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Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Keukenhof April 22nd 2013

My wedding sucked. Not my marriage. I’m referring to my wedding party. I think mine is one of the worst ever. My dress wasn’t pretty. I didn’t even know what my hand bouquet looks like until the morning of the wedding. The décor was very plain. The venue management didn’t allow any music to be played (it’s complicated – but basically, no music at all). The 500 guests are mostly our parent’s colleagues (including my husband’s creepy uncle who for some reason gave me this sexy black see through lingerie with feathers – which I never wore). I didn’t even get to choose the menu or party favors (my mum overruled those). And the worst part is – I didn’t have any great wedding pictures. If you follow this blog; you would notice how I love ... read more
Beautiful Spring Day
Bigger than My Palm!
The Red Couple!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 21st 2013

“So… why would Little Mermaid killed herself? Why didn't she just… find another guy?” my husband asked. Errr, I don’t know. Because she was trying to proof that her love was true? I was trying to explain the Little Mermaid story to my husband; while struggling to take tourist-less picture of the statue (which is difficult considering the hordes of people that came out of tour buses). From what I can remember, sold her voice & soul to the evil witch; then died as sea foam once she found out her love was not returned by the prince. You know, for children’s story – that’s pretty raw emotion. I remember crying when I first read Little Mermaid (I hope you’re happy HC Andersen – you made a little girl cried). For a famous statue – it’s ... read more
Albanian Greek Church Near Churchill's Park
Amalienborg Square
View from Round Tower

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 20th 2013

That thing was HUGE. Like, gigantic. The plane, I mean. We were awed with the number of people waiting at the boarding room, as well as the long queue. Wow. This A380-800 really can take up to 800 people? And it’s almost filled up. Can’t see any empty seat. I wonder how many of these people got the 40% discount that we got though. It’s all started when my friend D told me there’s a Lufthansa discount. It’s like almost half off. I was tossing and turning. I knew I’ve always wanted a spring trip with my hubby. But I’m not so sure whether both of us can get the visa, considering the fiasco several years back. The discount only until certain dates though, where time wise we’re not eligible yet to apply for visa (it’s ... read more
Our Lufthansa A383-800
Rosenborg Slot
The famous Nyhavn

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester January 6th 2013

I don’t really understand football; or soccer; or whatever you want to call it. Every now and then I might watch, but mostly I find Kardashians reruns to be more interesting. But hey, I’m in Manchester – so football is definitely in the agenda. Manchester United stadium actually has a stadium ad museum tour programs where you can join and roam around. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find online discount voucher you can print for 20% off. Click HERE – hope the link still works by the time you found this blog. Unfortunately their stadium is closed for tourists due to games when I was there. I found out way too late when my train and hotel has been prepaid – so I try to settle for the National Football ... read more
THE Statistics
Some Random Cute Baby

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Manchester January 5th 2013

What are the odds of getting another blue sky in winter? Well, I got it again in Manchester! My string of bad luck finally stopped. I actually don't have any particular interest on the city's attractions. But I decided to pay a visit anyway as my brother is currently taking his master degree there. My Premier Inn hotel kindly allowed me to early check in (it was just 11 am) and that's much appreciated. I took advantage of the FREE metroshuttle buses to roam the town! So cool! There are 3 routes which you can choose and mostly captured the key attractiopns (except the Manchester United's stadium because its located at the city outskirts). Read about it HERE I went to the Albert square in front of the townhall. Too bad that day the townhall tower ... read more
Sometimes You Just Want to Scream...
Yes, He's Not a Baby Anymore
Corn Exchange - Manchester

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh January 4th 2013

After 3 blue sky mornings in a row, this morning is a bit cloudy. Well this is winter. The Grassmarket newly refurbished hotel is so comfy that I'd rather linger in my bed today. url= my review here.After so many early trains, I need a holiday within a holiday. One of the good thing about solo trip is you can do whatever you want. And today I want a late start. I enjoyed my breakfast in bed while watching some property show and holiday scam series, and actually enjoying this. I walked along the Royal Mile, not that hard to find the Edinburgh Castle. Just before the castle there's a Whiskey Museum but you have to pay 12 GBP or so. Not drinking alcohol at all, I decided to give it a miss. I finally able ... read more
View from National Museum of Scotland
Museum on the Mound
Greyfriars Bobby

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » The Highlands January 3rd 2013

Free tour? Is this for real? That's what I thougth when seeing the review for this tour in tripadvisor. I've been checking how to best visit the Scottish highland in a safe way, given not many public transportations are running. So this time, I joined the Hairy Coo tour, which is tip based only. So you can pay whatever amount you want. Although they did kind of set up expectations by saying how much their competitors charged, how much does it cost for them to run the tour, etc. First stop is the Forth Bridge where basically old and new bridges spanned side by side. The old one looked more sturdy though. Russel the guide was also the driver and I'm impressed by his ability to multitask which doesn't come natural for most guys. In the ... read more
The "Free" Hairy Coo Tour Bus
The "Boxie" Doune Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh January 2nd 2013

Today is another early morning start for me. I could not afford to miss my train to Edinburgh, Scotland. I bought the discount ticket for 17 GBP while last minute ticket can cost over 100 GBP. The train was okay, with power plugs and all - but it didn't have the entertainment system like my train to Bath several days ago. The 5 hours train ride doesn't seem that long and before I knew it, I'm getting out of the train already. I was so happy to be greeted by yet another blue winter sky! I knew that this is rare and mostly doesn't last long so I started snapping my camera while pulling my luggage with the other hand. Well that's the beauty of packing light, you still somewhat mobile. I almost jumped when someone ... read more
Grassmarket (near Royal Mile)
Jamie's Italian @ Edinburgh
Good vs Bad Boys

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 1st 2013

I woke up a bit sleepy today after last night fireworks party. But today is another exciting day: Harry Potter! Luckily I did some last minute check and just realized I'm suppose to enroute to Watford Junction instead of just Watford. And its totally different train line! I half ran my way as its over 1 hour journey and my session is at 11 am. I had to change trains more than I thought and wait more than I want. Because today is new year, the train is running in reduced service. But I somehow managed to arrive, just in the nick of time. Due to rushing I forgot to put my coats in the cloak room so I ended up dragging it around for 3 hours like a dead raccoon. This Warner Brother studio is ... read more
Learning How to Make Potions
Natural History Museum
Victoria & Albert Museum

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 31st 2012

I'm scared. I'm in this foreign country, alone. And I'm supposed to watch fireworks tonight. Its not the fireworks that's the problem. But other things inevitably comes with it. The crowd, the drunks, the wait, the safety risks.... But I decided to put that at the back of my mind for now. I have Windsor Castle to visit. I bought the 9.5 GBP off peak return ticket last minute because there's no savings anyway if I do advance booking. I arrived around 10 am and hardly any queue. You have to scan your bags like in the airport before roaming around. I first stopped at the St George's Chapel and saw where the royal prays. They each have their own seat, I asked the guard to poing where Prince William used to sit. No pictures allowed ... read more
George Hall @ Windsor Castle
Marching Guards @ Windsor
Free Lunch @ Wagamama

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