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Happily, and luckily, married to a cute, younger spanish-born lady, now an American citizen. Computer Programmer by day and carpenter wannabe by night.

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Costa Rica 2013: Day 16: On Our Way Home: Well, we got up at 4:30am to get our ride to the airport at 5am. After paying our exit fee of $29 each to leave costa Rica, we boarded our Delta flight to Atlanta, almost an hour late. Fortunately, we'd left a couple ours of layover in Atlanta before our flight to Pensacola, so we didn't have to rush to the next flight. The flight to Pensacola was pretty much full, with a lot of new Sailors that just graduated from Great Lakes and were on their way to Pensacola for aviation-related A schools. We arrived safe and sound in Pensacola and were picked up by our oldest daughter Monica and grandson Kevin. It was great to be back home. Our trip to Costa Rica was a ... read more

Costa Rica 2013: Day 15: Alajuela Day 2: We verified where we were supposed to pick up the bus to Volcan Poas and headed out. I don't think the map the hostel gave us is quite accurate, as the block where it shows the bus terminal for Volcan Poas is located seems to be at least a block or two off. Oh well, we found it. Also, according to what I read on the internet, and what the hostel told us, the bus is supposed to arrive there from San Jose and leave at 9:15am, leaving San Jose at 8:30. When we found the bus, it had been siting there a while and had no passengers from San Jose. It did leave at 9:15 however. The trip costs 1,165 colones, one way and takes about an ... read more
Alajuela & San Jose
Volcan Poas Park Entrance
The path up to the main crater

Costa Rica 2013: Day 14: Manuel Antonio to Alajuela: We had no problem getting to and catching our direct bus to San Jose at 9:30am. I don't think I mentioned that the tickets cost 4465 colones each, or about 9 dollars. You can also get the same bus from Quepos, after it departs Manuel Antonio, but I figured getting on earlier was better. The direct bus was almost direct, stopping only in Quepos briefly, a restroom/refreshments stop about 2 hours into the trip, and once in San Jose before reaching the terminal. From the terminal, we grabbed a taxi to take us to the TUASA bus terminal for the trip from San Jose to Alajuela. The first taxi guy tried to tell us 3,000 colones, and when my wife questioned that he changed it to 2,000, ... read more
The Taqueria La Agonia
Our three choices for dinner, half-eaten

Costa Rica 2013: Day 13: Manuel Antonio Day 3: This morning is the Spices Tour we signed up for last night. We were up and ready long before the minivan arrived at 8:50 to take us to the farm. I don't think I mentioned that we were a bit hesitant about taking this tour, due to the cost of $50 each, but it sounded very interesting, and Manoli wasn't all that excited about the other tours available, so we went for it. When they picked us up, there was already a young couple in the minivan, going on the tour with us. We traveled quite a ways out of town to their farm, Villa Vainilla. It is a well-known, recognized biodersity operation with a lot of write-ups expounding on it's virtues. They are a major producer ... read more
Waiting on the Tour
Cocoa Beans

Costa Rica 2013: Day 12: Manuel Antonio Day 2: This morning we were headed to Manuel Antonio National Park, hopefully to at least see monkeys and a sloth or two. After a cup of coffee made in our suite, we walked down the road to the park entrance. We had to stand in line a few minutes to buy our entry tickets, at $10 each, hoping it would be worth it. They gave us a map and explained the parts that were closed to the public, then off we went. At first, we sort of trailed along with one or another guided group, not to hear what they were saying, but to see what they found interesting. Many times we couldn't see what they saw because the guides had fancy telescopes set up, but we did ... read more
Unusual "Slow" sign
Beautiful Flower
Rather Large Spider

Costa Rica 2013: Day 11: Playas del Coco to Manuel Antonio: We were ready to leave our room at Laura's House by 6am, but unfortunately the lady who had been in the cafe the morning before wasn't there, so no coffee. We made our way to the bus stop in Playas del Coco to catch the 6:30am bus to Liberia and arrived with time to spare. The "bus stop" is just a place on the side of the road where the Pulmiton busses stop. When we arrived in Liberia, it was just past 7:30am, so we walked the block or so to the bus station for Puntarensas, and lo and behold, the 7:30 bus to Puntarenas was just leaving, so we hopped on, already an hour ahead of schedule, as I'd planned on catching the 8:30 ... read more
Quepos Bus Terminal
Soda Maricela, Quepos
Lunch at Soda Maricela

Costa Rica 2013: Day 10: Playas del Coco Day 3: Today we'd decided to head to the other nearby beach, Playa Hermosa. After coffee and a good breakfast of fresh fruit and toast with jam, we mounted up. From the map, there was a shorter route from the north end of Playas del Coco, instead of the main street and road we'd come in on the bus. It probably was shorter, but... As we left the town, we started to climb... and climb. It was so steep most of the way that we had to walk our bikes, and even take frequent rests. We finally reached the top, and had some great views of the our beach below. From there, we headed downhill, some of which was so steep we didn't dare ride, so we ended ... read more
All Uphill
Playas del Coco From Way Up
Manoli and Los 3 Amigos

Costa Rica 2013: Day 9: Playas del Coco Day 2: When we woke up this morning and their was no coffee, no Andy the clerk, and no WiFi, I went out looking for coffee and found Laura's House B&B, right across the street. When Manoli and I came back to get coffee, we asked about a room. They showed us an available room and told us it was $50/night/room, including WiFi, and they have a cafe that serves coffee and breakfast early in the morning. We quickly decided to move, if Pure Vibes (now Villa Flores) would let us leave and pay for only one night. Well, Andy still wasn't there, but the cleaning lady (his assistant?) said okay. So, paid for the one night, packed up, and moved across the street to Laura's House. The ... read more
Swimming Pool
Laura's House B&B
Pure Vibes/Villa Flores

Costa Rica 2013: Day 8:Monteverde To Playa del Coco: The hostel had set up a taxi for 5:30am so we'd get to the bus stop well before 6am. We were anxious to see the next place, so we had not problem getting up in time. When we arrived at the bus station, there were only a few other folks waiting, but by the time the bus left at 6 it was pretty full. We then proceeded to return down that nasty gravel 1 1/2 lane road on or way to Lagartos where we'd get off to switch busses. Along the way we must have stopped at dozen times to pick people up, so between that and the nasty road, it took us 1 1/2 hours to travel 35 kilometers! Manoli and I, along with about 6 ... read more
Soda Lose Pelones
Main Street Playas del Coco
South Beach

Costa Rica 2013: Day 7:Monteverde Day 3: This morning we'd booked the Hanging Bridges tour at Selvatura. The minivan picked us up, and about 12 others. After a rather long ride, mostly due to rough, winding roads, we arrived at Selvatura. This place has the Hanging Bridges tour, at least one canopy tour, canyonerring, a Tarzan swing, and Butterfly, Insect, and Serpent houses. We were really looking forward to seeing some wildlife, so we got our tickets and headed onto the footpaths towards the first of eight bridges. To make a long story short, we saw almost nothing but plants, a couple of birds, and one centipede! Granted, the trek was enjoyable, there were some pretty cool plants, and the hanging bridges were pretty neat, but that doesn't add up to $30 each worth of enjoyment. ... read more
J.C. on one of the hanging bridges
Weird Leaf
Cool Bamboo Tops

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