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Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 22nd 2010

Started my day off with a morning run for the second straight day. Even running around this neighborhood I still really have no idea where I am. All I know is bus 60A takes me to the U-bahn 6 and that takes me back to civilization. Followed this recipe to get me into the city centre and began to wander the alleys in search of Judenplatz. Thought I was lost for a bit but then out of nowhere the square appeared with the newly constructed Holocaust Memorial. It's about 2% as impressive as the one in Berlin and if you just happened to be walking through the square you probably wouldn't pay it much mind or even know what it was there for. Well done. I had been hoping to find this Italian restaurant we used ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 21st 2010

Was a pretty hot day today here in Vienna so decided to head back to what's probably the greatest place on earth, Tropicana Bad. Used to love this place as a kid. Racing down the waterslide, the whirlpool, birthday parties. Oh yeah, awesome place. I can't believe I was able to find it since apparently it has changed names a couple of times. Found the street it's on and was walking around hoping to see something familiar when I noticed a woman with two young kids walking up a path carrying a few bags. Seemed like they were heading to a pool so I followed. Good call Matt. Soon I heard the noise eminating from the place and fortunately it was the right one! Just like everything else in Vienna it really hadn't changed much at ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 21st 2010

So today was the day I had been anticipating for about 11 years now. The return to all the places in Vienna where I had spent so much time as a kid. Started off by making the long trek out to the American International School where I spent 5th and 6th grade. I forgot how far out from the city centre this place was. They were doing renovations at the time but they did not seem to mind too much that some stranger was walking through the place. I quietly wandered through the building for a while checking out some old classrooms, the cafteria, gym, playing fields, etc. It looked just like I remembered it. Next was the old apartment building which I found with ease. Just took the same walk from the bus stop that ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna July 21st 2010

As exciting as it sounds that I was making my return to the place where I had lived a couple of years as a child, today was really not too special. Just another travel day that I used to catch up on stuff and figure out the rest of my trip. Wrote out five blogs, friended people on FB I had met in the last week, sent out some CouchSurfing requests and most importantly I booked three flights. The first being a flight from Rome to Istanbul, and the second being the return flight. The third is a flight on the 23rd of August from Rome back to Dublin from where I will take my final flight home. So yeh, this means no Greece. It would just be too much money and too much time at ... read more

Surprisingly only half of us were hungover today, myself included. Had breakfast together and passed around the camera with all the pics that we took of each other last night. Got to one of Tomas where he is staring straight ahead looking expressionless and kind of like a bird. We all could not stop laughing. He just looked at it. Hung his head in shame and shook his head. Funniest thing I have seen in a while Nina and I got our stuff together as soon as we could so we could go and check out Kutna Hora for the day. Its about an hour east of Praha and kind of on the way back. One of those UNESCO world heritage towns. Checked out a couple of churches then had lunch in a typical pub which ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 19th 2010

Got up early as intended to begin our drive out to the summer house. The countryside here is amazing. All these beautiful small Bohemian towns surrounded by meadows and tranquil forests. This is what I need to do more of on my trip. Followed our GPS guide slowly towards our final destination but the drive was still great. Stopped in a small town along the way to pick up a friend of Ninas as well as to pick up some food and drinks we would need for the next couple of days. Made it there around noon and was pleasantly surprised, as was Nina. We thought it would be a fairly small and modern place but no, it was quite spacious and very traditional. She was so excited when she saw the old furnace like stove ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 19th 2010

Had a pretty good time on my free New Berlin walking tour so I figured I would try the Prague one out today while Nina was out at work. Once again it was worth the time. Our guide was this crazy girl from Ireland. Crazy in a good way. So much energy and so loud ha. Everywhere we went people were staring at us. "Next we go to one of my favorite places in all of Prague! Its truly spectacular! LETS GO!"And off she would go on a tear as we tried to catch up. Once again, here is the list of places visited: -Old Town Square with the astronomical clock -Old Town -New Town (only 700 years old!) -National Theatre -Opera -Jewish Quarter -"Dust Tower" Overall it was quite entertaining thanks to the guide and ... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 19th 2010

Spent the majority of my day on a slowly moving train that crept towards Prague. Finally got in around 4pm and met my host, Nina, at the Burger King in the train station. Was just a short walk up to her apartment (really really nice new apartment). Sat around for a bit talking about everything and enjoying my first Czech beer. At least, first one inside the country. She had a meeting downtown with an advisor about her thesis so we walked down together and I headed my seperate way for a couple of hours while she had her meeting. Walked around the castle area and Charles Bridge, the two biggies here. Was nice as the sun set. Met up with Nina and her friend Janna and went to a nice little outdoor cafe to have ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 19th 2010

Made it over to the train station to pick up my train ticket to Praha for tomorrow before taking the s-bahn over to the edge of the Tiergarten park. Went over to this church with this long German name I have already forgotten. This church is special though. It was hit by a bomb in WWII and since then it has not been destroyed or rebuilt. The people decided that they would leave it as is to show the horrors of war. It's a pretty striking scene. Almost the entire inside was gutted by the explosion and the facade also shows quite a bit of damage. It's mostly known for the bell tower which was cut in half diagonally so all that is left is this sharp looking half destroyed tower. It's pretty cool. Wish there ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 14th 2010

Took it easy this morning before heading over to Alexanderplatz to meet up for another "free" tour. This one would be pretty different than yesterdays. It focused on the alternative scene and the counter culture that is a strong force here in Berlin. Enjoyed it just as much as I did the one yesterday. And just like yesterday here is a list of what went down: -Tacheles; old run down building and courtyard taken over by artists who also live there as squats. The building hosts a bunch of little art studios and the entire place is covered in graffiti -Couple of other squat buildings with either cool graffiti or massive murals made by underground artists -50 Faces Project -Bombed out train depot from WWII. They took what was left and turned it into a few ... read more

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