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Or at least, I think it is. The Eternal Children's Rainforest (or El Bosque Eterno de Los Ninos - it sounds better in Spanish) is a preserve created by schoolchildren around the world. Mainly it is reserved as a wild place, but there is one trail, that we could pick up near our hotel, called "Sendero Bajo De Tigre". I believe we breakfasted at Stella's Bakery that day, and continued up the road to the turnoff. We were being followed by a Dalmatian with a fresh wound on his leg. When he ran, he would pick up that leg and run with three legs. Generally he seemed friendly and inclined to be with us, although we had not fed him. However, walking to the reserve, Kai had his first encounter with unfriendly "woof-woofs". The dalmatian drew ... read more

Om 7u vertrekken we richting ferry om dan weer anderhalf uur terug te varen naar het vasteland. Deze keer heb ik een hele bank op het bovendek voor mij alleen. Mijn rugzak is een ideaal hoofdkusssen. Zalig, zoals zoveel dingen zalig zijn hier. Het enige wat soms lastig is dat we aan zo'n strakke timing vastzitten. Meestal springen we van de ene bus op de andere, van de bus op de ferry en omgekeerd. Er is weinig tijd om rustig te ontdekken. Vaak heb ik zin om te zeggen: “Hier stap ik af, want het ziet er hier fijn uit. Ik kom wel achterna.” Maar dat is dus geen optie. We moeten samen blijven en het logboek volgen. En sommige reizigers in de groep zijn supergetimed. Ze willen exact weten wanneer de volgende bus er zal ... read more
Sunset in Monteverde
On our way to Monteverde

On Monday, our first full day in Monteverde (as we had spent the previous day wrangling with a rental car company to get the right size vehicle - i.e. ginormous in spite of our attempts to "pack light" and driving up the insane road to Monteverde, then settling into the house and going grocery shopping) - we decided to make our introduction to the rainforest with the hanging bridges at Selvatura. Selvatura is essentially an all-purpose cloudforest theme park, with prices to match. They have hummingbird and butterfly gardens, zip lines, hanging bridges, a huge gift shop and a restaurant. We went only for the hanging bridges, but I could see that some people - coming to Monteverde for one night only - would be able to hit all the hot spots in this one place. ... read more

After crossing the ferry to Puntareanas again we started our drive up the mountain to Monteverde. We'd been told that the road was one of the worst in Costa Rica and we were questioning just how it COULD get worse when we were pleasantly surprised to find the first half of our drive to be on one of the best roads so far. Then we took the turn to Monteverde and finished the paved road and began our trek averaging 10 mph on the dirt, rocky, winding road (this doesn't begin to explain how bad it really was). After about an hour, we arrived and found our motel called Rustic Lodge. The town is down the hill from us but then everything is on a hill so you're either going up or down to someplace. We've ... read more
jungle bridges
jungle bridges
begonias in bloom at the Selatura park

Finca de Magdalena was about a Km from where we got off the bus in Balgue. Dario went and hired a bike to ride to the farm and ask for availability and prices. He returned a while later... bloody and dirty!! He had managed to hit a rock coming down the hill and went over his handlebars. Nurse Jess had the task of cleaning and bandaging! The patient meanwhile got offered spirits from the locals and bought himself a beer to manage the pain. A farmer from Magdalena came and met us later on his horse to take our big bags up the hill so we didnt have to carry them all the way, which was luck,y, it was further than I thought! The farm was just what we needed, hammocks on a large deck looking ... read more
Finca Magdalena
Finca Magdalena
Finca Magdalena

Advertisement Es mas facil poner todas las entradas en español en un lugar. besos... read more

Last time we were talking I was planning on leaving Nosara. This did happen, eventually. I woke up at 6 am with the sound of the growling monkeys echoing in my ears, I rolled out of bed, I did my best at getting into my bathers and I walked out of the driveway leaving the rest of solo bueno fast asleep and dreaming. I stubbed my toe, again, and I fell over. No one was there to comfort me. It hurt. Even more than the second time. I now have an infected, black toe. The beach was absolutely magnificant on this particular morning. There really is nothing better than being on a deserted beach. Just you and the wide open sea. I think I counted two surfers, which for an early morning ocean swimmer is just ... read more
one of the girls getting ready to flyyyy...
let there be DUST!

As the crow flies, Monteverde is a stones throw from La Fortuna – the other side of a huge volcanic lake. However driving there took over 5 hours on first a windy, paved road and then about 30 km on possibly the most consistently bad, rocky road we have ever driven on. Montverde is the home of what is called “cloud forest” – which is high altitude (+1700m) rainforest. It earns the name cloud forest due to the incredibly high humidity – which translates into daily cloud, mist and rain. The day started with a lovely serene guided walk through a well maintained 2 km path through the cloud forest. Our guide – Laura – was a font of an amazing array of facts and information on the forest and its animals – most of which ... read more
when pozoti attack

We arrived in Monteverde at around 11am. We had picked up the 6.30am bus from San Jose after spending a night in Gaudy's Backpackers in San Jose. While there I caused Del to go hungry by assuring her that a full foot long (I forget the metric measurements) sandwich in Subway would be too much for her and she was far better off with the small size. Big mistake. I didn't hear the end of it until I'd bought her a pain au chocolat, chocolat doughnut and coco flan from one of the most well stocked corner shops I've ever been in. The ride to Monteverde, which is high in the northern, coffee growing, mountains of Costa Rica, was bumpy, winding and long. It did offer good views though the higher we climbed. Happily, the public ... read more
Del and Bayo

Sorry for the big delay. So this past week was absolutely crazy with 3 concerts in 3 days. The first concert, on Thursday, was canceled due to the choir from Panama not being able to get here in time. That concert was supposed to be held in the University and I was planning to run over after my dance class, but sadly it was not to be. :p Friday was for the Susan G. Korman Breast Cancer Association here in Costa Rica. It was a lot of fun and we ended up traveling to this Childrens Museum in San Jose that was actually a former prison. It was really pretty amazing to see the entrance at night because they lit torches down this huge tunnel you needed to walk through to enter the museum. You got ... read more
crazy friends

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