets for tomorrow to the next town and rang the next Casa to make a booking for us; it is so easy travelling this way. The first destination was Monumento a la Toma del Tren Blindado where the 18 rebels from ... read more
Santa Clara
Santa Clara
Santa Clara

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad February 3rd 2013

Day 457 Thursday 10th January Today Mario and Mercedes from our Casa put on another great spread for breakfast before we started into our packing. Our bus wasn’t till 11am so we had plenty of time to get ourselves sorted and pay our bill. At 10.30 Mario told us his son couldn’t drive us down to where the bus was leaving because he was at the dentist but he would get his neighbour to drive us. His neighbour rolled up driving a battered 1952 Chev that he had to hot wire start it with two wires hanging out from the dash. Mario came down town with us and he laughed all the way about the state his neighbour’s car was in and all the things he had to do to keep it ... read more

Day 453 Sunday 6th January Up at 7 and finishing off our packing, before hoisting our bags and preparing to leave our Havana home. We checked out at 8 and it looked as if we had dragged poor Lisette out of bed. Yesterday she had done some laundry for us and we later discovered that Grandma had actually done it and by hand and when we checked out she wasn’t going to charge us for it….god if only all our accommodation had been this good. Of course we gave her some extra for this service, I mean poor Grandma has not only had to do laundry but also let us in at midnight, she deserved something. Our bus was leaving from the Seville hotel, which was a ten minute walk and with ... read more
Playa Giron
Playa Giron


Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 22nd 2013

It is worth visiting Cuba just to see vibrant but decaying Havana with its wonderful old colonial and neo classical buildings. However to drive around Cuba gives the opportunity to explore the country and experience Cuban life outside of Havana. Previous blogs describe our tour to Vinales in the West of Cuba, Playa Giron and the Bay of Pigs, Trinidad and Cayo Coco. Hire car costs were similar to Europe. We hired a Kia. Petrol at 1.4 Cuban Convertible Pesos per litre was much less than European petrol prices. The roads outside of Havana were very quiet and you could cruise along at a steady 100km/hour. After leaving the "Autopista" main highway routes you had to be careful to avoid the occasional pothole. The main worry was the slow moving traffic such as horses and carts. ... read more
Traffic in Havana 1
Traffick in Havana 2
Transport in Trindad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 21st 2013

Arrived in Havana Cuba late afternoon on Saturday after a perfectly smooth Virgin flight. First impressions are a city in a time warp. Crumbling old buildings, broken pavements, old polluting American cars cruising the streets and scruffy, dress down locals. But the smell and sounds of the city are brilliant. An intoxicating mix of car fumes and uncollected rubbish and the sounds of Cuban music from the local bars. This place is alive and its pulsating. Have spent 2 full days sight seeing in the old and new parts of the city. First on foot then a guided tour in a 1948 convertible American Buick. Our throats are still sore from the fumes coming out the back. Today, took a taxi to a local beach in the morning and did nothing much at all after that. ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad January 15th 2013

Exploring Trinidad, a stop over in Cammaguay and on to Santiago de Cuba Leaving behind a vibrant city like Havana was sad and inevitable, but nonetheless we picked up our little Kia rental car and made our way south and east. Driving in this island nation isn’t challenging from automobile traffic standpoint, but rather from keeping an eye on everything else, like horse carts, hitchhikers, pot holes and trying to find any kind of directional signs. We were off to see some more of this beautiful nation and chose to drive east in search of more sights and adventure. The road out of Havana had three lanes in each direction for a good portion of the voyage. One thing was missing however…..traffic. Seems that the Russians built this highway for the Cubans, but of course ... read more
Cuban Coastline
Lovely view of Trinidad
Sunset near Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana January 14th 2013

We have been back home for a few days, celebrating Christmas, and on December 28th we took a long and turbulent flight to Havana. Most of time Zoe was scared during the flight. We arrived in Havana airport, it took Gyanendra for some time to get in. It seems they have never seen a Nepalese tourist before. We spent one day in Havana, walking around the atmospheric streets for hours. It is the first non-european city we see which is not extremely chaotic and nice to stroll around (and easy to find your way!). There are also no "no-go" neighborhoods and we didn't feel unsafe for a second (not only in Havana but in the whole country). The next day we shared a taxi with two other tourists (because the busses were fully booked) to Trinidad, ... read more
Snorkelling close to Trinidad

Central America Caribbean » Cuba January 13th 2013

On our car drive from Trinidad to Cayo Coco we passed through some lovely countryside, especially on the way to Sancti Spiritus. We bumped over several railway tracks and through sugar cane plantations and farming areas. We reached the 32km long causeway to Cayo Coco and the guards at the causeway control point wanted to see our passports. They were not very friendly but we were allowed to pass and start the long causeway drive. We saw lots of birds including a pelican and many gulls. We arrived at Memories Hotel and enjoyed our welcome drink. Unfortunately we were in the wrong hotel! We had gone to Memories Flamenco Hotel by mistake and our hotel Memories Caribe was 1km away. We met 2 friendly Canadians in the reception area. They were checking out after a 2 ... read more
val on the beach
feathered friend
resident heron

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